1222-1227 OOC

For some reason, I hear, Mélanie muttering under his breath as she walks away, "I ran to Harco, bitch." Maybe she does deserve the Ritz for all those nights sleeping out in the open, off the road.

I was just trying to play off her Proud and Theraphosa's Difficult Underlings Flaws.

And when she dies, she should totally have that carved on her stone.

[center]Mélanie la Coureuse
I ran to Harco, bitch![/center]

Hunh. Missed that. Is he on the wiki somewhere?

Anyway, is he available to translate letters Fiona receives, and to transcribe letters into ancient Greek to send for her? And available to teach her after Tribunal sometime?

((checking the Mage planner)) Renaud recruited him in 1222.3 He is available in 1223.2 We got into a debate as people wanted to add a Welsh linguist of which i said was a waste since Renaud had recruited this fine University professor. But it looks like they have been combined on the Wiki or just twisted a bit.

Korvin makes use of him for 3 seasons starting 1223.4. then Jacques makes use for 3 season starting 1224.3. then Isen learns Greek starting 1225.2 for 3 season. If you are not learning Greek from him, Korvin will be very happy to translate the letters for you.

Yeah, it does get a little confusing sometimes, doesn't it? I remember someone wanting to bring in a linguist with the Clan Daffyd group (can't remember why, except we needed someone who could speak/read/write ancient Greek, I think, and thought it would be spiffy if they came in with the Welsh group?), didn't realize that this was also the Greek translator. Last I can remember, we were still talking about getting one, but that was before Arya left, too.

Works for me, I don't want to adjust Fiona's seasons any more than I have to. If Korvin would translate the letters from and to Atlas of Tremere, then when I get time, I can have her learn Greek from the guy (and learn Chirurgy from the doctor...been putting that off for years!).

It seems reasonable that she would stay at Le Maison for the better part of 1223.2 while Mons Electi has time to deliberate on her membership. What are her options for study/advancement there during that season?

The last post might well be irrelevant now that Tranquillina is [strike]itching for danger[/strike] taking an uneventful stroll.

I'm going to be out of town for the next five days. I'm hoping to have reasonable internet access in the mornings and evenings, but I can't promise until I get there (and just about every night will be in a different place)....

Working on Fiona's syllabus for Sheelagh, and does Viscaria still need or want Sheelagh's help for her Moon duration Roman Villa spell in Autumn of 1224?

If I put my Parma over you, I totally agree that I can't suppress your Form bonus to magic resistance (although I can control the Parma itself).

But my question, I think, is really independent of the presence of Parma. In two parts:

  • Does an apprentice, who has had her Arts opened but has not yet learned Parma Magica, have magic resistance due to Form bonuses?
  • If so, can the apprentice suppress her Form bonus (that is, her magic resistance) the same way someone with Parma can suppress his magic resistance?

IMO? Yes, you get Form bonus regardless of Parma. Can you suppress that? I dunno. I would say yeah, and handwave it without analyzing fictional psuedo-science.
But that's up to the SG and what he wants in his game.
Why am I posting at such an odd hour? I work at a nightclub and I am on break.

I believe so. A maga who is unconscious or grievously wounded and has not performed her Parma Magica ritual still has her Form bonuses, even though she doesn't have her Parma.

I don't think the rules ever explicitly say, but I would be inclined to say no, since (as near as I can tell) the function of suppressing one's innate magic resistance (which I loosely define to include form bonuses) seems to be uniquely Hermetic. But, as Marko said, this is likely a saga-dependent answer, and it's ultimately up to JL as to how he wants to go. For what it's worth, that's how I would vote, and how I would likely do it in my saga unless I'm convinced otherwise.

It's definitely unclear (whether people with Hermetic Arts but not Parma Magica can suppress their form bonuses). I'd be inclined to say yes: gaining the Arts is something that's taught/learned, as opposed to most (all?) other sources of magic resistance.
On the other hand, it's true that this suppression ability is listed in the "Parma Magica" section of the core rulebook, not the Magic Resistance section. Strange.

We actually have TWO language instructors, I believe:
Otto (Com +2, Teaching 6, Artes Liberales 5, French 5, Latin 5, Philosophiae 5 – 13 bps), and
Unnamed linguist (Com +3, Teaching 6, Latin, Arabic, Welsh, other languages at 6 – 15 bps)

I nominally color-texted the Unnamed Linguist as also being Welsh, and hanging out with Clan Daffyd, but that's up for ret'con, should anyone care to. I did this because, at the time, I was bored and thought of it. I believe that it was actual Jebrick who paid points for the guy, so rightfully, he can come up with whatever background he wants for the guy.

Yes. I ran the numbers and rolled the dice assuming Sheelagh's help.

As long as we have a way for Fiona to learn ancient (Hermetic) Greek, that's the main thing I'm trying to get at, here.

Yep. Source Quality 18/15 with other students. Marked in Green background on the Magi Planner, so you can easily tell whether you're getting 15 or 18.

Making mischief for myself under the heading of "it's not a flaw if it never comes up" : I would imagine that it'd be extremely easy for Korvin to assume that Viscaria would drool at the chance to work on building a cathedral or some such grand project...unless he happened to notice Viscaria's extreme reaction to Theofil's visit and put two and two together. The Church, after all, has the most exciting architecture projects out of anybody around.

Shall we make the book at Lapis Crudis the same book that Fiona happened to quickly copy?

JL, can we add these to our Library now?

Closest we've got is the painting on the Home page of the wiki.

Oh, gods. That is an image that is going to stick! I hadn't really figured out what she looks like after we aged her up for the campaign. Now I'm going to spend days looking for pictures of Kristin Chenoweth in a toga.


Still seeking input from people on the availability of these lab texts. Jebrick, due to my flagrant abuse of the color-coding, you accidentally only gave an opinion on the spells I no longer need/am looking for.

Stone Cutter (ReTe15)

Enchanted Porter (ReTe15)

Shape The Supporting Pillar (ReTe 3 +1 Stone, +1 Touch, +5 50 uses/day = ReTe10)
[i]Lamp Lighters (base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg20)
Hearth-Starters (base 4 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg25)

Foundation Stones for bridges (based on HProj 41, "Flying Buttress")

(would other CrTe building spells be available?)

61 Levels of ReTe (mostly Craft) spells

[strike]46[/strike] 50 Levels of MuVi spells, including Wizards Communion 30

Edit: Rechecked my math and made sure I was using the values for the season I was doing it in. MuVi 20 is only nominally more useful than MuVi 15 -- Sorcerer's Fork at Voice?

A Spell to make and install a door Cr(Re)He 20(hopefully unnecessary thanks to the CrTe 40 version of the spell)
Furnishing the Empty Room CrHe 15 - possibly covered by Rego Crafting

sewage and refuse management
Suggested: An Efficient System of Composting, ReCo(An)(He) 60
(PeCo/An/He to destroy or Re to transport to a composting area)

If we're looking for ideas for Road to Bibracte, I'm tempted to suggest a faerie encounter. Faeries are drawn to roads, to life-changing events, to boundaries (certainly some will be crossed on this trip), and in my mind to people drinking wine on the road. :mrgreen:

One does not simply take a Mercere's Portal into Mordor.