1223.3 Have You Ever Danced With the Devil?

During Korvin's princeps season a new priest is installed at Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray, and wishes to meet the wise men of Mont Beuvray his bishop has told him about. He sends a brief note that he intends to visit after the harvest is completed. It's signed Fr. Théofil.

((Can you give me some background on where the church is located))

About half way to Autun from Mont Beuvray. Is that good enough?

A Letter to Friar Théofil delivered by grog.

(In Latin)

I look forward to your visit and hope to be able to give you a tour of the grounds and meet as many of my fellow scholars as we can.

Korvin ex Mercere.

Korvin will send notes to all Magi who are here in 1223.3 as to the pending arrival of the Priest.

Viscaria responds to this by ReTe'ing the cave mouth so that it's less visible from the grounds. For the rest of 1223.3, the only person to enter/leave her caves will be Patience -- she'll deliver meals, letters, etc.

This response (more or less walling herself in), might strike someone as a bit extreme.

A few days after Korvin's note is delivered, a rather rotund man appears at the covenant indicating he is the new priest and wishes to visit Korvin. The grogs escort him to a sitting area designed for greeting guests in the manor house.

Korvin will make sure he gets some refreshments while he changes into "dress" clothes.

Korvin will enter and bow to Théofil. (in french) Greetings Friar. I am Korvin. Acting precept for this season for Mons Electi. Welcome to our home. Have you had any wine or cheese? We have some of the winter apples that are quite passable.

He will take a seat opposite of the Friar.

((I assume that it would be poor taste to extend my Parma over him))

Théofil's bulk is thrown indelicately into a chair and he huffs. He's sweating rather profusely from the efforts of carrying himself about, it would appear, as it's not a particularly warm Autumn day. "I was told by my bishop that there was a wise man of many years who lived here, called himself Apollodorus. That he had assembled many such other men with him to start a place of learning. More than that he would not say, and in fact, he suggested I not bother this place. However, he never spoke of whether they were churched, and after the last few Sundays, I've noticed that few from here come, and certainly none of them appear to be scholars." He doesn't take the cheese or fruit, but while he's speaking he refills his wine twice.

((Without asking permission to extend your protection, since it would involve touching him and chanting in Latin for a few moments, it would be...ill-advised.))

Korvin looks a little shocked then his forehead creases in thought. (In a tone of mild shock and anger) Really! We we must have a council meeting about this. Korvin gets up and begins pacing about the room. Sometimes it is tricky for many here to make it to your church because we tend to travel a great deal in search of knowledge. I have returned, not long ago, from Iberia. Several others also make trips there and to the Rhine and sometimes Italy. We learn to make out piece while on the road as places of worship are not always there or welcoming to us. But we should support our local parish. Yes! I think a meeting is in order to clear this up.

Korvins sits down again and pours some wine. Can you tell me what the last sermon was about?

((Korvin will try to engage him in the Friar's own work It is mainly a point o draw the Friar out and learn more about him while making it seem the Korvin is really interested in the sermon(s)))

When asked about the sermon the Father responds, "Why it was about judgment. You see, at this time of year, the fullness of the harvest temptation to return to their old ways of worship abound, celebrating the bounty of the harvest, rather than celebrating in God and his Son. A reminder on their duties is always a good thing this time of year."

Would they do a human sacrifice? I have heard tales of such of the druids that were in these lands many years ago performed human sacrifice.

The priest looks aghast at Korvin, "Oh, I should hope they aren't so far lost to be doing that. No, I'm thinking more along the lines of giving into sin. Debauchery and hedonism leading into temptation in venerating a false god was what I was thinking. Nothing so diabolical as what you suggest!"

Korvin holds his hands out, waving them No. No. Do not misunderstand me. I am just not familiar with the history of the people who lived here. I am much more knowledgeable about the Mediterranean nature cults as part of my studies. They do not practice human sacrifice. I had just heard that there were druids in this area at one point and that they used human sacrifices.

"I think that, perhaps, the stories of human sacrifice are for dramatic effect. So tell me of your council, and what you study here. I see few young men here, and few structures consistent with a university."

Our council is of the senior...teachers. We tend to have a great variety of studies. Much of what I study is the humors of the human body and medicine. Some others of our members herbs and plants and others architecture. Of students we are more on the apprentice model than a university. I have a single student apprenticed to me. Some others of my peers also have one and some have none.

"Ahh. So you're of the Order of Hermes, then. I was hoping this was the case, though I rarely ask outright. But the discussion of an apprentice model clinched it for me. Only your... society, for lack of a better word, continues to pass knowledge in this fashion." Théofil's corpulent hand pulls a handkerchief out and he mops his brow and then stares intently at Korvin, "May I ask? How old are you?"

Korvin looks a bit taken-aback at Théofil comment but recovers after having a drink. "Old enough to be cautious. Before I answer please tell me how have you heard of the Order of Hermes Brother?"

"The Order is far too powerful to stay hidden from those with some measure of temporal power. I've known magi before." With a pointed stare he looks at Korvin, And you may call me Father or Théofil."
"No, I was assigned this parish because of my past experiences, and some believe that Apollodorus had far too cozy a relationship with the bishop." At last he lays it bare, "Tell me of your covenant." And it does not sound like a question. Korvin senses something testing his Parma as he issues the command.

Korvin looks back "And we were having such a pleasant conversation. So what magi have you know? Perhaps we have a mutual friend."

"Perhaps you know them, perhaps not. You all tend to be a reclusive bunch, so I won't drop any names. In any event, this has been a pleasant interlude. If you'll excuse me, I suddenly remembered I have to visit the bishop in Autun this afternoon, and I suddenly forgot all about it." He rises and fastidiously checks his chair and surroundings. "Good day to you, sir."