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Yeah, some of them are bugged. There are a couple that just come up as plain webpages, without question or answer boxes. Irritating. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn't say they're that useless...Rule 34 is paramount (possibly nsfw due to copious cleavage and possibly disturbing imagery).
I'm so very very sorry...I just couldn't resist.

I'm getting into sticky areas of metagaming with Renaud/Korvin and Jacques. They all must have their own adventures/plan/schemes but right now they are getting close to over lapping. I do wish someone else would take Renaud and run him through his exciting story that just waits for him ( when JL gets back).

By Renaud's story, are you referring to the acting troupe stuff Korvin is discussing with Stultus?

No. Renaud's brother is the head Redcap for the Tribunal. JL has hinted, in earlier adventures that all is not right there. His Brother and some dark power™ want Renuad dead.

Read Evrard De Tours on page 110 Lion & the Lilly.

Tranquillina is interested in acquiring some good summae on mundane Abilities, specifically Medicine and Chirurgy, for the covenant library. The cost of such books is nearly trivial (a pound of silver each or thereabouts, if I remember correctly) - it would just be a matter of locating suitable summae for sale or copy. Would the troupe consent to Tranquillina just paying a Redcap a little bit of vis to go to the trouble of locating and procuring suitable summae? Or should it be more of a story (or otherwise non-automatic) event? Either way, how should we work out what the stats of the books are?

Fine with me either way.
As far as the stats of the books, why don't we just use the existing mundane books? For Medicine, at least. "Causae et Cura" by Hildegard of Bingen is L3, Q13, for example.

atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... yIndex.pdf

Chirurgy might be more difficult -- I'll take a look at some of my 3rd/4th ed. stuff, I seem to remember books on Chirurgy floating about.

Well, that's just a fabulous idea, isn't it! I should've thought of that.... And Hildegard's book is a perfect fit - known to the Order of Hermes, and even written by a woman, which Tranquillina would admire. And hey, it's also a summa on Philosophiae - only level 2, but still better than the nothing Mons Electi currently has.

(By the way, weird typos/bugs in the ArM5 Books by Ability list: all of Hildegard of Bingen's entries have the wrong date and page number, in an intriguingly patterned way.... I sent jarkman a message about them.)

Of course it is! All my ideas are fab...
Ahem. My character having been beaten and send to bed without supper, the proper response is "thank you". :smiley:

Since people are setting into labs. Here is the open lab:

+1 Auspicious Shape +1 Aesth +1 Vim
-1 Diminutive no effect for Size -1 or smaller
+0 Superior Construction +1 Aesth +1 Safety
+0 Dedicated Building +1 Upkeep, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Re

+0 Studio +X Aesthetics
-0 Subterranean +1 Upkeep, -1 Health, -1 Aesthetics, +1 Te

+0 Superior Equipment +1 general +1 Vis Extraction
+0 Superior Tools +1 Safety +1 Items
+0 Magical Lighting (in the same cave system as the other one) +1 Aesth, +1 Tests, +1 Im

Actually, I think Stultus might claim that lab, if no one objects. It has the Diminutive flaw. Both Gerulf and Rose are size 0, they'd be significantly hampered in it. Stultus... not so much. :smiley:

Silly question. Benet is an NPC -- does someone play him, or is he just there to provide skills as needed?

Have fun. it is in a cave in the regio and other regios bump against it. Tria also will pop in at times since she travels by magic cave networks.

Benet? Do you mean Benner the linguist? Yep, he's not really an active character, he was just purchased with covenant build points to teach us languages.

If I remember correctly, that was originally Iosephus of Criamon's lab, which was claimed by Viscaria of Verditius when she was working on the Tribunal stuff. She was also a Dwarf, and I believe reconfigured the lab more to her liking.

I'm sorry, but every time I read about Gerulf and his cane, this is what I see:

That sounds right from what I've read. You have any idea what she actually did to it? I couldn't find that anywhere.

I found her laboratory sheet on the Obsidian Portal (by going to the main page, and entering "Viscaria" in the "Search This Campaign" field on the right).

Thank you!! That's quite useful.

Oooh, any chance that she might've left the spiffy magical items behind when she departed?

ducks the multitude of thrown objects

Hey, it was just a question, no need to get huffy. :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea. I like the frown, at least. Gerulf's visual inspiration comes to me from the Guild Wars 2 human elementalist. I like the robes quite a bit.


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