1221: One Thread Fits All

A place for various in-character interactions that don't really fit in any of the official chapters.

Use this thread to follow up on things of interest to your characters that happen during official threads, or to interact with each other, whatever.

===Stuff Attravere can probably do on his own===

  • At some point in time during the Spring, Attravere and Sanno will head back to the lakehead in order to find Maribus' skiff to return it to the covenant. This is likely a day trip.

  • Attravere makes a trip to Magvillus to see about Maribus' will. Upon hearing it he'll make a journey to Coeris in order to deliver his pater's talisman to his biological child, Viator. He'll ensure that the two of them begin communications and keep in touch after.

  • Attravere tries to catch Jasmine when she is at the Mercere house to ask her about her predictions on the Welsh conflict and thoughts regarding the reasons for the Baron's taxes.

===Stuff involving PC covenant members===

  • A week or two later at breakfast with whatever additional Magi are present, looking a bit perturbed, Attravere asks, "Cygna, Hiems... have... either of you claimed a sanctum?"

  • In the effort to set some of his affairs in order he'll speak with Parsifal about a potential stipend to be paid to a teacher willing to train his son and interested future redcaps in Latin and some Order Lore.

    • Presuming that such a talk goes over well, Tabanus is approached by Attravere who seems very proud of himself.. "My friend, I've heard you're quite an accomplished mentor. If you've the time and inclination, on behalf of my house I'd like to contract you to teach some of our potential members in Latin and possibly the lore of our Order."
  • A couple days after council Attravere approaches Sophronia after the morning meal. "Dear Sophronia, I can't help but wonder about the debt that you paid on behalf of our covenant. I apologize for being so blunt, but how did you come by such wealth so quickly? I hate to glance at the gift horse's oral cavity, but I'm a little wary of such grand gestures - they tend to come with expectations. Are there any?"


Sigh... Not yet, to tell the truth. I always associated sanctum with laboratory and have not yet took the time to search for a suitable place. But thanks for asking. Tell me, do you have knowledge of either some abandonned labs in which me could settle, or suitable places for us to install? Barring that, is there some way to gain a casting of a Mystic Tower?

Cygna's long white hair combines with the yellow tint of her robes to give her a sickly hue.

[color=red]"Actually, I've moved into Leona's cottage. Nobody else seems to have, as near as I could tell, and I hate to see my housemate's cottage fall into neglect."

She then peers at Attravere. [color=red]"Is something bothering you?"

It takes a few hours, since one fishing boat looks much the same as another, but you can eventually figure out which one is his, since only one of them responds to verbal commands. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don't know Viator very well, having only met a couple times, but you discover that the two of you have much in common (you share the same magical focus and share similarly focused arts, and you even look a little similar. You get the impression that perhaps Maribus took you for apprentice because you perhaps reminded him of a son whom he loved dearly and didn't get to see very often. <3

Once you let it be known you're looking for her, Parsifal will send a messenger when she next returns to the Mercer House.

"Which Welsh conflict?" she asks.

"Robert de Montalt? snort There's no barony so long as he hides at Flint. That's why he is so desperate to re-take Mold Castle." When Attravere doesn't seem to grasp her meaning, she gives an exasperated sigh. "de Blondeville returned from Crusades last year and was quite perturbed to find deBurgh running the country, and the Marshal dead. deMontalt can only claim to be a baron as legacy so long as no one else claims the title by rights. Ranulf will grant that barony-- and many others-- to any of his supporters who can claim them, Angevin or not."

"I'm sorry Hiems, there aren't any spare laboratories currently available. Even the guest labs are currently being used by Sinmore at the moment." Attravere ponders Hiems' second request for a bit. "With a season or two to prepare I might be able to cast such a spell for you. I believe Justinius had even improved upon it. Undoubtedly there are those within the tribunal we might be able to hire for such purpose as well."

Attravere's expression is one of very visible relief to hear Cygna's words. It takes him a moment to compose himself.

"Ah, that... is good. I'd heard that an unrecognized sanctum marker had been spotted at Leona's laboratory. Not having heard of any requests or notice of it, I held the fear that some unknown magus had moved in. It would probably be best if you mentioned this to the others so they don't have to find out as I did. In the future you might want to mention such things ahead of time. I know she was of your house, but she was also a member of this covenant. (And if Liliana is not present - "She was not unkind to me.")"

Wincing at her sigh, "Forgive me. I've been somewhat sheltered the past few decades. It is something I'm seeking to rectify. I hope you'll have enough pity to aid me in the tremendous task. Who is 'de Blondeville?' and perhaps more relevant at the moment does Ranulf have supporters who would claim this barony?" Attravere asks.

Jasmine gives you a glance of mixed disgust and disbelief, then sighs heavily and sits down. "Ranulf de Blondeville is the Earl of Chester. He has a slew of new supporters who served him in the Fifth Crusade, and he would dearly like to reward any number of them for their services, by granting minor lands and titles. Since you are so woefully uninformed, do I need brief you on the Magna Carta and current state unrest within the Plantagenet dynasty, too?"

Unable to keep from smiling that she has relented to assist him, Attravere smiles softly and sits down as well. "Thank you. I know -of- the House of Plantagenet. I do not know its full history, but I've heard of its rising to power through a few shrewd marriages. And some rumors of corrupted influence. I've heard the covenfolk speak -of- the Magna Carta, but they seem dubious whether it will last beyond a generation. I've also heard others joking that it took them so long to figure out what we have been doing at tribunals for so long, so that seems like a big deal as well."

"As to which Welsh conflict, it was between Tomas Rodri and his cousin Lewelin Far." Attravere offers, hopefully.

"Thomas ap Rhodri does not have the military power to prevail against Llewelyn. Birthright only matters so long as there is the strength of arms to enforce it."


Hum... I feared as much, although my priority was for cygna to have a laboratory.
Sigh... I'd really, really like such a tower. Let's say that I quite like my peace, nor is my nature well suited to sharing living quarters with others. But I'm not so sure about that, as I don't know how much vis might be available, and wouldn't drain the ressources of a covenant that welcomed me in with such generosity. You understand my problem...

A quick cloud passes briefly over Cygna's features as Hiems speaks, to be replaced by a look of concern. [color=red]"My friend," Cygna says softly to Hiems, [color=red]"I don't know if you know that Tower Conjuration spell...but if you do, or can find a caster, I did bring some vis with me from Phoenix. I had intended for it to be a gift to our new home, but I think this will serve just as well, if not better. And what that witch doesn't know won't hurt her."

[color=red]"I wanted to be certain before I said anything. As you are no doubt aware, those woods can be most...treacherous.

But I will make a formal claim at the next meeting"

I... don't know what to say. That is a most generous offer, even coming from one such as you. Even if I shouldn't be surprised. I'm not sure I can accept it, you'll surely have better uses than this than helping me. Yet, I know your generous heart, and understand your point
Turning to Kui
Would you be able to do this?

Later, once he's alone with Cygna, he'll propose her to expand his lifeforce into various circular enchantments on her behalf. He doesn't like it, but this is the least he can do. He'll also propose his help in the lab for a season, although he is very reluctant to spend so many time alongside someone (his unease, if not its reason, being clear to cygna as he becomes more impersonnal), especially someone he likes, which will surely remind him of his beloved.

Sophronia's tone is business-like and direct, but not entirely distant, "Justinius is important for the House, his long absence has caused us to reassess the nature of his disappearance and I've been sent to investigate. We were misinformed as to the nature of the debt incurred to the Baron, and had thought that Gallus Florensis was only in arrears, and not that this was the annual amount. Had we known at the time, I would've taken it upon myself to personally visit the Baron and change his mind. As to expectations, I believe that they have been met. I may have demands placed upon myself by the House, but I will do my best to minimize the impact that they have on the covenant as a whole. That I am allowed to take over Justinius lab and begin searching for him and Aislynn is sufficient for me at this time."
Pausing and regarding him more warmly, "I had thought that I would arrive here and find Justinius quickly, but there are so many distractions and there is such a deep mystery regarding his disappearance that I think I need to make backup plans."

Seemingly mildly relieved when Sophronia says she believes expectations were met, then grows a little anxious once more when she says demands might be placed upon her, Attravere purses his lips to keep from responding. The eyebrow raises at the mention of 'and Aislynn'. It might leave him with a funny expression.

"If your house makes demands I suppose they'll need be met. I'll assist if able." Attravere offers with a winning smile. "Though... Backup plans? Perhaps I might be able to offer help there as well. What manner of plans were you considering?"

"My longevity ritual. I'll need one before too long. Justinius had promised to make one for me. My first master, Boustaphan opened my Arts inartfully and damaged them in such away that make it extremely difficult to work Creo magics. So difficult, in fact, that I haven't even learned the Art beyond my Arts being opened. Justinius was never able to repair the damage, though he tried." Seeming a bit forlorn, actually missing Justinius, and not just what he represented with his promise of the Longevity Ritual Sophronia sighs, "I doubt I'll find him in a year, or if I do, he may be like you found..." She leaves the last unsaid recognizing Attravere's recent loss. "I am sorry for your loss." She says it and it's noticeable that she means it, just isn't going through the motions.

Cygna smiles. [color=red]"I'm sure we can come up with better ways to expend your life force than on enchantments on my behalf.

"As far as helping me in the lab..." She sighs. [color=red]"I don't know what brought such pain to your heart, Hiems, and it is not my place to ask. But I would never ask anything of you that would hurt you. I may someday ask for your help, as a friend. But for now, more than anything, I want you to continue to let me be your friend."


Cygna is saying all the right things, and, in doing so, doing everything wrong.

Hiems takes a small step back, as cygna's words go right through him, like an arrow piercing his side.

And cygna sees a strange scene, where, while physically impassible, Hiems visibly struggles to find his words, almost as if unable to speak
I... hope to be... someday... worthy. Of your trust. And friendship. You, you are...
And then, cygna sees something she's never seen before, as Hiems shudders.
He closes his eyes, breathe, cools himself, and, eyes still closed, seeming like a pale statue of ice and snow
You are not whatever he says you are. You are strong of mind, and wise, and kind. Only the weak abuse whatever power they have. And he would make you to his image, cause, like all little men, he is full of jealousy towards you, for having the strength he doesn't have, and never had.
And I... You shouldn't extand your generosity to me. I fear I am... too much like him. What I can guess he is. Weak. Easily corrupted. Contemptible. Yet I'll do my best. To not fail you.
He opens his eyes, cygna sees something she's very seldom seen. A shy, sad, little half-smile. And something else. A few, tiny, ice crystals in his eyes.
Now... if you'll excuse me, lady cygna, I must go

(Hiems knows enough about adorjan that he knows some demon is haunting cygna, and talking to him. It's not difficult to guess he's not kind to her, judging by her reactions. And he was tempted to reject and curse god, he could have become a diabolist, so he believes he can relate)

At the beginning of spring, the Knight of the Golden Locks appears and requests Rhodri's assistance in pursuing a lead regarding her mysterious attacker. He leaves word with Josef and with Parsifal that he may be gone for a while, packs up some stuff and heads out.

Early spring, it becomes apparent that the aura has increased to +6. It remains there for a few days before returning back to +5.