1221: One Thread Fits All

"Do we notify them that they are tresspassing? We haven't made it official, yet. Should we?"

(OOC y'all have until 7pm PDT to make any more preparations; thread will proceed to the next dawn at that time. I want to start the Tribunal threads by tomorrow morning.)

Continuing to speak in Italian and pointedly glancing at the crows and the stone cottage, Attravere replies, "Prendo nessuna offesa. Non rivelando la mano ad un nemico, sarebbe saggio." (No offense taken. Not revealing our hand to a foe would be wise.)

Attravere draws out his wax tablet and writes this out for Cygna to read.

"As long as the plan I'd mentioned at the covenant goes well then where we set our camp tonight shouldn't really matter. They may offer certamen to claim the vis. I hadn't planned for us to be around to find out once we'd acquired it. It may be unavoidable however."

Then after wiping that off and seeming a bit smug he'll etch,

"Though I do have an offer for Desidarius if all goes well."

This was edited after I responded a couple of times...

If there's no legal recourse (or loophole) to be had here, for us, then Sophronia will withdraw and advise the others of the legality of their actions. IMO, you're providing few options. On one hand if we don't contest it they have a stronger claim, but if we do attempt to contest it, we're possibly committing a crime.

Yup, it's one of the drawbacks of living in the boondocks of Europe.

(From what I understood there hadn't been a tribunal at which we were deemed inquorate. If we fell inquorate between tribunals it was a very vague thing, but being opportunistic other covenants placed their own bids on the vis sources we had registered for and began claiming them. I figured we'd argue that because we were never deemed inquorate at a tribunal then the vis source harvesting rights were never relinquished by our covenant. I don't know that our covenant was actually ever provably below quorum. Liliana has always been accounted for, Lamentus was only lost to us this year and Maribus passed away only after multiple members had fully joined. This post seems particularly useful towards whether we ever fell below the 3-magi minimum. Additionally Justinius, Aislynn and Leona simply haven't been accounted for - that does not mean they are no longer members of the covenant. I don't know if there is some clause on how long a magus must be missing before they're no longer deemed a member of a covenant, but that could be problematic. I'm no Code(OfHermes)Monkey.)

Just confirming- Stonehenge did not make quorum in 1215, nor in 1207. The last Tribunal was almost two score past.

Which also means those of you native to this Tribunal have never been formally presented as magi :laughing:


I -think- Attravere was presented at Harco, but I'm not sure on that.

((Are you referring to Phessalia marrying the King of Winter and depriving us of the Winter King's Gift, or am I overlooking one of the threads somewhere?))

Was actually referring to this stuff and the bucket-plan.

Ah. I thought I remembered reading something like that, but couldn't find it when I went to find it again. At least we (hopefully) don't have to deal with the Skinless again. That would suck. Wonder how Cygna's spont Creo Salis is?

I've never liked Phessalia.

Just before dawn, there is a deep rumbling in the earth. Myrddin's Well becomes encased in ice, and a horde of small impish creatures surges into the clearing, hissing and snarling.

Everyone has two rounds to get out of the clearing before they're trampled by the stampede.

Um...roll to disbelieve? No? Okay.

Cygna will very quickly look around for something up above the ground to get her up away from them. ((Does she know what they are? Int 4 + Infernal Lore 1 = 5 + die roll.))

If she sees something close, she will sing a Spontaneous Personal-range version of Gift of the Frog's Legs; the spell is Level 15 for Touch-range, so dropping it to Personal should make it a Level 10. Her CT is Re 5 + Co 5 + Int 4 = (14 + Aura + die roll) ÷ 2.

If not, she will sing a Spontaneous ReCo to lift her up and able to slowly move around. If I'm reading the spell guidelines right, that should be Base 5 ("Move a target slowly in any direction you please, even if the target is unsupported"), R: Personal, D: Concentration (+1), T: Individual, for a target spell level of 10. Her CT is Re 5 + Co 5 + Int 4 = (14 + Aura + die roll) ÷ 2.

What's the slope of the roof on the cottage, and how far away is it?
Alternatively, how far are we from the well?

Cygna can choose to disbelieve the horde's existence if you wish. I wouldn't recomment it though :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few trees at the edge of the glade with overhanging boughs, but Cygna knows she isn't athletic enough that jump-n-catch would be a bad idea.

She barely misses the mark for Rise of the Feathery Body; a Confidence point would make the difference.

The cottage is cuboid, so the roof is flat. You camped ostensibly out of earshot (considering that you discussed your plans aloud), so let's call it roughly 200 feet.

The well is about 20 feet closer than the cottage.

And the direction the horde is coming from?

The oracular d4 says "East."

Consider it spent...after all, she has just now gotten back on the path to redemption, both for herself and hopefully Adorjan (if that's possible), she would hate to think that the Lord would call her to judgement so soon.