1221.t The Certamen Tourney

Herein the magi of Mons Electi compete in the certamen tourney. Those wishing to participate need to draw straws or determine who's competing...
The Certamen contest is the morning on the 1st day of competition.

That would be, I think, Alexei and Fiona?

I know Fiona still wants to compete. But if only one magus per covenant can compete...heck, she'll Certamen him for it :laughing:

That could be one way to handle it. Or, quick, think of a color.

Is it green?!


I can sit out of the certamen if someone else would rather do it, I had plenty of excitement in the joust.

Ok, Fiona, at the beginning of Round 5, need to have a roll for your competitor. Depending on how you place, you'll be choosing the technique or form.
6+ means you select the technique. Otherwise, select the form.

She rolls a 10 for the competitor. She is going to choose Muto.

Competitor selection is a stress die.
Can you check for a botch?

Oh, right. Botch die comes up a 2. So that means she chooses the Form, then? If so...hmmm...let's go with Corpus. Had to think about it, her Herbam is almost as good, but her Corpus is enough better that it might mean the difference between success and utter, abject embarrassment.

Fiona faces of against Luna who was at the Tremere dinner and defeated Alexei, she is here as part of a coenobium.
"Fiona, an honor. I choose Perdo."
When you say Corpus, her face screws up. "This should be...interesting."

Go ahead and make your rolls for initiative, attack, defense.

(ooc – how do you say "Oh, shit" in Scots Gaelic? :laughing:)

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"Not as interesting as you might think."

Her Initiative is Qui -1 + Finesse 3 + die roll of 0 (botch check comes up a 6) = 2. Lovely.

Attack is Pre 1 + Perdo 5 + die roll of 0...are you serious, bro? Sheesh! Botch check comes up another 0. Oh, for cryin' out loud.

Ah well. Defence Total is Per 0 + Corpus 14 + die roll of 2 = 16.

[OOC: If you recall from the dinner party, Maris was 2nd in the Tourney at the last Tribunal, I was really close to puttin her up against you.]

Her rolls are 3, 7, and 8 for Initiative, attack and defense.
Initiative= 1+ 3+7=11

Your attack is futile against her defenses: 8 (die) + 22 (Art) +0 (Per)=30.

Her attack with Corpus, a wall of flesh coming at you is: 7 (die) +10 (Art[1]) + 2 (Pre)=19 vs 16, =AA of 3.

Against your Resistance Total of 3 (Sta) + 4 (Parma) +1 (Corpus spec)=8

Fiona is at minus 1 for next rounds actions. The results of the botch will be disclosed at a later time.

[1] She has a Deficient form of Corpus, with an Art score of 10, halved to 5 for being Deficient, and then doubled for MMF in Certamen, bringing it back to 10.

Round 2?

Initiative remains a 2.

Attack: Pre 1 + Corpus 14 + die roll of 4 – Fatigue Penalty 1 = 18.

Defence: Per 0 + Perdo 5 + die roll of 3 – Fatigue Penalty 1 = 7.

Luna's round 2 actions:

Rolls of 2 and 7 for attack and defense
Attack: 2 (die) +10 (Corpus) + 2 (Pre)=14
Defense: 7 +22 +9=29

Her AA is 6[1], you don't manage to get through her defenses.
Weakening is 6 + 4 + 3=13
Against your Resistance of 8 is 13-8=5 for 1 additional fatigue level lost.

Go ahead for round 3.

[1] Fiona shouldn't have been at -1 for being Winded, only one fatigue lost in the previous round. That was my mistake. Fiona is now at Weary, -1 to all actions. I corrected the AA which was 14-7=7 to 14-8=6.

Round 3

Initiative remains 2.

Attack: Pre 1 + Corpus 14 + die roll of 4 – Fatigue Penalty 1 = 18.

Defence: Per 0 + Perdo 5 + die roll of 7 – Fatigue Penalty 1 = 11.

Rolls of 4 and 7 for attack and defense.

Attack: 4 +10 +2=16
Defense: 7+22+0=29

Her attack if 16 - 11=5 AA
Weakening is 5+ 4 + 3=12
Against Fiona's resistance of 8 is 12-8=4, for 1 additional fatigue level lost.

Fiona is unable to penetrate her defenses.

Fiona is now at -5 for all actions, and will likely be knocked unconscious in the next round.

Fiona weighs the pros and cons of continuing the bout (con: she will be knocked flat on her oversized butt in front of God and everybody for a couple of hours; pro: she could use a good nap).

[color=blue]"I yield," she says. [color=blue]"Well played, Luna. And good luck to ye in the tourney." She looks around for a place to rest.

Luna says to you "Thank you, Fiona."

The Certamen Tourney continues. Luna is defeated in the 3rd round. Rotgiers loses due to some bad luck in the early rounds, too.

The final round sees Maris, representing Le Maison d'Levrier defeating a magus from Florum who had managed to defeat all other Tremere, including Rotgiers.