1221: One Thread Fits All

We can start 1222 as soon as vis issues are resolved.

Myrddin's Well (Corpus): Who will go to collect this year? Last year folks got smacked down by Voluntas.
Musician's Festival (Imaginem): Who goes to this one? Either Iapetus or Cygna has to be there, as it requires Enchanting Music to get into the regio. Iapetus was the King of the Festival last year.
Witches' Cornucopia (Herbam): I assume Attravere collects this one again; correct me if I'm wrong. Does anyone else want to go along with him? This vis source alone has remained safe from poachers because it requires treating with some hedge wizards, who are suspicious of strangers and pretty deadly; they've known Attravere since he was a kid tagging along at Maribus' ankles.

Sophronia reflects on what might have been as she returns to the covenant with the Intellego vis.

If only Jonaquil had asked to share her lover, or asked to join them. Petty games and drunkenness are not amusing. Everyone makes assumptions about her sexual predilections, but no one ever asks what she wants. Despite what everyone thinks, she's no prude, and prior to Jonny's seduction of Fabricor she had considered inviting her into their boudoir. Catching them in flagrante delicto merely cemented certain reservations. Jonny wasn't interested in Sophronia, despite the overtures she'd made. Jonny was only interested in Fabricor. Fabricor, much like any powerful man was simply interested in satisfying his appetites, as petty as they are. No, their behavior merely reinforced a decision to request reassignment. Libellus had never appreciated the resources she brought to the covenant as a Tremere, always kept her at a distance and shared no real responsibilities with her. They used the gifts of Tremere, but never once demonstrated any level of appreciation by giving their representative some measure of responsibility.

No, she's much better to be back in what is her Hermetic childhood home. Others may misunderstand her motivations. She may disagree with Liliana, but at least there is respect. Talk amongst the covenfolk can be ignored. The situation with the Redcap, though, that needs to be rectified. No doubt he heard some gossip about things she might like, and whether true or not, Sophronia doesn't succumb to temptations of the flesh as easily as people like to believe.

Sure, why not? In service, there is life. (Pretend that's in Latin...I couldn't find a good translation.)

Cygna will be there, that sounds right up her alley. If she can find a good accompanist :unamused: :laughing: (Although Charles is a decent harpist)

(And now for something completely different)

Cygna will try to track down Sophronia, and ask if she can spare a few minutes of her time.

Sophronia is easily found out and about after her rumored trip to the Alps. She takes meals with the covenfolk, and conducts whatever seasonal activity she's doing under a normal schedule. Despite how other people might perceive her, she tends to mix and mingle as much as possible.

((I have no recollection of what I intended for her to be doing, so I need to spend some time reviewing her, and her assigned work from the House. Also, PB can place the two wherever to begin the discussion.))

((I had actually planned on her spending a lot of time in the kitchens baking and stuff, serving the covenfolk, when she's not busy working on her Charter Summary project))

[color=red]"I understand that you are looking for Justinius. Have you had any luck, yet?"

"Ostensibly, but the clues left in his lab haven't been as fruitful as I'd anticipated, but I haven't been exhaustive. Despite the current arrangement, I don't feel comfortable in his lab." Sophronia emphasizes that the lab she's using is his lab, that while she is presently using the lab, she isn't taking ownership. "He promised me help with my Longevity Ritual. My Arts are inadequate to making one of even mediocre quality, and my natural talents aren't attuned to that field of magic, either.
"Are you interested in teaming up to find him?" She asks hopefully.

Edit:adjusted the color for better legibility.

(Note also that Sophronia needs to find a way to acquire Second Sight, or gain warping for major InIm effects to get the lab usable-- it is in perpetual illusory darkness. She's using by way of a pot of salve she spreads on her eyelids, but the pot's almost empty.)

[color=red]"Yes, I am," Cygna says with a smile. [color=red]"I know of no one better with Intellego, and there are questions that have come up recently that I'm hoping he can answer for me."

((Cygna would have told the council, at the next opportunity, that Flintshire has been destroyed. She won't tell them that she fears she may have had something to do with it until she has a better idea. She's still blaming it on Adorjan.))

"Intellego? Well, being his apprentice, I have some natural gifts there, if..." She leaves what she's thinking, that he has passed like Maribus or become otherwise incapacitated, unsaid. She changes the course of conversation back towards searching for Justinius, "Do you have some clues to go on, because his lab has nothing?"

((I'm assuming there's nothing there indicating where Justinius may have gone. She would have, if necessary, spent a season to scour the lab without any advancement, if she reasonably believed that there's a chance at some clues being discovered.))

Nope, no record. It was a confidential Quaesitorial assignment.

Sophronia will have learned from the soldates that Justinius was explicitly forbidden to bring his grogs on the assignment, though.

"One interesting tidbit I did uncover was that it was some Quaesitorial assignment, very secret, hush-hush type of thing. Couldn't even take Alpha and his team with him. If we're going to trace his movements, it might not be a bad idea to take them with us. They could be useful."

Iapetus and Cygna both go to the Musician's Festival.

Iapetus sings (what does Iapetus sing?), he does it solidly (5+EM3+1Com=9).

Cygna is not as trained at the art as her Tytalus sodalis, but maybe it's the enthusiasm for being here the first time-- she performs wonderfully, and if she spends a Confidence point, she will win the contest (1,4->10+1EM+1Com=12, potentially 15). (Note that in this case, winning the contest doesn't have any tangible benefit to any of the players.)

Lucia of Jerbiton is there again. She's a lovely woman with a lovely voice, but this year her heart just isn't in her performance. (2+4Com+2EM=8.)

A newcomer shows up-- a round, raven-haired man with a rebec. He performs admirably, and just may win this year. (9+EM3+2Com=14)

The mundane musician (who serenaded a princess in a tower last year) shows up again, hoping for victory, but while he performs well, it's not sufficient to win. (5+3EM+3Com=11).

(Total: 54 or 57)
Vis generated: 6 pawns

Note that Lucia will not try to distill the vis this time, as she learned her lesson last year.

[color=red]"I've not seen or heard anything of Justinius since Adorjan was killed. I was hoping that you had made some progress."

[color=red]"How long has he been gone? Is it possible that he's still on this assignment? Although, if we are to try to find him, protection would be good."

Cygna will try her best (i.e. spend the Confidence point), as she wants to do well...not for her own benefit, as that would be Pride, but for the benefit of the covenant.

Go ahead and spend the Confidence point then.

After the contest, the dark-haired fiddler will introduce himself as Cedric, and congratulate her on a wonderful, heartfelt performance. He kisses her hand, and despite not being classically handsome, he is quite charming.

"My progress had been impeded by intra-House politics, about which I'll not bore you. It took a fair amount of wrangling, and his extended absence to put me into a position to begin investigating. His aloofness and independence with regards to the House probably worked against him, there."

"How long have you been away from Stonehenge? Possibly not as long as that. I've searched, to the extent I've been allowed to do so by my House for about five years, after several letters had gone unanswered. Finally, the Prima couldn't ignore the absence of Justinius any longer. My grandparens relented and ordered me to return here. Of course, she made it seem as if it were her idea. My understanding of the assignment was that it wasn't supposed to be 6 years in length. Such a long period of absence would require instructions be given and likely would've prevented Gallus Florensis from being declared inquorate."

((Was Sophronia at Adorjan's execution?))

Probably not, unless you really want her to have been there.

Note: Amphelisia is Sophronia's great-grandparens. Justinius' parens is Nyyrikki filius Amphelisia.

Anyone going to collect Corpus vis this year, or are y'all letting Voluntas take it uncontested? It will strengthen their claim on the source if no one from Gallus Florensis even tries to harvest it.