1222.0 Council Thread

So, that would make Laetitia Princeps in Spring 1222, then? Right after she signs the charter? or do we want the rotation to go ahead and skip to Jacques....no, wait, same problem...to Onesiphorus, then? I was trying to do two things with the rotation: have the incoming princeps be one of the established members, and to ensure that the newer members had an established member as Acting Princeps in case they had any problems or questions.

Perhaps I was confused by your ordering and snipped too much. It appeared that you were putting Fieltarn into the Princeps position for Spring 1222, after he had just been Princeps.

The order of Princeps has been, through winter of 1221:
Iosephus > Onesiphorus > Silviatos > Fiona > Alexei > Korvin > Jormungand > Fieltarn

However it needs to be arranged, is fine. Two of those characters are missing and can't continue the rotation. Onesiphorous and Fieltarn might get disappeared, too. I'm fine with Onesiphorus being in the spring (or anytime) and not doing a story for him.

So should we be at ???
spring 1222.................................spring 1223..............................spring 1224
Onesiphorus > Jacques >Fiona >Alexei >Korvin >Jormungand >Laetitia > Isen > Onesiphorus

((I don't want to remove Fieltarn, just yet. If I'm letting Onesiphorous stay, I feel I need to let Fieltarn stay. Truthfully, Fieltarn/Hitsumei was more active that Mad Max/Onesiphorous has been. I may let them stay for a couple of game years, but if they have princeps duties they'll only get 5 xp for those seasons, and they won't be able to spend those on adventerous abilities or Arts.))

Maybe a handy-dandy chart might clear it up. This is my proposed rotation as I see it:

  • Winter 1221: Fieltarn
  • Spring 1222: Jacques
  • Summer 1222: Onesiphorus
  • Autumn 1222: Fiona
  • Winter 1222: Alexei
  • Spring 1223: Korvin
  • Summer 1223: Jormungand
  • Autumn 1223: Laetitia

Viscaria, iirc, is a Protected Guest, and if Isen signs the charter too, we can plug him in somewhere, perhaps between Korvin and Jormungand.

Yeah, I know, me too :frowning:
2 things go against that:

  • I'm quite busy, and this kind of things do take some
  • As I told Johnathan elsewhere, while I have a pretty good idea of Isen's motivations, despite all his possible reasons for coming here (investigating the celtic ruins for signs of ancient and unknown magic, serving as an hoplite to laetitia, doing his Miles duty by helping ensure the tribunal's security, fleeing his pater and the problems his acts and reputation caused Isen in the Rhine), my creative juices are exhausted enough that I have no real idea about how to present any of these :frowning:

Err... It's not a companion, then, but a Mythic Companion.

I don't intend to play a companion, at least for the foreseeable future, so I don't care personally, but I don't find it very fair for those who already have one to have you play a Mythic Companion alongside their regular ones.
I don'"t want to be a bother, and, clearly, this is not a problem if these guys that already have a companion have no problem with this, but, well... I'm quite sensitive to fairness issues :blush:, so I couldn't help but raise the point :blush:

(Not that he'd relent doing his duties, he's just... well, morose :smiley:)

((What is the division of vis for the not new members? How much for each? Guessing that we need to save the ReTe for the construction of the Tribunal buildings.))

In the Charter, under Rights of the Members of this Covenant. Full members get a full share of the surplus (after the Aegis, the fees for services rendered and reimbursement for whatever), and probationary members get a half share.

So, we're looking at full shares for Alexei, Apollodorus, Fiona, and Onesiphorus; and half shares for Fieltarn, Jormungand, and Korvin.

Where does Viscaria's "employment" fit in this scheme? We could just simplify things by saying that it effectively works out to be a probationary membership's half-share, and equivalent rights. While I like the RP aspect of her effectively being an employee of the covenant for the distinct purpose of helping meet the Tribunal obligations, I don't want to actually add to the math of managing the game. So, I propose that she's given Probationary Membership status (with or without having to give up her full membership in Phoenix).

In which case, we might add her to the Princeps rotation as well.

"In addition to the vis shares, we'll need to resolve the question of labs and sanctum spaces for everyone. From what I've understood, there are fewer labs than there are magi needing them. On the other hand, we have an apprentice and possibly a few familiars that can be talked into helping. Are there empty rooms suitable to build new ones into, or should we look for these as well when we scout sites for the Tribunal?"

(Possibly, I could squat in Onesiphorus's lab? I would really love to enchant a device that turns into a lab/sanctum, but I'd need to borrow somebody's lab to do it in first...)

If Viscaria doesn't want to give up her Phoenix-hood, then we could say that she's a Protected Guest, and we would pay her a half share as salary or fee, plus the expenses for doing the enchanting (or trading for what she needs). This would probably involve her dealing somewhat regularly with the Princeps du jour.

Have Silviatos's or Iosephus's sancta/labs been claimed yet? I'm thinking that, since Iosephus's was in a cavern up on the mountain in the regio, that might be right up Viscaria's alley.

I'm more interested in the CoH legal issues, and the in-game logistics of employment situations like this. At the same time, I don't want to take up undue time in resolving it.

I like the suggestion made above, adding that she'll offer a discount from the standard 3x vis cost for the enchantments. She likes to barter rather than do straight vis exchanges, so her enchantment prices would be something like 1.5x - 2x + unusual request.

I'm pretty sure Jacques has his eyes on Iosephus's caves, and he'd probably have seniority over Viscaria.

Jacques has his eyes on a lab. Either Iosephus's or Silviatos's lab.

I believe that's where Ulrich has set up his bedroll. In Silviatos's old lab, that is.

After listening with polite disinterest to all of this, and continuing to contemplate the group as a whole while the conversation dwindles to silence, she finally interjects brightly, "Well, if there's no more old business, shall we move on to new business?

[color=blue]"Certainly, Viscaria," Fiona says. [color=blue]"What do you wish to put forward?"

"On to new business then. Allow me to introduce myself to those who have not yet met me. I am Viscaria Lynchis fillia Norbert Gunthar doctrinae Verditus. As mentioned in my letter, I am here to offer my services in preparing your covenant for the Tribunal. In addition to the enchanting skills for which my House is well-known, I am an architect well-versed in Terram. I request a sanctum and laboratory, access to your library, and assistance in a certain research project, in exchange for my skills and a substantial discount on the enchanting work."

[color=blue]"How substantial a discount?" Fiona asks.

(sorry, I actually thought we were done with the thread except for maybe rubber-stamping Viscaria's hiring.)

(even if we're just rubber-stamping V, I thought there was additional stuff to discuss leftover from 1221 events.)

"The Primus has set pricing at 3x the vis cost of the item, when enchanting, and for non-enchanting work or items that do not cost vis, a maga of my standing would charge 6 pawns for a season of work. I'm offering to charge 2x the cost for enchanting, or 5 pawns per season of the architectural work. Assuming three seasons working on your project, that would be a minimum of 15 pawns/year, possibly more depending on the enchanting.

Those costs to be further discounted in two ways:

  1. The fraction of covenant signatories who have Mastered at least one version of Demon's Eternal Oblivion, as a discount to enchanting work.
  2. Depending on the nature and utility, a further discount may be applied based on the help the covenant provides in my research project."

(She's obviously prepared to barter and expecting a counter-offer. The per-annum vis is going to turn into an effective membership level and share of the Vis harvest. Dunno if anyone cares about RPing the bartering over the enchanting costs, but the research project is part of her Driven Flaw)

Are you proposing to become a member of Mons Electi or just hired to do a service?

"I'm offering my services from now until the next Tribunal. Whether you find it more politically expedient to publicly describe me as a covenant signatory, or a hired craftsman matters little to me."

(Again, we've already decided for record-keeping purposes that this bargaining will work out to be effectively granting her a Probationary Membership, whether we call it that for political reasons or not).