1222.0 Council Thread

[color=blue]"As Jormungand said earlier," Fiona says with a smile at the Vor Si'r, [color=blue]"It seems that our library, while adequate for us, is somewhat lacking in material appropriate for apprentice or newly gauntleted magi. And, since I suspect that all of us either have or will soon be taking an apprentice, it might behoove us to take advantage of the opportunity to remedy this situation?

"However, I notice that the Prima says that this invitation does not waive the associated vis cost. How much vis are we likely to pay for the privilege?"

"If I might intrude," interjects the giant spider, "I can answer that question...."

(She then proceeds to say whatever info JL gives us on this, using a combination of Int+1, CoH 3 (precedents) and OoHLore 5 (history).

Viscaria has Prof:Scribe 2 (correspondences), and Thera has P:Scribe 2(careful). They'll make their skills known if anybody asks, but as this appears to be for non-Tribunal matters, they don't volunteer the info.

Isen is quite rightfully impressed.

Not that he'd have a chance at it, anyway: Any primus would surely assume him to leave a pile of corpses in his wake, or bring mundane trouble... :-/
Worst thing is, he probably would, if he thought this was the best solution.

(OOC: But... Aren't hoplites working for quaesitores? Can't remember)

((Can we assume that we have brought the magi into the council room sign the Charter))

Since we are adding 3 new members, do we need to build 3 more labs? Are there any labs that they can take over?

((Please keep in mind, the pace of this thread is going to dictate the pace of any other stories[1]. Someone or a collective of people in the troupe need to come up and decide how things are going to be. This is where you guys start calling some of the shots. I think there's a clear idea of what needs to be discussed, so have at it. I'm a bit disappointed that this thread has stagnated, as there is plenty of stuff that needs to get done[2].

[1] Determining the order of Princeps is going to set out how the stories are going to go. I've previously taken a firmer hand in this, but I'm trying to reduce my involvement in something that is a PC/player decision. Also, the pace of my stories will be further limited by my kitchen renovation. There may be times where I can post quite a bit and then there may be times where I might go days without posting much at all.

[2]If someone wants something a particular way, say that it is that way and move on. People will either object, or not. Either way there is movement

Okay, so we're inviting Laetitia, Jacques, and Isen to be probationary members, then? Ooc, I'm/Fiona's fine with Laetitia and Jacques, but I'd like more of an introduction from Isen. ("Bachelor Number Two, describe a perfect day in the lab.")

Pending the results of the exploration thread, I'm thinking Iosephus's and Silviatos's sancta may be available, and (from what I'm seeing in Hazy Shade of Winter) it kinda looks like Fieltarn's may be, too.

Okay, of the items that Acting Princeps Jormungand has on the agenda:

  • Laetitia, Viscaria, Jacques, and Isen: Laetitia and Jacques have, apparently, been offered membership and Viscaria has been asked to help with the tribunal preparations. Isen will apparently also be offered membership.
  • Fieltarn's situation is hopefully being resolved in his thread.
  • Princeps Rotation is, I think, about to be resolved unless anyone voices any objection to my proposal in the next couple of days.
  • Acquiring of resources suitable for the training of apprentices hasn't even been touched on (unless you count Fiona's idea for how to spend the boon Murion granted us through Alexei).
  • Long-term preparations for the next Normandy tribunal has been discussed. Oy vey, has it been discussed (and probably why this thread languished, imo – we got distracted by the shiny).
  • Stratified membership (a tangent to the Princeps rotation) was brought up and pretty much ignored after that.

The boon that Murion granted Alexei and the covenant regarding the copying of texts from the library at Durenmar is also currently under discussion.

OOC: Do we want, as players, to negotiate the terms of Viscaria's employment? Or just handwave it? Possibly, someone may feel like there's unacceptable political ramifications to "hiring" a maga to do this work, and they would prefer me to join as a Full Member. Otherwise, Viscaria wants vis and research help on a matter regarding Tribunal history, in addition to a place to stau.

The Tribunal prep thread has stalled out until the scouting thread completes.

These two seem pretty obviously connected to Viscaria. "Were I given such a boon, I'd pay another to do this scribing for me, the better to reap its benefits....unless I'd not been to Durenmar before. I'd not give up a chance to see such sights easily. Have you been, Alexi?"

(I feel like the points I didn't quote are finished, as far as I'm concerned.)

"No, and I intend to go and we should definitely get the best scribe we can afford. I shall accompany that scribe for protection and of course to protect our investment of vis and texts."

I'm fine with handwaving. And if someone, either this year or sometime between now and Tribunal (or even after) wants to invite Viscaria to join, they can.

Pretty much, I think. We can still throw ideas in there if they come to us.

I agree. But I also wonder if we have an exemplary (or even a competent) scribe in the covenant? The librarian, Alexandria, has Scribe (Copying) 3, but no Magic Theory...if we're going to have her go copy stuff for us, she would have to be taught MT so she doesn't blow us all up.

"I would think that we might obtain an able copyist from House Mercere? With our improving relationship with the Mercere we might be able to purchase one of their scribes' services?"

((Please read the note from Murion again.))

Emphasis mine.

On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE, the Redcap I wanted to play as a Companion that jebrick never finished doing the number crunching for (was that supposed to be my responsibility? because I thought it was his since MetaCreator hates Mac users) should have Mythic Mimicry, so if the timing works out properly, we could totally abuse that for a hell of a lot more than she thinks she's offering.

((Yeah Alexei caught that too, but he can choose to interpret that as just one person gets to study, it's only natural that such a person would need a guard. Might be a good idea to convince him if that's against the rules))

((Fat chance. As long as Alexei can legitimately play dumb, well, Murion just might be too polite to point out his error. So if he can get away with it, more power to us, yeah?))

This order is incorrect, Fieltarn was princeps in Winter of 1221:
Fieltarn > Jacques > Onesiphorus > Fiona > Alexei > Korvin > Jormungand > Laetitia

This order is fine with me:
Jacques > Onesiphorus > Fiona > Alexei > Korvin > Jormungand >Fieltarn > Laetitia

We can fit Isen in there somewhere...Maybe winter. :smiley:

So, that would make Laetitia Princeps in Spring 1222, then? Right after she signs the charter? or do we want the rotation to go ahead and skip to Jacques....no, wait, same problem...to Onesiphorus, then? I was trying to do two things with the rotation: have the incoming princeps be one of the established members, and to ensure that the newer members had an established member as Acting Princeps in case they had any problems or questions.

Perhaps I was confused by your ordering and snipped too much. It appeared that you were putting Fieltarn into the Princeps position for Spring 1222, after he had just been Princeps.

The order of Princeps has been, through winter of 1221:
Iosephus > Onesiphorus > Silviatos > Fiona > Alexei > Korvin > Jormungand > Fieltarn

However it needs to be arranged, is fine. Two of those characters are missing and can't continue the rotation. Onesiphorous and Fieltarn might get disappeared, too. I'm fine with Onesiphorus being in the spring (or anytime) and not doing a story for him.

So should we be at ???
spring 1222.................................spring 1223..............................spring 1224
Onesiphorus > Jacques >Fiona >Alexei >Korvin >Jormungand >Laetitia > Isen > Onesiphorus

((I don't want to remove Fieltarn, just yet. If I'm letting Onesiphorous stay, I feel I need to let Fieltarn stay. Truthfully, Fieltarn/Hitsumei was more active that Mad Max/Onesiphorous has been. I may let them stay for a couple of game years, but if they have princeps duties they'll only get 5 xp for those seasons, and they won't be able to spend those on adventerous abilities or Arts.))