1222-1227 OOC

He talked about chess, and suggested that many in his House weren't good at it! :smiley:
Fiona is able to suss out enough from him to become comfortable with him. He doesn't ask for any resources (he's dangerously close to twlight), just some food now and again. Just OOC, I'm not interested in planting an enemy within type of story...

"Looks like a good place to live..."

Eventually. After she's settled them in on the other mountain, well outside our Aegis, on the other side of a bridge. After she's asked them the important questions to let her finish building her project.

After making sure that Theraphosa has hidden the body in a couple of different places. That are trapped. With mundane traps. That hurt.

A gripe about Lab Texts, beginning with my discussion here: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/lab-text-restrictions/6985/1

It seems extremely counter-intuitive to me that a magus who has previously created an magic item, greater or lesser, cannot later use that lab text to instill the same effect in his own talisman. That, in fact, you cannot use any lab texts, ever, to instill effects into your talisman, unless you're rebuilding your talisman from your own notes.

The more I read the restrictions on Lab Texts for enchantments, the less sense they make, particularly when I focus on the sentences around "or vice versa."

At the very least, I think having a lab text for a similar enchantment should provide the sort of bonuses spells have for knowing similar spells, even if the previous lab text was for a lesser enchantment and the current work is for a greater enchantment or talisman. Come to that, I think that having a lab text for a similar spell should provide the same bonus as if you knew the spell in question), particularly given how often they emphasize that you're really inventing a brand new spell from scratch based on other people's notes.

It's horrible... Miss a few days, come back, there are all those topics

Interested in MC file for ME, since it helps a lot.

Need to do Isen's progression. Is there a greek teacher available?
Princeps duty yields 10 XP, that's it?

Sorry for lagging behind :frowning:

I would disagree. If you have a lab text for putting DEO in a wand it would have things that are specific to that device. What might need to be done to put the same spell in a coin or sword would also be different. I would think less about the effect of the spell and more of the design of the item.

I've got the feeling that Ulrich dodged a bullet, here.

For some reason, I find this phrase appropriately disturbing.

They aren't all for you, so don't feel you have to follow them all. You may be interested in the Crowbar thread, though don't enter until Viscaria calls for you or I drop the rumors around...

I'll post it on Obsidian Portal soon.

10 xp, it could be less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Fiona's Scribal Mission to Durenmar. I take it the magi have no strong preference to what Fiona gets, then? She can (carefully) copy 8 levels of Summa a season, or a Level 16 summa if she does that for two seasons. Or she can copy lab texts, and copy (I think) 120 levels of spells a season.

Korvin's one request is a lab text for Leap of Home Comming. If not I'll have Alexei teach it to Korvin as a price for the LR

I was just going to say, don't bother taking time on that, Alexei can write up a copy or teach it.

[color=blue]"Allow me to pursue a couple other avenues first. It need not be Ball of Abysmal Flame, specifically. But events of the past couple of years made me aware that my skills are sorely lacking when it comes to defending myself and my covenant."

She will then check with Jacques and Isen (and, ooc, I have no idea how we can have a covenant with three Flambeaux and none of them know BoAF. :unamused:), and then maybe Marcus. (and this would be probably in '23, not '25)


I think someone is stereotyping Flamebeau. The are quite a diverse House.

It's 9 / 18 / 180, if you take Viscaria's Ordinary Mirror.

Viscaria's list of spell's she'd like are posted. Particularly the Efficient System of Composting ReCo(An)(He) 60, which she can't make without the lab text and which would probably cost a fortune (or, I suppose, we could just go for a PeCo(An)(He) 30 version).

In a height of anal retentiveness to match Peregrine's, I have added a 2nd sheet named Arts/Arcane Skills, which compares the wiki-listed stats of the magi versus our book collection. If a magi cannot learn from the summa in stock, then their level is red.

We seem to need better summae on Creo and Magic Theory.

It's going to be tough to get a better summa on Magic Theory.

Consider that the rules for writing apply the same to Arts as for Abilities.
That means a summa Level 6 was written by someone with an MT of 12. This is the reason why Ra'am believes Gilderoy Lockhart is a fraud, if they are roughly contemporaries, there's almost no way his MT is going to be higher than Ra'am's at the time in 1213. 1213, Ra'am had an Ability score of 8, the only reason it was so high is that he didn't have to spend all those XPs in Latin, because he earned those from his Magister in Artibus...
Even in 1226, Ra'am is just now getting to the point where he could write a Summa 6. So, IMO, you're not going to find one much better than that at Durenmar...

We also have 3 good (Q14) tractis on MT

So we need to trade for Magic Theory Tractii.

I just did some book-writing math. Assuming that Theraphosa can enjoy the benefits of Viscaria's lab while she's not using it, Theraphosa can write an Order of Hermes Lore L2Q12 in a season, and with resonances could get that to Q15. If she pumps her OoHL to 6, then she could write an L3Q12 book, and then get it up to Q15 with resonances.

Her Tractus-writing levels are not so impressive. Maybe she'll spend some of her seasons writing books...


And how does Theraposa write? I initially ignored this with the whole letter to the Presiding Quaesitor of the Tribunal thing, but now we're starting to get into an area that is... troubling.

Really big and blotchy, I assume. She has the Limited Gestures Minor Magical Inferiority (RoP:M 42). I imagine it as pincer like digits on the end of her legs.

I think that when I first had her writing letters, I was imagining her dictating to the Scribe, since no one seemed to be using him.

Perhaps we'll wait until she gets an enchantment that lets her turn human?

Why does she write? What does she get out of it?