1222-1227 OOC

No. i took that out of the Covenant resources. But it is a question on how much we want to leave in the bank ( as it were) for things like that to support the Covenant and it's members.

I might suggest that all full members take 60 pawns rather than 67.

Scribal Fees for Durenmar line 67. I'm going to have to make an decision on which vis is taken for this.

I choose 10 Cr, 5 Mu 10 Re, 4 Aq 10 Co, 15 Me. The spreadsheet is updated

Edit. I realized I could not take 10 He because Alexei needed it and it was spent. took 5 more Me and 5 Mu to make up for it

Could I have a link to the vis sheet? Don't know why, but I'm having issues.

Here's a link to the vis inventory spreadsheet. (also linked from the wiki home page)

The updates look good, jebrick :slight_smile:
Personally, I think there's plenty of vis left for covenant projects. We only spent around 150 pawns on the entire Tribunal, so having a stockpile of 100 (which will rapidly grow) should suffice for most purposes. And we can always defer allotments or re-loan the covenant personal vis for something huge that comes along. (Of course, I also think we have plenty of personal vis....)

(putting this here, so as to not derail the thread)

When the party returns to The Blacksmith's, they likely find him and Fiona sitting on a couch talking. They had a nice long talk about many things – the nature of magic, the nature of Magic, about whether Fiona would come to Magic for the occasional booty call, etc. She very much likes to have her field plowed by him (in fact, it took all her self-control not to drag him back to the bedroom while everyone was gone), but the time-flow differential makes that problematic; one night in Magic is three or four days in the Mortal Realm, and that would seriously detract from her work. And it wouldn't be fair to him to just be a plaything to satisfy Fiona's desires. She does suggest that he come visit her if/when he's able if he wants to spend time with her, don't know if that's possible or if something he'd be willing to do.

But she's ready to go when they return, she asks how it went, whether they were able to locate/retrieve Marcus, etc. And, since they know how to get back if they need to, she doesn't feel the need to offer to be their guide or come with them next time.

Have it, have only glanced at one or two things as needed since I got it, because this is basically the closest to a good thing I've heard about it since I got it. Most of what I've heard seems to be (as best I can recall) along the lines of it either contradicts what's out there or needlessly complicates too many things to be worth implementing/using to any great degree.

It is a boon for playing since it give the rules for the setting. This is the only game I know that does not use Newtonian Physics in any part of it. Since our world runs on the Newtonian laws ( as we understand them), a game that is not using them is hard.

The bane is the setting is based on A&A being completely right. The world and laws have been defined by Aristotle. there is no momentium. gunpowder does not easily fit into Aristotle's physics. Electricity? Do not go there. Gravity is the devils work. The human race, in Mythical Europe, can not advance very far beyond the current setting. The can not be a Newton because there are no new discoveries in Physics to be made.

That being said I'm a fan of the ArM SYSTEM but less of the setting. I have an idea for a game that takes place the 1400's. And for that it can not be in the Mythical Europe of the current setting.

It just dawned on me that Cumhachd was probably a person who could change her (apparent) emotion in an instant. Manipulative, good actor, great Guile, whatever you want to call it. It would make some sense given how good Stultus seems to be at it; and apparently (as I'm finding out) Tranquillina is really freaked out by this. Even more insidiously, Tranquillina isn't incapable of busting out a similar move now and then, although she would curse your name should you ever suggest it to her.
Just thought I'd share.... :mrgreen:

Yeah, I consider that entirely likely, although Stultus (interestingly enough) might be better at it than Cumhachd. He's been an actor for quite literally all of his life. And he seems to use it in slightly different ways than Cumhachd would, at least so far.

That's not at all unlikely, is it. Most magi acquire whatever social skills/demeanor early on, and then don't spend much time developing them once they're Gauntleted. Tytali might be less prone to this social freeze than others, but as you say, Stultus takes it as an art form.

I was actually thinking more along the lines of a chapter house like they have in Rhine or Greater Alps, but Fiona, as far as I know, doesn't know about them. If someone with more knowledge likes the idea and wants to make a suggestion...

I do not think they have chapter houses in Normandy. Off the top of my head, Alps and Rhine have them. Very very tough getting into the Alps unless they allow us taking over a failed/failing Covenant.

We could only work the vassalage if we really have a troupe style SG. There is no way JL can or would want to handle both. Other people would have to run adventures for NV like JL is doing here. It can be done but it is another game to plan for.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think the base would be to instantly sober somebody up? I'm thinking it would be Creo Corpus (as it seems to be healing, in a way), but nothing in the guidelines seems quite right. The closest I see is Level 15, which is cure a minor disease.

I think you may have to use both a Corpus and a mentem as drink effects both and in Arm they are different areas. if you just want his mind to be clear then a CrMe base 4 would work. I'm guessing it would be similar to Purification of Festering Wounds.

It could be a PrAq(Co) base 4 to dry up the wine in a body.

In the classic Aristotle sense, Alexei has drunk enough wine that is considered hot & dry food so he has an inbalance. He needs either cooling and moistening food like milk,eggs, pear, apples and ale or a spell to do the same.

PeAq(Co) 4, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual or Part +1. So, we're looking, at most, at a level 10 spell. Quite doable, if that sounds right to everyone else.

I think the requisite requires a +1 magnitude, and if I were the SG I'd require a +1 magnitude for Finesse as well, since you're destroying one of a mixture of liquids. :frowning: Fiona in particular might do better with a straight MuCo spell -- base 2, "give someone a minor ability" to be unaffected by alcohol. Make it last till Sunset and then tell the subject to go sleep it off.

He's already sleeping it off (hopefully)...but I (and Fiona) would like Alexei there, sober enough to contribute. I'm already toying with the idea of fitzing with his wine to make it basically O'Doul's, but the base for that is 15, and that's beyond Fiona's reasonable shot at pulling off.

And would the Muto Corpus cleanse out (so to speak) the alcohol that's already in his system, or just keep him from getting drunker?

i remember hearing an NPR report on wine made at this time and they said it would be pretty foul. Using lead to sweeten it and no good methods to store it without contact to air. It was used to make the water passable.

It would keep the alcohol in his system from making him drunk (or drunker) for as long as the spell lasts.

Whether he'd be as drunk as he started when the spell wears off, or whether the alcohol influence would continue to wear off while the spell is going is a gray area. If we treat the process as "natural healing" I could see the argument that it wouldn't, but we aren't preventing alcohol from coursing through his body, we're just making his body better at handling it.

Speaking purely OOC, this would not be an outcome I'd desire. I play PbPs in order to -- primarily -- interact with people. My character being at Novus Mane would limit my RP partners to Ulfengaard and -- when he comes back -- JL. Fun -- but nowhere near as fun as having a bunch of people.

However, I understand y'all have to make decisions on an in-character basis.