1222-1227 OOC

Hrm...that reminds me of the very young shapeshifter I was going to make that had been raised by wolves.

Viscaria is already a homebody. I need to make up a companion that goes on trips with people.

Speaking of trips, does anybody mind if Viscaria takes Mufarjj with her when she goes following that path she dreamt of?

I was thinking Helmut might try to go that direction, that's how I was thinking from the start, and I'm about to get Alexei's grogs up to date. If this would work I'll put Helmut on the path.

Him, or one of the Astingani boys would be an interesting twist. You've got my vote for Helmut.

If some character's going to do it (manage the finances), then the player really needs to do it...
Make sense?

Arrgh! Noooo!!!!

I change my vote, I can't manage my own checkbook, much less an imaginary one.

Very well...

In another vein...what's the disposition towards Marcus?

Does Alexei respond, or is he gone elsewhere? (also, since she's gone to Durenmar earlier than i thought when I posted that, this would be in Summer 1225.)

I actually thought that he was simply visiting and had moved on after Fiona, he, and Laetitia got back from magic.

It's up to the players/magi as to whether they want Marcus around.

((I'm sorry I didn't see this))

Alexei laughs.

"I'm sorry my dear, not all Flambeau hurl balls of flame, I am from the School of Ramius, have I not told you? It is a wonderful school...well perhaps another time. No I'm afraid I cannot teach that, but perhaps I could get a copy of a laboratory text for you?"

Marcus is fine.

On another note, I put a lot of xp into Helmut in Profession: Scribe, he can copy pretty well.

Spring 1227?

Can I chalk this up to you being used to Arya's crazy seasonal ordering?

Winter is the end of the year in this saga. So, Spring 1228 follows Winter 1227...

Yes...uh the Spring following the bad Winter. Forgive me, Alexei is getting old...

I just want to make sure that we're not going to be suddenly, "Oh, crap, no one's been managing the business and now we're ruined!"

Viscaria has yet to meet Marcus, it seems. Aside from the Verditian urge to craft him a set of legs, she doesn't feel one way or the other about him.

As a player, it's nice to have NPC combat magi around so I don't have to fight.

Does Viscarius let Alexei know about the...ahem...guests?

Well, the wealth level is Legendary Wealth. I think it was chosen because no one wanted to mess with finances. And part of this being a saga about the players coming into their own as Hermetic adults... I'll take a look at some things, if it looks like we're running out of money, I'll send out some notices.

Ostensibly, if he's going to stick around, someone would invite him to a council meeting. He'd accept Protected Guest status and would seek to build a sanctum...

Btw, Fiona still wants to know who that stranger is down in our basement playing chess with the gnomes. All she knows is that someone (Laetitia or her familiar, I think) mentioned that he was Laetitia's mentor...which could be either something good or something very very bad.

You spoke with him... :smiley:

And he was remarkably unresponsive...I'm not even sure he even verified his name before vacation. I'm willing to do some handwavium, as long as he's not part of the group that mind-controlled Laetitia into getting Apollodorus killed, which is Fiona's main concern. She just wants to know who he is and what he's doing here. I think you mentioned that he requested sanctuary, which (contingent on the above) Fiona wouldn't have a problem.

If Marcus has expressed an interest in staying, Fiona will invite him to council etcetera etcetera. (Just trying to clip all the dangling plot threads before they mutate.)