1222-1227 OOC

As long as we have a way for Fiona to learn ancient (Hermetic) Greek, that's the main thing I'm trying to get at, here.

Yep. Source Quality 18/15 with other students. Marked in Green background on the Magi Planner, so you can easily tell whether you're getting 15 or 18.

Making mischief for myself under the heading of "it's not a flaw if it never comes up" : I would imagine that it'd be extremely easy for Korvin to assume that Viscaria would drool at the chance to work on building a cathedral or some such grand project...unless he happened to notice Viscaria's extreme reaction to Theofil's visit and put two and two together. The Church, after all, has the most exciting architecture projects out of anybody around.

Shall we make the book at Lapis Crudis the same book that Fiona happened to quickly copy?

JL, can we add these to our Library now?

Closest we've got is the painting on the Home page of the wiki.

Oh, gods. That is an image that is going to stick! I hadn't really figured out what she looks like after we aged her up for the campaign. Now I'm going to spend days looking for pictures of Kristin Chenoweth in a toga.


Still seeking input from people on the availability of these lab texts. Jebrick, due to my flagrant abuse of the color-coding, you accidentally only gave an opinion on the spells I no longer need/am looking for.

Stone Cutter (ReTe15)

Enchanted Porter (ReTe15)

Shape The Supporting Pillar (ReTe 3 +1 Stone, +1 Touch, +5 50 uses/day = ReTe10)
[i]Lamp Lighters (base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg20)
Hearth-Starters (base 4 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg25)

Foundation Stones for bridges (based on HProj 41, "Flying Buttress")

(would other CrTe building spells be available?)

61 Levels of ReTe (mostly Craft) spells

[strike]46[/strike] 50 Levels of MuVi spells, including Wizards Communion 30

Edit: Rechecked my math and made sure I was using the values for the season I was doing it in. MuVi 20 is only nominally more useful than MuVi 15 -- Sorcerer's Fork at Voice?

A Spell to make and install a door Cr(Re)He 20(hopefully unnecessary thanks to the CrTe 40 version of the spell)
Furnishing the Empty Room CrHe 15 - possibly covered by Rego Crafting

sewage and refuse management
Suggested: An Efficient System of Composting, ReCo(An)(He) 60
(PeCo/An/He to destroy or Re to transport to a composting area)

If we're looking for ideas for Road to Bibracte, I'm tempted to suggest a faerie encounter. Faeries are drawn to roads, to life-changing events, to boundaries (certainly some will be crossed on this trip), and in my mind to people drinking wine on the road. :mrgreen:

One does not simply take a Mercere's Portal into Mordor.

Where is this info? Where is Fundin?

While I'm on the subject, do we want to update the map to include the portals? There's this nifty little line-drawing tool I could use, if I had the info to work with. Or we could just use a different pin-icon to indicate locations with portals.

Probably some DYAC. Cunfin.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ulrich doesn't really know just what happened to Apollodorus, does he? He knows that Apollodorus was murdered, but as best as I can recall, he doesn't know who Apollodorus used to be, or just who killed him, or why, or that the other magi of Mons Electi have a hard time trusting Guernicus and why? Nothing regarding the "big picture", right?

You know, I OWN Magi of Hermes, and I still spend all sorts of time getting surprised by people telling me what's in that book. I'm wondering if maybe that's because I bought it as a pdf from e23, instead of hardcover.

I'm thinking about picking up Grogs and Apprentices, and I was going to do them as pdfs, but seeing how easily I'm missing stuff from MoH....

I've finally decided to go through MoH and take notes on the cool spells, because I will forget them otherwise. Hell, I forget spells from the core book that Tranquillina actually knows formulaically! :blush:


No, I think he was more or less excluded from the meeting, or invited in later.

He was too busy trying to hookup with Theraphosa, IIRC.

And he would'a gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddling Tremere.

When you start losing arguments with your recycled dinner, it's time to stop drinking.

I just looked at the Workshops sheet that amul made, and I had a few (possibly dumb) questions.

  • Putting the -36 build points in specific seasons is just a way to make the spreadsheet come out the way you want, not anything from the mechanics, right?
  • During seasons marked "Travel" and "Seek assistants", Rashid is getting XP somewhere, right? - and you're just not recording it on the workshop sheet?
  • My understanding of the French house rule was that characters get this 4 XP only if they choose Exposure as their season's advancement method, not every season. Am I wrong about this? (or perhaps this question and the last one answer each other)

While I'm thinking about it: how many XP per year do grogs get in our saga?

I've been giving Fiona the 4 points in French for every season that she doesn't have Exposure in some other field. For example, when she's studying, she's been taking 4xp Exposure in French as well as the xp for the Source Quality of the tome in question. When she's been inventing spells, working in the lab, or teaching, she's been taking "normal" exposure (e.g. in Corpus, teaching, or magic theory).

30 xp per year plus any adventure experience, for grogs and companions both.

I guess then the question is: for characters who work in Workshops, do they follow the 30xp/year saga rule, or do everything one season at a time....