1222.0 Council Thread

A week prior, he asks that Jean-Claude prepare a simple luncheon for the magi at the time of Council. He asks that the Chef be prepared to serve eleven, but apologizes ahead of time and admits only six to eight will probably show up. Jean-Claude can decide what counts as a "simple" meal but mentions with the wavering number of people that soup, quiche, and the like are the easiest thing to split larger or smaller, depending on the people.

He sends a messenger to Atsingani to invite the three magi as Guests to the Council Meeting, as a followup to review their relationship over the past year and, if nothing has changed or needs to change, to exchange the vis as agreed.

Two days before the Spring Equinox, Jormungand sends out a missive to convene the Council, as usual, on the Spring Equinox, at lunchtime. The missives are sent to the rooms of Fiona, Alexei, Korvin, Onesiphorus, Iosephus, and Silviatos.

He follows up with Apollodorus/sends him a missive to confirm he's still busy with his trip (and to make sure he's not back), and will send Laetitia a missive informing her that the magi will be occupied in Council on the Equinox, and wondering if she would be available if we had any need for clarification since we'd probably be discussing long-term preparations for hosting Tribunal. He also sends a missive to Willhelm to confirm he has not seen Fieltarn come back/out yet, and if not, to report during Council to inform us of the events leading to his disappearance.

Jormungand sits at the head of the table in the Princeps chair, with a wax tablet and stylus on a small stand beside him. The table is laid out with eleven place settings. At the opposite end/head of the table is a much grander chair and the place setting has a placard/sign on it for "Apollodorus, Princeps Emeritus". He waits for the seats to fill before signalling for the food to be served.

Laetitia actually goes to deliver her response in person. "I'd be happy to assist any way I can," she begins, "But I was also hoping to petition for membership."

Jormungand blinks for a bit as if caught offguard, and then breaks into a grin. "That would be great! Should be great, at least, depending on what the rest say. Well then, Ah'll have to make sure your request to join be the first item on the docket, and Ah'll ask the chef to prepare a place for you at the table."

His Guile is low enough, and your skills high enough to know he's not really surprised. A place setting for Laetitia had already been included in the expected count of 6-8. Here's who he's expecting - Jormungand, Alexei, Fiona, Korvin, Onesiphorus, Laetitia, and Jacques (as Atsingani representative). The remaining four seats are ostensibly for Apollodorus, Fieltarn, and the rest of Atsingani if they showed up. Apollodorus's seat is the only one "assigned".

Alexei attends the meeting and sits down.

"Jormunagand, if I may suggest, a thorough accounting of magi that should be within these halls must be done. If they are not here and made no accomodations, we should consult the charter for such an occurrence. I believe we have some members that need to be...accounted for."

[This isn't necessary, I took care of it in the 1222.OOC thread. Fieltarn and Oneisiphorous (and I'm done looking up the correct spelling of that name) will remain members for this meeting. One's missing or on a trip back to the Rhine, or can't otherwise be bothered. Fieltarn is still within the Temple of Janus, unless someone is wanting to take action in that thread, and he will be recovering from that rescue..."]

Kind of figured, just thought I'd go all official. One thing Alexei thinks he might have to do is kick down doors of sanctums and see if anyone is in there.

[As the two magi named are no longer members or residents, they aren't entitled to keep a sanctum at Mons Electi. As of now, they are not even Protected Guests. And before this thread gets moving, I have stalled 1221 threads that need to be closer to resolution. I asked chico to start it now, because his posting can get constrained due to his other responsibilites. If anyone wants me to narrate the resolution of those threads, please indicate so in the respective thread.]

As a vassal, does Jacques sit in the council chamber or outside waiting to do the vis exchange?

(I'm assuming that he's waiting outside to do the vis exchange)

Fiona stands to address her sodales. [color=blue]"If nobody has any objections, I would like to revisit the status of of the magi of Atsingani.

"A year ago, we voted not to extend them an invitation to become members of Mons Electi en masse, primarily due to concerns about growing faster than we could handle. Growing pains, as it were. Things have changed since then.

"We have apparently lost two of our founders, who have disappeared without a trace and, as a consequence, have been expelled from the covenant.

"I have also learned that, for reasons of their own, Viviana, Aureliana, and Argyros wish to leave Normandy entirely, and thus would like to dissolve the Covenant of Atsingani.

"I would like us to extend an invitation to Jacques of Flambeau to become a member of Mons Electi." She looks around quickly as she takes her seat once more.

Wilhelm is waiting outside the Council chamber, his clothes as clean as he can get them and wearing his wolf-skin vest. He is visibly nervous, alternately sitting with his elbows on his knees and pacing to and fro, occasionally shooting wary glances at the magi from Atsingani who are waiting as well.

I think we will still have your same issue that you had before. While two of the founders have left, I understand that we are to offer membership for Laetitia scholae Guernici and Viscaria Verditii as well. Should we not consider them as a whole?

[color=blue]"A year ago, we had come into the meeting with six members. We had already added three, and were considering adding Atsingani, which would have increased our numbers from six to 13 in one day. Today, we come in with seven, and will be considering increasing our numbers to ten. So, while there are superficial similarities, it is different enough to put my mind at ease regarding our rate of growth.

"In addition, as I recall, we also had concerns with having a vassal at all. Atsingani dissolving and our inviting Jacques would resolve that issue as well."

Alexei seems to be in a much more accomodating mood than the last time this subject was brought up, regarding Atsingani. The large Turb they have and their responsiveness to Gunnar's training program (though still rather insolent) has impressed him a great deal. Jacques seemed to keep Alexei at arm's length, which bothered him somewhat, he would have thought that the young Flambeau would have desired to learn and prosper at the side of the veteran, especially considering that the offer was made.

"My sodales, I believe it is foregone, or at least quite wise to have the Guernicus join us. We will prosper greatly with her legal and political acumen; great maneuvers are being conducted in this Tribunal and we seem at the center of many of them...or mayhaps it's just my ego that leads me to this conclusion. Her help and council will be quite valuable. Regarding Jacques and the others of Atsingani...I had more reservations last year than now. Their pagan ways as well as following a charlatan, heathen fortune teller irked me more than I let on. I would not like that one to join us and risk Heaven's wrath nor my own soul with her foul predictions. But Jacques..." he pauses and scowls. "Should Jacques be allowed to join he must bring his turb and let it absorb into our own, so that we might make it the pride of this Tribunal."

So should the turb decide to disband following the disbanding of Atsingani, we should reject Jacques? Is that what you recommend?

((OOC: Please slide this in right before Fiona's post about inviting Jacques to join Mons Electi. I will try to make sure it fits).

As the magi come in and take their seats, he writes down each person in attendance onto the tablet. He then gestures for the wine to be poured/fills his glass, and starts the meeting. For once he does not have the have closed eyes or lazy smile on his face. He is definitely tired/exhausted.

"I now call this Council Session in order as we are at Quorum, and at completion will be passed over to the next Acting Princeps. We have several items on the agenda today, sodales.

First, there is a formal request from Maga Laetitia for membership in Mons Electi. There is also an item from last year's Spring Council Meeting about reviewing the Covenant's relationship with Atsingani,and more specifically if we offer any or all membership. There is also a request for extended Protected Guest status from Maga Viscaria Verditii and an offer to negotiate terms for assistance in preparing for the next Grand Tribunal. Jormungand finally exhales, and takes a sip of wine. "Ah think that's everybody showing up this season. There's been a lot of correspondence - another magus spoke of visiting but we haven't formalized a date/time yet - he may even be arriving at our gates this moment - Ah may have told him to show up when Ah thought Ah was replying to Viscaria."

Secondly, we have a missing sodale. Unlike some previous members that have disappeared, censured, and removed in Winter, Magus Fieltarn seems to have disappeared during his completion of duties as Acting Princeps. Ah have asked Willhelm to report the instance and events leading up to his loss of contact. He is waiting in the antechamber. Ah am most concerned since the disappearance seemed close to one of our vis sources.

Third, with the change, and expected changes in the roster of Covenant Members, Ah think we need to confirm our Acting Princeps rotation, and if any consideration should be taken for Alexei in the schedule as his duties as Imperator. Do we need a "Vice Imperator" or some other such title or place like we do for Princeps?

Fourth, Ah was hoping to acquire an apprentice in the next five years. When Ah reviewed our library and resources, Ah realized Magus Apollodorus created a great and comfortable place for mah current lifestyle, but not necessarily the greatest and best resources for Apprenticeship. Should we endeavor, as a Covenant, to start setting aside resources and purchases for that eventuality, or do so on an individual basis and our own specializations?

Fifth, we need to start making long-term plans for preparing for Tribunal in seven years. This should also include, for the record, where we as a majority stand on the Lotharginian idea. Political winds change, but if we're not even going to BE in this Tribunal, Ah for one would like to be able to start researching for precedent now and get the Guernicus Code Battle over with instead of a year before the event takes place.

"Whew!" Jormungand exclaims, finishing his wine. "Ah think that's all. Did Ah miss anything? Where should we start?"

[A couple of points to clear up and change some assumptions. I'm wanting to resolve the Fieltarn missing issue before the council meeting, as it's about a 2 month timespan between his disappearance and the council meeting. Given that this time people know where he was last seen, it makes sense someone would follow up and not wait two months. Secondly with Isen, he'll show up sometime in 1222. I'd like to bring 1221 to a close. Third item is that the Tribunal meeting at Mons Electi is a not a Gand Tribunal and will happen 6 years, not 7 years from the previous Tribunal, because of the Grand Tribunal in 1228. Mark the calendars for Summer of 1227 for the Normandy Tribunal. Also note that leases for all items and vis sources are for a period of 7 years, so covenants may retain those items for one year past the 1227 Tribunal, but all items must be returned to Confluensis so that the winners claiming those prizes may redeem them in the summer of 1228. Of course, if everyone is in agreement they can turn the item over at Tribunal and save themselves a trip to Confluensis at a later time.]

"Upon joining the covenant, I would place all the texts in my possession, into the covenant library. I possess a wonderful summa on Terram, authored by the Chief Hoplite of this very Tribunal; of my own authoring, there is a low level summa on Intellego, and an advanced tractatus on Mentem. I also own a lab text for the 'Laboratory of Bonisagus' spell, which I will be eager to learn and cast as soon as it is within my ability."

[color=blue]"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Laetitia on more than one occasion, and come to the conclusion that she would be a great asset to the covenant. Even if I did make her job more difficult than necessary, for which I again apologize."

Fiona smiles at the Quaesitor. [color=blue]"If anyone could navigate us through the Scylla of preparing for the Tribunal in 1227 and the Charybdis of the Lotharingian question, it would be her."

"Ah'm hearing a lot of support for extending an invitation to Magus Jacques and Maga Laetitia to sign the charter and join the Covenant as Provisional members. Any objections? And there was the question of stratified membership that was briefly brought up from last year, which Ah suggested should be based on seasons of Covenant Service. Should we revisit that idea, and choose to modify, or not modify the Charter, before extending the formal invitation?"

[color=blue]"I still have the same reservations about having two classes of permanent members as I did last year. In fact, seeing what became of Insula Canaria has merely reinforced my opinion.

"I came to Mons Electi because I was seeking to be amongst peers, those who would treat me as an equal. Not as some freshly-Gauntleted apprentice, regardless of how many decades I had been studying as a fully fledged maga. I believe that any future members, including our vassal and the esteemed advocate, also desire to be equals under our charter.

"As I recall, our primary concern was that someone with less experience would not fare as well as others when they serve their term as princeps. I had never served as princeps before last winter, and I believe I fared well...although others might disagree." She looks quickly at Alexei as she says the last, but then continues orating.

[color=blue]"I do have an idea on how to handle the lack of experience, however. We do not seem to have a set, written rotation of Princeps, that I am aware of. What if we were to establish such a schedule, and whenever we accept new member, simply ensure that their slot falls immediately after a more experienced member? Then we simply make sure all are aware that the Vice Princeps is available should they ever have need of them. That way, we avoid any unnecessary changes to the Charter."