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Well, Le Maison is pesenting the venue, the handling of the trial is an issue of the Tribunal apparatus. There will be the acting Praeco, Chief Quaesitor, a prosecutor and an advocate. In this case the advocate is Cavillor, and the prosecutor is Aristarcus. Normally these rolls are reversed.

Does Fiona know why the advocate and prosecutor have traded places for this case, or pick it up from whisperings around her?

Rolled an 8 +Awareness (3) + Per (0)=11
Seems as if Lapis Crudus has been absent for a while and their case isn't very strong; the vassals had prepared for this eventuality, contacting Aristarcus as soon as they were unable to get a response from their Leige, filing a complaint of neglect with him. It appears to be a case of competing claims in violation of the code.

If Cavillor and Aristarchus' usual roles are reversed, then Aristarchus would be advocating and Cavillor would be prosecuting.

That is correct, Cavillor is prosecuting the claim on behalf of Lapis Crudus. Aristarchus is defending the vassals against those claims.

Laetitia calculates the amount of vis Tauron profited which was in excess; she suggests that Tauron be fined "a cache of magic items, the enchantment of which should be approximately equal to the aforementioned amount, to be donated to the Redcaps of Normandy, to be remanded no later than two years from today."

Her Bargain is 2 with a specialty in magi, her Com is +3, and she'll try to distract Proctor with a good view of her cleavage just in case Venus' Blessing can help her get Tauron off easy.

(Hermetic Law + Int is 4+2-- that IS a light sentence, right?)

Laetitia definitely wants to see that. Aristarchus is pretty dreamy.

...Or maybe she just wants to date him to piss off his pater :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a general murmur from the assembled magi that this is a reasonable sentence. Proctor appears to consider the offer for the moment and then whispers to Eloi. Eloi then responds, "This is a very light sentence, and we think that it should be 1.5 times as much. And a prohibition of sale to any mundane for 20 years. Is this a reasonable compromise, Laetitia? If so, I'll put it to the members for a vote." The murmur from the magi think this is a little stiff, but some think Tauron is lucky he's not losing a familiar, talisman or worse, given the fickleness with the way interferring with mundanes is enforced in Normandy.

"Such strictness now would only serve to add more momentum to the Lotharingian movement. Not only Tauron and his covenant, but all the Verditius of the Tribunal would be inclined to throw in with Florum. Surely, sodales, we must show at least the appearance of mercy.

"And lest you think the punishment too light-- it is a hidden fine. It is not merely the vis involved-- it is the time it takes to craft those enchantments. Verditius value nothing so much as their own time; any vis fine would be negligible to one so affluent as this. And of course, House Mercere would be able to request the items they wish made... Tauron would have to be accommodating and gracious, which would surely be a far more satisfying punishment than a prohibition on sales-- which he'd only circumvent by allowing more intermediaries to resell for him. No, Eloi, your suggestion is shortsighted, disregards the greater good of the Tribunal, and only offers the illusion of astringence."

(In case it's not clear, L is not saying this aloud for everyone at Tribunal to hear, but spoke softly for Proctor and whomever this Eloi punk is.)

Proctor takes her aside, "I was suggesting the sentence, I had told Eloi what the sentence I wanted, was. I'm well aware of what the Verditius value."

[OOC: reading back through the thread, the current Praeco is very ill or so near Twilight that she can't conduct the Tribunal. Eloi was brought in to act on her behalf to be Acting Praeco, and was accepted by acclimation, since he is a singularly honest and holy individual and would conduct the Tribunal in the manner he believes Renita (actual Praeco) would want[1]. In other words, he's the puppet for Proctor. Eloi, not that it matters to Laetitia now, is the Princeps of the nearest covenant to Mons Electi, Cunfin.]

[1] Renita had been having difficulty for some time and for the three previous tribunals had relied heavily on Proctor for guidance.

Laetitia blinks back surprise. "Ah. My apologies-- I had misunderstood your agenda. I was under the mistaken impression that you wished to oppose the Lotharingian movement-- not to fuel it. By all means, do whatever you feel appropriate."

"Very well, you've made your point. I'll drop it to your suggested amount, but I will keep the prohibition for selling to mundanes for 20 years. He should be able to find plenty of magi to make purchases from. If I suggest the change, will you endorse it?"

"If you reduce it to five years, I expect he'll actually honour it. More than five, and he will simply abuse intermediaries to re-sell on his behalf-- we see it in Rome all the time.

"The amount I suggested and five years' prohibition, and I will endorse it."

"Eight years or 20, your choice. The murmur of the crowd suggested that our first counter proposal was reasonable."

Laetitia is clearly unhappy about it, but assents. "I don't think your counterproposal would engender so much resentment as to be unmanageable, so yes, I will endorse this sentence. But please remember, an iron fist destroys what it crushes in its grasp. A velvet glove retains that which it would hold."

Eloi delivers the sentence. "Our esteemed advocate from Magvillus has suggested a compromise of 8 years of being unable to sell to mundanes, and a fine to be paid in items, of the amount of vis Tauron sold in excess. Do the members present agree to this?" There's murmuring, and then several ayes, no nays.

"The sentence passes by acclimation."

[OOC: I'll get to day two in a bit].

She would interject to clarify that the items fined should go directly to the Tribunal's Redcaps, as mucking with the mundane economy puts undue burden on the Mercere much moreso than the rest of the Order.

The interjection would be heard, but wouldn't change who it goes to. Remember, you're in the socialist Normandy Tribunal, they'll be available as prizes at the next Tournament...

So the second day of Tribunal and the case is a liege, Lapis Crudus, trying to get a fine levied against its vassals, and reassert its role as liege.

Eloi calls out, "Let a member of record of Lapis Crudus come forward to press the claim as a liege against the covenants they claim as liege." A few moments pass and no one comes forward. "It is the opinion of the Chief Quaesitor and Acting Praeco that no claim can be made without a valid member of Lapids Crudus to make it. This matter is dismissed."
"The next item is a matter of relocation. The members of Atsingani have registered a new legacy and are seeking to relocate to a spot within range and claim it as a seisin. As it is the first term of the lease, it is within their legal right to do this. They relinquish their seisin to the Tribunal, and will be able to harvest it as a legacy, should it not be claimed at the Tournament. They further renounce their liege of Montverte and indicate that they are a vassal of Mons Electi. Does Montverte wish to push a claim for interference?" The members of Montverte are all staring daggers at Mons Electi's members, but they don't say anything. "Let it be entered into the record that Atsingani is a vassal of Mons Electi. Let it further be entered into the record that Atsingani is registering a seisin of 2 rooks of Herbam vis." At the last announcement almost everyone in the tribunal gasps at the size of a single seisin.