1221.t All Politics is Local

The Tribunal is being held at Le Maison d'Levrier. Apollodorus invites all the magi of Mons Electi who plan to attend to assemble at his apartment in Autun the evening before for a quiet dinner to discuss events and what one might expect.

Korvin is careful with his manners at the dinner.

"We ( meaning the Gifted Mercere) tend to meet our Sodales under much different circumstances. Normally, they never know that the new Redcap delivering messages to their Covenant is Gifted so they are much more relaxed."

"This will be my first Normandy Tournament I will attend. I will be most interested in hearing others accounts for what happens outside the formal meetings. It is much different than the Grand Market that the Greater Alps Tribunal has. Mercere always must have a large attendance to that one."

Fiona will attend, as she is planning on going to Tribunal. She will, for the most part, be quietly attentive; one thing she has learned the past year is that Normandy is similar in some ways to Loch Leglean, but there are so many differences that it is easy to (almost) cause an incident.

Although she will not be Princeps during the Tribunal, she does feel some responsibility for Atsingani, and will pay attention to (or possibly raise questions about) anything concerning the Vassal-Liege relationship.

During dinner Apollorodurs indicates that they will taking a Hermes Portal to Valnastium, and then using a Mercere Portal to Harco, and then another Hermes Portal from Harco to Le Maison d'Levrier. Unless anyone else can make alternative travel arrangements, that is.

Fees for travel between Harco and Le Maison d'Levrier are paid by the Tribunal, the covenant will have to cover the transaction cost for using the Mercere Portal between Valnastium and Harco. Use of the Hermes Portal to Valnastium has been provided gratis to Apollodorus for this occasion.

Fieltarn will decidedly attend, thankful for both the opportunities and - as he'll advise Apollodorus, for the preparations already made by our Jerbiton sodales. Using the Portals seems too interesting to pass up, but if any other member from Mons Electi would rather go by other means, for whatever reason, Fieltarn will let everyone know that he could lend his enchanted saddle, the conjured horses of which are not bothered by the Gift.

He'll loan the services of Pierre Legris(*), the weaver of Mons Electi, so as to be outfitted with less wrinkled and dusty robes... and to add some useful - and hopefullly discreet - "pouches" in its folds and long sleeves, as he intents to bring some personal vis to the Tribunal.

(OOC / (*): hope everyone's okay with the name... :mrgreen: )

"I'm not aware of anyone participating in the events? Anyone signed up for anything? I believe Prospero has designed a scavenger hunt as their event."

OOC: there is the The Hastiludium, The Certamen Tournament, The Joust. I'm not sure we have a sufficiently organized turb for the Melee event. There is also the Dimcatio. If players don't have the Lion and the Lily, let me know and I'll describe them more completely. Details of the scavenger hunt to follow.

Martial games? Hmm.... watching them may be interesting, provided magic would be allowed, right? Fieltarn tones suggest that otherwise he wouldn't find these particularly interesting, then an instant later a mischievous glint lighten his thoughtful gaze. [b]"Still, gently meddling with other onlookers - or watching them at least - might offer some... distractions".

This scavenger hunt sounds more appealing to me, personally. Would it involve, by any chance, opportunities to challenges one's senses of the wild? Perhaps mixed in with some riddles? If so, then it'd be my pleasure to be among the contestants![/b]

[color=blue]"May I ask why we seem to be taking the long way around?"

Fiona looks thoughful at the offer. [color=blue]"May I ask, sodalis, how strong this conjured horse of yours is?"

[color=blue]"I had planned on participating in a couple of events. Likely the Certamen Tournament and possibly the Joust. Although the scavenger hunt sounds interesting, I might be tempted to join that, as well. Assuming that I can find the time." She then realizes something. [color=blue]"Are we supposed to sign up in advance?"

It's not direct, but it is fast. We should arrive within 15 minutes of departing here.

OOC: this is my way of having you already registered for the events you're interested, you're registered, just letting Apollodorus know what events you wish to represent the covenant in.

As strong as a perfect riding horse usually is. As with everything conjured by Creo Magic, while it would not be outstandingly strong, this magical horse would nevertheless be a perfect member of its species. And since even a mundane riding horse can usually bear the weight of two riders for a little while, provided they'd aim for a not too hasty trot... Fieltarn looks straight at Fiona's face, smiling in a reassuring manner, devoid of any mocking hint.

Then he unabashedly picks his knife into another piece of finely cooked venison, with obvious delight.

"oh, and besides, the saddle can conjure up to three horses in a full day, and again the same by night. So there's always the possibility of switching mounts, so as to keep them relatively unfatigued. Would you ever wish to try Ogmios' saddle, Fiona, please feel free to ask. It would be my pleasure to accommodate you."

[color=blue]"Actually, I might take you up on that. I should learn to ride before the joust. Would it be too much of an inconvenience to borrow the saddle for the tournament, if they don't claim spoils?"

"If you aren't adequately prepared for the joust I strongly recommend you delay until next Tribunal in 1227. It is a dangerous competition with routine injuries, and it is not uncommon for some participants to die."

Fiona thinks for a moment. [color=blue]"That might be for the best. I'm not even sure the smith will have my armour ready in time."

My travel is free through the portals. I will ask the Portal keepers if our troupe may have a discount.

"I should like to participate in Certamen as well as Wizard's Melee. The grogs Michelle la Rouge and Brione are both familiar with the way that contest is held and have served me well in the past. Should anyone else like to make use of them in the contest they will be quite prepared, though perhaps would need to rest between bouts." He leans in with a wink. "At the Flambeau gathering of 1218 I made a bit of an entrance with my 'Arbilista' Strategy."

"I would also like to accompany, although more in an attempt to build some clientele and perhaps favors for the Covenant," Jormungand adds, shrugging slightly on the couch he had sprawled out on. "Much to the dismay of my uncles--"he pauses for a moment in still silence--"I never did make a very good marauder. By the by, is anyone particularly good at judging the fair market vis value of my services? My mater always told me they would be in demand, but never had a chance to teach me the greater intricacies of deal-making, besides avoiding Tremere deals decided by Certamen. I think it behooves me to employ and compensate an agent, if I hope to be at all profitable." He stretches for a bit and wiggles in the couch to get comfortable. "Is anyone willing to help for payment? Does anyone think they'll be much competition against one of my Longevity Massages?" He seems to be staring at his fingers while he says this.

"My experience has been 1p of payment for each pawn spent. But I've also had 1p per level of magnitude. But this comes from my own house which gives me favorable terms. My understanding is that 1/2 p per magnitude is more common." Korvin pauses, " I will recommend your services to my House if I am occupied. If you do not mind serving Redcaps that is."

Jormungand's eyes widen at the invitation. "Oh yes," he purrs, "If my mater's stories are correct, I would love servicing Redcaps."

"Yes, let us call upon the company of the Goliards!" Apollodorus calls out with uncharacteristic gusto.

After dinner, Apollodorus leads everyone down to a room in the cellar, and goes to what appears to be a door. When it is opened, nothing but a cellar wall is there, and he steps into it and disappears...

Everyone else passes through, there is no password. When everyone emerges from the portal, it is out of the side of a mountain of a beautifile Alpine Valley. And everyone immediately feels the force of a foreign Aegis come down over them. Apollodorus is up ahead waving everyone forward, where the Mercere Portal to Harco is located, the guards nod to Apollodorus and allow everyone to pass. He whispers a password in a language you don't understand and points, and ushers each member through before entering himself and joining everyone at Harco.

At Harco a Redcap spies Apollodorus, and guides the party to the portal for Le Maison d'Levrier.