1222-1227 OOC

I feel the same way, for the same reasons.
And also I think JL's on record as saying he doesn't have the energy/desire for a Novus Mane mini-saga.

Heck, right now I don't have the energy/time for Bibracte. I have the desire, I've just been super busy, and am really close to getting things calmed down.

Thanks again for everyone being patient!

Maybe it's just my perspective, since I didn't have a character in Novus Mane that I was all fired up to bring over, nor any interest in bringing Novus Mane more-or-less intact here, but I've reread the entire Vassal, Vassal, On the Wall and I'm still not seeing that it was ever actually decided that we have Novus Mane as a vassal, and a quick search for "Novus+Mane" in the Table Talk thread doesn't show anything.

So, is it just me, or are we dealing with carts and horses here? (By which I mean, are we making unfounded assumptions here?) As near as I can tell, in this saga Novus Mane is a covenant unaffiliated in any way with Mons Electi.

Try searching for "Novus+Main"? Common misspelling.

I do. I will gladly run it :smiley:

By coincidence, that discussion started up just before I returned to the forums. I contacted ex-NM players about reviving it, they invited me to bring Roberto to the RoB saga, and the Vassal-Vassal idea petered out after that. Also, a lot of that idea was based on Amul's desire, and he bugged out on us shortly after that.
But as far as I remeber, NM was indeed made a vasal. OCC decided maybe, but it is part of the reason Roberto was transferred here.

Ars Magica does not take place in our world, it is a pocket dimension. The past and future are mere illusions. Different physical universe, different physical laws.

Just wanted to quickly thank everyone for participating in the Dinner and a Show thread! :smiley: And especially jebrick and cunningrat, whose characters my character was disagreeable towards (Peregrine too a little) - thank you for your trust. I assure you that I'm having a great time and want the same for you.
Jonathan, we miss you! :mrgreen:

Well, the dinner could have gone better if there was a pie fight, or if a hot tub broke, but otherwise lots of fun. :laughing:

Stultus was on his best behavior, or there would have been one. :smiley:

And gerg -- no thanks needed. I'm pretty sure everyone in this game can keep IC and OOC separate, and I'm overjoyed to find it so. Yes, I'm having tons of fun. :smiley:

Tranquillina has told the Mons Electi council about this, but some of them might not remember: she regularly speaks to important covenfolk and uses Mentem magic to check for hidden motives (see here for details). It's not a surefire way of detecting malice, but it should be both partially effective and relevant to efforts of this nature. Play it how you like.... :slight_smile:

Bravo, qcipher. :exclamation:

Thanks, it's actually a scene I've wanted to write for awhile now. Alexei and Helmut have dropped hints about something in their past that he refuses to talk about.

But wait...there's more...

Aieeee! Wall o'text!

Seriously, though -- nicely done.

Thanks. I remember more than a few posts of mine that had very few breaks in it, some said it was a fist of a paragraph.

Very cool page! Although are a couple of them a little buggy? I know I could just be missing something, but I can't get some of the green dots to work....

Yeah, some of them are bugged. There are a couple that just come up as plain webpages, without question or answer boxes. Irritating. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn't say they're that useless...Rule 34 is paramount (possibly nsfw due to copious cleavage and possibly disturbing imagery).
I'm so very very sorry...I just couldn't resist.

I'm getting into sticky areas of metagaming with Renaud/Korvin and Jacques. They all must have their own adventures/plan/schemes but right now they are getting close to over lapping. I do wish someone else would take Renaud and run him through his exciting story that just waits for him ( when JL gets back).

By Renaud's story, are you referring to the acting troupe stuff Korvin is discussing with Stultus?