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This is true... but...
Maris is at Le Maison, Prospero's covenant. Maris was Apollodorus's filia when he was a Tremere. Tria is a resident at Le Maison... While it isn't widely known, Prospero IS one of those who does, and it's entirely reasonable that he does know.
Tranquillina has no clue, Prospero has never told her, and I'm thinking Tria never has, either...

So, I need some troupe input on how specific the stuff Viscaria looking for is. Would these things exist?

To my mind, much of what she's looking to do, either hasn't been done, or hasn't been shared, and there's a reason for that. Maybe I'm coming to that conlcusion because the world isn't as fleshed out as I thought it was. So...troupe gets to decide what exists and how much it might cost, but this isn't carte blanche to say it's all easily and freely available. I'm just trying to figure out some common ground, and I need other players to pipe up.

I hate to ask but please direct me to the thread in question. A lot is happening on multiple threads and I'm not following all of it.



Both of these would exist somewhere. Redcaps would have to find them for us then we need to negotiate. Perhaps not common but not unlikely.

If this existed it would be be in Tribunal archives. Someone might have one for their Covenant that would have to be expanded for more people/larger area. But I would think this is not the first time at a tribunal that this has come up.

Could exist but would be a) hard to find and b) expensive to get/purchase from it's owner. i would call this very hard to get.

For furnishings, I thought we just ordered a bunch and brought it in. All cloth items could be purchased from Flanders.

I've been working my way slowly through Magi of Hermes, but Aurulentus made some nuisance-free diapers, and Gwidion's tree has a composting system IIRC.
If something in this vein can be found without An/He requisites, then Tranquillina is definitely your gal.

We have a 10-year-old dowser living among us ... if you can keep him on task!

Please read that entire post, not just the quoted section.

"Perceive the Mystic Aura" CrIg(InVi) 23

Something like this (detects and displays aura in a ring) should exist in the world. Whether such things are freely available or widely known is a comentary on the world.

Quarry rings (5/6)

Stone Cutter (ReTe15),
Enchanted Porter(ReTe15),
Shape The Supporting Pillar (ReTe 3 +1 Stone, +1 Touch, +5 50 uses/day = ReTe10).

Given that Stone Cutter Knife and Enchanted Porter are both published in Covenants, I feel like the individual enchantments should be available, if not the combination in this specific way. At the very least, Lapis Crudis would have this :slight_smile:

Foundation Stones

  • If available at all, I'm assuming this would come from an architecture-specialist magi. Such a magi would probably be the source of some of the others too.

1 Candle-ring (5/6),

Lamp Lighters (base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg20),
Hearth-Starters (base 4 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg25). 

Maybe not this specific version, but I feel like these should be really common effects (light and fireplaces/heat)

61 Levels of ReTe (mostly Craft) spells
46 Levels of MuVi spells,

Don't forget to suggest these. The Wiki Forums has a chart for the ReTe spells to make it easier to suggest which ones are and aren't available.

Most of my dreams (not all, but most...or at least the vast majority) tend to be fairly realistic. Not a whole lot of "surreal" stuff going on, but pretty normal. Except for the flying.

My dreams make perfect sense until I try to explain them to someone else. Oh, and they're usually in movie-vision, rather than always from my own perspective.

Most of mine dreams are like movies ( 3rd person ) and I'm not in them. Most of my wife's dreams are 1st person or if they are 3rd person, she is in the dream. All very odd.

Last night, I dreamed that Cygna and Hiems were out on the road, sleeping on the side in a little clearing. Cygna woke up, reached for Hiems, but he wasn't there. She found him on a ridge a short distance away (maybe a few dozen feet) looking out over the world below, with his hands behind his back. And he said, "The seasons are changing, Cygna."

Yes, it is starting to feel like Autumn here too.

Good question. "In the mansion on the regio side" is, I believe, both accurate and the sum total of what I know about the possibilities. (Mansion map anywhere, perchance?)

Sounds like you're talking to Siri on an iPhone :mrgreen:
This is awesome by the way.
I think I'm picturing Viscaria as a purple-haired Kristin Chenoweth now.

I think her sensitivity would be to raw vis only. (Beings with Magic Might, perhaps.) Anyway it's not "always on", so for now we cool.

Still waiting on input on the availability of these lab texts. I'll go back and mark all the lab texts in green.

For Fiona's trip to Durenmar, is she looking for texts herself, does Murion help her locate the texts, or someone else? There's a Durenmar Lore mechanic for determining what can be found.

I'm thinking she would take the letter and a letter from Alexei authorizing her to act as his agent in this regard, and go to the library, talking to the librarian and saying something like "I've been given permission to copy books from the library here. I would like to start with a summa on Parma Magica." And when that's done, go back and go to one on Finesse. And so on.

Rules are in GotF 57.
For Abilities, roll a simple die vs Ease Factor of Level
For Arts, roll a simple die +10 + (3 for Masters/6 for Archmagi), max 20, vs Ease Factor of Level.

Quality = simple die + 5 + Durenmar Lore (max 30-level)

Murion's letter essentially gives us the +6 for Archmagi, I'm thinking, since it's a question of access, not availability.

Normally, you would be choosing the level and Ease Factor ahead of time. I suggest either doing that, or just rolling and whatever the dice come out is what we manage to grab. For the abilities, how about the average of two rolls, so as to keep the result from being TOO extreme?

If you can charm the Librarian into helping, then we get his Durenmar Lore added to the quality? Possibly, your charm roll determine's the Librarian's Durenmar roll (Charm Roll / 3)?

What do you think? Such a system preserves the randomness inherent to the slapdash approach Fiona is using, while keeping to the spirit and flavor of Durenmar.

Works for me, as long as JL doesn't have a problem with it. Assuming he doesn't, let's see what we get.

And let's go with the letting the dice determine the levels, and the average of two rolls (rounding to the nearest even, as per house rule) for Abilities.

First, the Charm roll to see if Fiona can get a Durenmar Lore added to Quality. Com 2 + Charm 3 + (die roll of 1, followed by die roll of 8, for a 16) = 21, divided by 3 = 7.

So, Quality will have a total modifier of Durenmar Lore 7 – Copying Quickly 1 = +6.

So. For the Parma Magica summa, the dice were not kind. Level 3, Quality 7. Near as I can tell, only one of our magi (and our apprentices) will be able to use it. Ummm....thanks, but no thanks. Next?

Finesse. A little better. Level 6, Quality 7.

Ignem. Not bad. Level 20, Quality 10 (including the +6 Levels for Archmagus for Murion's letter).

Mentem. Meh. Level 18, Quality 12.

That leaves her 4 levels left to scribe, but it's toward the end of the second season. Let's see if there's a decent Parma Magica summa available (if it's not a 4, try something else). Just what the librarian ordered. Level 4, Quality 12.

So, Fiona comes back with:

  • Magus Invictus, a summa on Parma Magica (L4, Q12).
  • Threading the Hermetic Needle, a summa on Finesse (L6, Q7). Not as well written as Fiona would have liked, but she was several pages in before she realized that, and decided to plow on.
  • Prometheus's Gift: Blessing or Curse?, a summa on Ignem (L20, Q10).
  • Anima et Eius Natura, a summa on Mentem (L18, Q12).

Hope this works out for everybody. Or close enough.

That would actually be Quality = 11 + simple....

Did you remembered to pack Viscaria's Ordinary Mirror like she suggested? It's a Magic Item / Free Lab Virtue that provides +3 Texts, which translates to a +1 Prof:Scribe while copying. That's another 3 Levels/season = 6 Levels. Penetration or something Giant Related?

I'm wondering if we can improve these books with resonances?

I think the biggest gem in this pile is actually making a good impression on that Durenmar Librarian! We should name him and keep him in our good graces!

The Finesse book is a clear win. Useful to everybody, even our highest Finesse guys, and while maybe not as high quality as some, it is pretty mid-road for an Ability Book in our saga so far.

While the Parma book may only be useful to about half our magi, the high quality means it may be valuable as a bargaining chip to gain tractus on the subject. Isen with his Parma 10 could then compile those tractus into a Florilegia.

It isn't clear what a "suitable quantity of vis" would be from GotF. If charging base prices from Covenants to calculate the bribes, then it's roughly (Level) pawns. That's 48/54 pawns. 65, if we want to give him a 20% tip :wink:

I had forgotten about the mirror. (Is the mirror even usable/allowed in Durenmar?)

If she's able to use it, then she would go for a book on...would it be Giant Lore or Magic Lore (specialty: giants)?

Going for a Level 6, die roll is a 10.

Quality is simple die of 2 + 11 =13).

So. Building Bridges: Understanding Our Outsize Brethren, L6, Q11.

Here are my guesses as to existence/availability of lab texts.

"Perceive the Mystic Aura" CrIg(InVi) 23
The discussion of this effect makes me think it's pretty nonstandard, so there probably wouldn't be a lab text lying around.

Stone Cutter (ReTe15)
Quite likely to exist and be available.

Enchanted Porter (ReTe15)
Extremely likely to exist and be available.

Shape The Supporting Pillar (ReTe 3 +1 Stone, +1 Touch, +5 50 uses/day = ReTe10)
Lamp Lighters (base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg20)
Hearth-Starters (base 4 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg25)
To me, these three effects seem likely to be sponted by magi rather than installed into items. I'd go with rare or hard to access.

Foundation Stones for bridges (based on HProj 41, "Flying Buttress")
I don't have HProj, but the more similar it is to Flying Buttress, the more likely it would be around for us.

(would other CrTe building spells be available?)
Hmmm, Conjuring the Mystic Tower is pretty standard. Maybe a smallish chance of finding something here.

61 Levels of ReTe (mostly Craft) spells
Should be lots of miscellaneous crafting spells about (maybe less so for sand/dirt).

46 Levels of MuVi spells, including Wizards Communion 30
Anything from the core rulebook should be plentiful.