1221.t All Politics is Local

Is this going straight into the Tribunal, or just going to visit and then going to the actual Tribunal the next day? (for some reason, I was thinking that we were just having a strategy-type meeting the evening before, and then going to Tribunal the next day, but that's what I get for assuming)

We can discuss more, if necessary. Some Tribunal stuff may wait until the matter of Atsingani is decided in the council thread. But, it is a strategy dinner, and then everyone goes to the Tribunal site, gets into their temporary housing, etc. More strategy can be discussed there, too. Of course, beware of spies.

Alrighty, moving on...

The Tribunal is called to order by the Praeco, Renita of Bjornaer. She appears to be quite frail. After calling the meeting to order, she asks that Eloi of Jerbiton come forward. While Eloi comes to the podium she introduces Proctor of Guernicus as the Presiding Quaesitore. The three whisper together. Afterward, Proctor comes forward and says, "Renita cannot retain her human form for the duration of the Tribunal proceedings, she has asked that Eloi officiate on her behalf. Any rulings requiring the Praeco's assent will still be made by the Praeco, but she wishes to retire and assume her heartbeast form. As the agenda has been set, and she retains all the powers except that as officiant I accept this. Do the Tribunal members assent to Eloi of Jerbiton, covenant of Cunfin officiating these proceedings?"

The assemblage appears to grumble a bit, but no one dissents.

"Very well, Eloi, you may proceed with the Agenda." Proctor says.

"Our first order of business is the recognition of new covenants. It is my understanding that my House brother, Apollodorus of Jerbiton has assembled a collection of magi of diverse interests. At the last Tribunal he had indicated that he would be using the Mentem vis he gathered from the annual fair on top of Mont Beuvray as his seisin, as he had been granted that legacy. Will the Magi and Maga of Mons Electi who are present stand and be recognized?"

OOC: assuming everyone stands, and this can also be an opportunity to discuss what happened with Eloi and Renita, quietly.

Apollodorus stands.

Korvin stands:

in a whispered voice to his Covenant-mates "Cunfin is the closest Covenant to Mons Electi and has recently gotten the Mercere House that was in Dragon's Nest to move there. If he harbors any ill will to Mons Electi due to our proximity or that I may draw Redcaps to Autun, he could make problems."

Fieltarn stands, whispering back to Korvin and the other nearest of their sodales :
Anything interesting to know about Eloi ex Jerbiton? I have the feeling that he may not have just received almost Praeco like authority on his age alone, no?

=>+1 Int. +3 Order of Hermes Lore (+1 specialty : Personalities) + roll of 2 = 7

Eloi is young, far to young to be Praeco, so if Renita should pass into Final Twilight or pass on he would not be Praeco. This circumstance is much like trusting that a capable and dependable lieutenant takes over duties and executes them as he would conclude his superior would do. The lieutenant might have a different opinion, but he will put that aside and do as he has been commanded to do.

Fiona also rises, and looks at the trinity at the head of the Tribunal, almost studying them. Especially studying Eloi's reaction to being named Acting Praeco (Per 0 + Folk Ken (Magi) 2 + die roll of 7 = 9).

She will also look around the assembly, smiling and trying to spot anyone who might be a possible successor to Renita if she should pass (one way or the other): Per 0 + Awareness 3 + die roll of 0 (botch check comes up a 9 = 3.

[color=blue]"I'm not sure who Renita's successor is going to be," Fiona whispers back. [color=blue]"It looks to be a very interesting Tribunal (more so than normal, anyway) should anything happen to the Praeco.

His reaction suggests it is just a duty like any other.

Jormungand stretches as he rises, and seems to stifle a horrified yawn. He, too, with a lazy half-smile will look around, more to see if there are any other Ex Misc Vor Si'r in attendance ((OOC: with -3 Per, unless the magi is standing on their chair, jumping up and down and pointing at themselves, I'm not actually gonna find anyone).

He looks at Eloi and Renita and whispers, "Ah'm guessing they're both from Cunfin? Interesting that one of the swing Covenants at the center of the Lotharingian decision is at the center of the leadership. Ah wonder what kind of agenda Cunfin's bringing?" He looks around at all of the hungry, magi eyes staring at the members of Mons Electi. "Ooh, nice distraction on the part of Cunfin, too. Betcha everyone's wondering or assuming about us more than Cunfin."

Jormungand ends up with his weight shifted on one leg, one hand on hip, more in a standing pose inviting examination.

Eloi responds as if performing a benediction, "We wlecome the Magi and Maga of Mons Electi to our Tribunal, may God's blessings shine upon you."

Fiona nods at Eloi. [color=blue]"Thank ye," she says before she takes her seat. Well, that's that...we're now official.

Jormungand mutters under his breath as he sits back down, "Freyja's blessing has more rewards. At least it comes with a happy ending."

Fieltarn mutters under his breath, perhaps unwillingly (and probably unwittingly) :
"- Epona's tits, don't tell me he's a some sort a... priest too ?!".

Then he realizes the significance of the Event, feeling almost lightheaded for an instant.
That's it. I'm a member of a recognized covenant, now. .

"Let's tread carefully here." he murmurs again. And taking his cue from his sodales, he just nods politely to Eloi and the gathered magi in return, and sits.

Alexei quirks an eyebrow at the various responses, especially the more pagan of them and scowls.

"We thank ye most humbly, and may the Lord's blessing be upon you and this Tribunal also." he says with a bow.

"The next order of business is determining the site of the next Tribunal. As the next Grand Tribunal is in 7 years, the Normandy Tribunal will be the year prior. All tropea earned will last for the standard period of 7 years, to be transferred upon the 7 year anniversary of this Tribunal." Eloi reaches into a hat and pulls out a chit. He looks at it for a moment."The covenant that has the honor of hosting the next covenant is...Mons Electi.

"We've been had." Apollodorus fumes quietly.

"A brilliant move on their part. Mons Electi can go any number of ways with the new Tribunal being formed but they think to hold us to Normandy if we must host the next covenant. It would have to be a Covenant in the south since they are sure that most of the ones in Flanders like Florum and it's vassals are going to go. We and Cunfin are the most likely to leave as well. "

"The costs of hosting are enormous."

"Congratulations to the covenant of Mons Electi, we look forward to joining you at your home in 6 years time."

Eloi continues on, "The next item of business is the Trial of Tauron of Verditius. The charge is the sale of magic items to mundanes in excess of numbers prescribed by the code."

Proctor leans in to whisper to Eloi, "It is my understanding that Tauron has pled guilty and is asking for the Tribunal to show mercy. Does anyone wish to suggest a sentence to be handed down?"

After the sentence is handed down (anyone is free to suggest one, or I'll do it). Tribunal is adjourned (early) for the day, for magi to take part in the fair, find exotic things to buy, both exotic and mundane. As each of the magi of Mons Electi are going around the grounds...

Everyone should tell me what they plan to do, and also should make an awareness roll, or at least a perception roll.

Everyone except Fiona, Fiona needs to make an intrigue roll, difficulty is based on how she responds to...

"Fiona, it is good to finally meet you, I'm Proctor," he says, formally introducing himself. And, of course Fiona knew that, watching him preside as Chief Quaesitore a short time earlier. "Are you enjoying your first Tribunal here in Normandy? I must say our hosts have outdone themselves, but, of course, this is a big deal for Prospero," he lingers on that, as if deciding whether to say more.

Day 2 of the Tribunal Agenda:
Lapis Crudus pressing a claim against their vassals (anyone want to see this trial?) This will be an all day affair. Half the members are not actually here, and are engaging in other Tribunal activities. When I thought this up it was much more interesting, and I can highlight the details for those who would wish to attend and vote...

Fiona will attend, to observe and to see how Le Maison handles things, as well as to see how the debate on the charges goes, what the nature of the charges is, basically getting a feel for how the Code flows here.