1221.t All Others Bring vis

Alexei is likely to spend plenty of time boasting about how well he did (or is going to do depending on the timeframe) in the joust.

He is after all the natural choice for such a contest. The School of Ramius being the superior school in all forms of close combat.

A man of average height hears Alexei boasting walks, or rather appears to almost float over to Alexei, he has dark hair and brown eyes. "I heard you boasting about expecting to win the Joust. Rotgiers has won that competition the last two Tribunals. He is formidable. I myself, though will win the Dimicatio.

Korvin will be first speaking to Redcaps to trying to find some other LR specialists. He is hoping to strike up a friendship so as to be able to exchange correspondence.

Korvin is unaware of anything save his robes being on fire. 1d10=2

But Paion is a bit better 1d10+3=7 ( if allowed)

Sadly, neither Paion or Korvin notice anything. Korvin does run into Renaud, filius of Évrard De Tours, the senior Redcap in the tribunal at a dice game... He gives Korvin an acknowledgment, but returns to concentrating on the game.

"Ah my sodales, nothing lasts forever. I cast no aspersions on the skill of Rotgiers, but in some cases it simply comes down to training. The School of Ramius excels, focuses on close combat, formed by a famed Tremere who came to House Flambeau. It has since been perfected. That School combined with the honour and integrity of being part of the esteemed Milites makes me a formidable opponent. I look forward to meeting Rotgiers on the field, and am confident we shall."

"I may take up some martial skills at a later time. Although I don't see the need. With only one exception I've been able to vanquish my opponents with magic. I've since honed my skills. Why, I think I can even penetrate a Flambeau's fire resistance. By the way, I'm Marcus, Marcus of Tytalus."

Alexei offers his left hand as is proper and then kisses him on either cheek. "Marcus ex Tytalus, I am Alexei Von Kroitsau ex Flambeau. Well met Sodales. You make an excellent point regarding magic, and the art of Penetration (which Flambeau was the innovator) is indeed important. But with martial skills enhanced by magic, penetrating a Parma or a creature's resistance is not even necessary. Plus as a Magus who seeks challenges, there is no greater thrill than being in the veritable teeth of the fray, the fire of the battle! And regarding resistance to fire, surely you don't believe that all Flambeau are Ignem specialists? Come, have a glass of wine and we shall discuss this!"

Marcus returns Alexei's greeting, "Naturally not, but your House has a great concentration of Magi interested in fire, more so than any other, I dare say. So tell me, Alexei, are here you as part of a coenobium or with a covenant? I'm not familiar with the Tribunal, and I just arrived to the proceedings. I had to travel here mundanely, which was a worthy challenge, given my status in the Tribunal and no hirelings to assist me on my travels."

Alexei looks momentarily confused at the question. "A what now? Oh, I'm with a Covenant. Mons Electi, I am the...Grand Imperator of the Mons Electi Covenant. Yes, it's quite an honour actually. We're somewhat newly formed, but rich in vis and resources. They were quite lucky to get as famed a member of the MIlites as myself to join, especially so early in its creation. Travelled far have ye? From where might I ask?"

Awareness check: die roll of 5 +3(Per)+ 3(aware)=11
"Ahh, of course, Apollodorus formed his covenant."
"I've travelled quite a bit in my life. I'm from Ghent, originally, and have been there for the past few years and visited some family. Spent time in the Levant, most of my life, to be honest, and then a few years in the Novgorod Tribunal. I actually gauntleted in the Levant. Avenged my master's early death." He changes subjects "By any chance, do you know that giantess speaking to the Chief Quaesitor?". He is clearly indicating Fiona, but doesn't appear to know she is of Mons Electi, while Alexei had no idea who Fiona is talking to.

"The Levant? Truly? My mortal father was aCrusader there, made a fortune there...and apparently trafficked with some kind of genii. But the giantess? Aye, she's Fiona, she's in Mons Electi as well. Wait...why is she speaking with the Chief Quaesitor?"

"I don't know enough about her to speculate. Also you have a shadow, as it were." He points out a member of House Guernicus nearby. It looks like he is suddenly suprised by your notice if him and he moves off. Marcus then proceeds to point out other members of House Guernicus shadowing some of your covenant mates. "It appears you've attracted the interest of the Quaesitores." The only member of Mons Electi without a Guernicus shadow are Korvin and Apollodorus. He cries out and slaps your back firmly as he can, "Congratulations!"

Alexei takes on a suspicious look for a second before he puffs up his chest and thumps his fist upon it while lifting his cup of wine. "Of course! Why wouldn't they follow the exploits of an important Milites like myself? Probably hoping to see what I'll do next and how I'll improve the Order!"

Marcus regards Alexei quietly, after his bit of self-indulgent puffery, "Alexei, for some reason, I like you. He pauses for a moment as if recollecting something OoH:Lore check: die roll of 3 +Int 3 +OoH 3=9. "I'm not sure your renown is such that you \think it is. It's not as if you're Garus. "You should be more cautious of your words for the rest of the Tribunal. I'm not sure why, but if the members of House Guernicus are interested in you and your covenant, it's likely not a good thing."

He gets up and walks off.

"hmf. So much for the Lord's Blessing. No surprise there. :unamused:

Fieltarn will look for magi or covenants who'd have Mentem tractatii to offer, in exchange for vis and/or services.

=> Awareness roll : +1per +3Awareness + roll of 9 = 13

edit : bb code correction.

The awareness roll is enough to know you have a member of House Guernicus following you closely. Of course, it's not too far from your time of change (Tribunal is around midsummer).

Pickings for Mentem are slim, until you find a magus by the name of Languidus who suggests he has access to several tractutus, and even a high level summa.

Perception -3 + 1d10.extra(10)=4 = 1. Unlike Korvin, I don't think he can even find his own navel.

He would have thrown an Aura of Sensual Presence upon himself, and gone looking for four things, in this order -

  1. The beginnings of any raucous party that would lead to debauchery
  2. Any maga/females that are trying to have children and need assistance/are running into difficulties. (Fertility)
  3. Any gathering of Longevity experts plying their abilities to try and garner clients.
  4. Based on the discussion in the Table Talk thread, if Korvin is focusing on extending the power of the Longevity Ritual, Jormungand wants any information/notes/research about restoring fertility to the Longevity Ritual, as described in MoH.

Is he playing with other redcaps or mixed?

It's a mixed group, including genders.

Korvin will wait but scan the crowd for a redcap from the Rhine or Provencal Tribunal. If Évrard continues to ignore him for about 5 minute, Korven will move on and look for Renaud.