1221: One Thread Fits All

This is quite strange.
Between this and the waters...

On reviewing the rules for creatures regaining Might from an aura, it doesn't translate to wounds. So here is the mechanic for Hiems' blood link to the aura--
Light wounds heal in one day
Medium wounds heal in three days
Heavy wounds heal in five days
"instakill" wounds that are nearly-but-not-quite-fatal due to SG caveat, would take a month.

Within Sight range of the lighthouse (which Hiems instinctively knows is the center of the aura) he heals at 1/4 of the rate as within.

Multiple wounds may heal concurrently.

Although it's been a bit since this came up... Iapetus is an impulsive sort, and is the kind who would look into what happened, trying to figure it out. It'll probably waste a few days of his study time with no appreciable information gained, since his knowledge in this field is foolishly limited. So, he wastes a few days in the season being a curious fool before returning to his tower for study.

In part, this is frightening, to Hiems. This ain't normal, and he already feels so little human at times, that he fears this may be the sign of his inhuman nature taking hold of him. He fears that, without human feelings, he may wound up as a kind of sociopath, uncaring, and thus untethered
OTOH, the thought of the Ice taking hold of him, of being deprived of human feelings and pains, to have only cold, analytical thoughts, is at least as attractive as it is frightening. No more hope of joy and happiness, sure, but this means no more hurt, and no more doused hope.

So he doesn't know, and is quite torn. But for the moment, there are more pressing concerns to him.

The latest items on the covenant rumour mill:

  • Hiems and Liliana are getting married next winter
  • Sophia found a wrinkle and spent 50 pawns of vis to get it removed by some Corpus expert in the Alps
  • Cygna killed some Flambeau maga in a duel for the maga's gorgeous husband
  • Attravere has fathered over two dozen Gifted children

What about the giant ginger and the conformist Tytalus? Inquiring minds want to know!

The covenfolk are terrified of the Ruddy Giant, and Iapetus has been keeping to himself lately :slight_smile:

They weren't too afraid to say she and Sophronia were lovers... :stuck_out_tongue:

That was before they found out she actually IS a giant rabid beast with a ravenous appetite!

That's it...someone's getting their eyes clawed out :laughing:


Yeah, I can see it.

Don't wanna see it :laughing:

Naturally, Sophronia is worth nothing less!

I figure Envied Beauty probably plays out in petty obnoxious ways more frequently than the big nasty ways, anyhow :slight_smile:

This, this needs to be fixed soon. Iapetus needs to figure his magical stuff out soon so he can return to being a terrible flirt and Spanish bravo.

[size=85]Sooner or later, (probably sooner,) Iapetus will need to have a conversation with Sophronia about Aislynn's and Justinius's disappearances. The impetuous elementalist Tytalus seems to have taken over Aislynn's lab for some unknown reason... EDIT: I'll try and make a post for this conversation tomorrow. Been terrible about my sleep schedule since that early-morning dentist thing, plus the new car stuff and brain-fried-ness.[/size]

Will Sophronia try to harvest vis from the Oracle's Tree? As a reminder, she filed a claim on behalf of Libellas in order to "squat" Justinius' vis source (it's the only Intellego source in the tribunal, and if she hadn't snapped it up for Libellas, then Corvus would have gotten it for Voluntas). She'd had every intention of having Libellas formally relinquish it, but her old covenant-mates (and especially her ex-boyfriend there) are feeling pretty butthurt about her abrupt departure, and are trying to hang onto the claim.

As will Cygna, but for certainly different reasons.

Yes. She'll collect first and then enter into negotiations. She will get advice from Lilly, of course.

"So tell me about those wands..." (I'm joking).

Liliana has been MIA since she transported Hiems and Cygna across the estuary.

Sophronia makes it to the tree before anyone else does, and collects 6 pawns of Intellego. Before she can leave, however, her ex-boyfriend Fabricor Verditii shows up, along with ex-covenant-mate-and-ex-boyfriend's-new-girlfriend, Jonaquil Merinitae. "...Bitch!" Jonaquil exclaims.

**Note that Sophia and Jonny used to be very close friends, until Jon got Fabricor drunk on faerie wine and started bangin' him.

Jonaquil maintains that it wasn't cheating "...because I got you drunk too, and you were more than welcome to join us."

Sophronia says "Count on it." and leaves.