1222.2a The Lost Boys

I would need to switch Size +1 Claude with size 0 Jolanda since we have so many.

And if it takes more than a day, she will not be able to come back with the spell that brought us there.

Try a couple of hours. Thera is an hour ahead of Autun, and Thera's sunrise in the middle of June is shortly after 6am. So if it's 1am in Autun, that's 2am in Thera when we arrive, which gives us four hours to chew all our bubblegum and kick all the asses, and make it back before Theraphosa changes back into a spider.

Actually, no. Corpus spells need to be reconfigured when the size is +2 or greater. Claude can go.

"Oh, but I've heard wonderful things about Irencilla! And don't you think the politics there are much more intelligently organized, with its Gilds and clearly espoused agendas? And I will confide in you, Isen, for you seem the soul of discretion....I have long hungered to own a Pomeranian wolf-hound. I saw a statue of one once carved from the wood within which they dwell, and it looked so viciously adorable! I'd love to have one as a pet. They're very big, though. I might try to breed them to be a bit smaller..."

I suppose that'd be the easiest/smartest thing to do, though I'm more interested in seeing her combat effectiveness than Vin's. I guess I'll just have to go looking for an army to beat up during my faux-Princeps chapter.

Speaking of which, what do those spells all add up to for her and Vin?

I'd actually like everyone's attack/defense/soak total summarized in a post here.

((I'll post combat totals in a bit, I'm still at work. Brionne is Alexei's Shield grog, Michelle is just a tough, mean grog. If we don't want him he can stay back.

Quick strategy, Alexei can cast a spell that can grant a Group a size +3 advantage, typically he does that to the Grogs as having 10 magi drop their Parma is tough to coordinate and not too bright maybe, and it's a brief spell (Diameter). We'd have to do it after we transported there though and the only combat stat it changes would be how you take a wound and if you can be targetted by a Corpus spell or not, but still, very effective. so if we want that, we can assemble the grogs as soon as we arrive, Alexei casts it, and then the grogs return to their Magi))

Isen, stern
(for one, he is partial, due to him wanting out. And then, Normandy is way better for house flambeau!)

Saw of few of them. Nice beasts, but I wouldn't trust them with my hand.

Listening to some of the discussions about giant sizes, Apollodorus cautions everyone, "We know that the vampires have secluded themselves inside of caves. The send their human servants out from those caves into the villages to collect victims to sate their inhuman bloodthirst. Whether they are infernal or not, is unknown, but it is a strong possibility. We know that they burn or ignite easily, as Marcus took out 12 in a matter of seconds. We then heard orders shouted out, and their human servants were told to converge on Marcus. It was then we made our getaway. Mufarjj slew three men, and Marcus several more before they were completely surrounded. Marcus ignited himself and those nearest him ended up much like Mufarjj, if not worse."

Apollodorus voice is gravelly, but you can hear the determination in his voice, "If they've captured Marcus, I mean to rescue him, if possibe. Destroy him if not. If neessary, the job of destroying him belongs to Carmine, she has an AC to Marcus, and we know that with it she can overcome his substantial resistence to Ignem magics, it was tested before we left, a failsafe for our failsafe. I don't want to use that, unless she or I are certain it is necessary. I'm presuming they mean to turn him. We all agreed that if one of us were captured, we'd come back and ensure that we were not turned into vampires ourselves, or were at least properly killed. Carmine had posession of an AC for each of us in the event that happened."

Carmine's alabaster skin seems to glow in the darkness, while her jet black hair envelops her face making her face appear disembodied. "If it appears that opponents are targeting me to the exclusion of others, I will remove myself to Valnastium and take out Marcus from there, it will be evidence that he has been turned and they know our plans. I will not demonstrate any ignem magics, either, so we will know that they are targeting me for only one reason. If you see me disappear, Apollodorus will be bringing all of you back as quickly as possible. If he fails for some reason, make your way to the ocean, where you'll find a Jerbiton by name of Aeolus. He has means of determining whether or not you have been turned."

Note: if there were any additional preparations that were necessary, those can be stated later and presumed to have already taken place. No one is ill-prepared for this, as there were several hours to prepare while Korvin healed Mufarjj.

To those Apollodorus is sending ahead, he says, "Form a circle, every other man faces the same direction. There should be 5 of you looking inward and 5 looking outward. I need all of you to be touching each other in some way, as I deliver this spell by touch. Make ready and draw weapons, if necessary. Magi who are not drawing weapons, place your hands on those next to you who are, so they can be prepared." He casts the spell, and all of you feel extremely stiff, as if you can barely move, as if all your muscles are tight. And suddenly everyone in the group is transported. ((Note, if a magus has a Corpus MR in excess of 70, please let me know, you did not get transported. I looked through and I don't believe anyone has an MR that high. Isen is the highest. Yes, Apollodorus just let everyone in on his secret. Your characters were not asked to drop their Parma (and they did not). Everyone needs to add a point of warping, too))

The group Apollodorus transported arrive at a hilltop, and everything has been burned. Everyone can smell the sea air and the night breeze is warm. There are remains of dozens of people, burned, ashes, what have you. There are a few voices that are moaning or sobbing. There is no apparent sign of anyone capable of putting up a fight. There is no sign of Marcus.

Back at Mons Electi, Apollodorus says goodbye, Carmine departs, then Apollodorus. Arya, I need you to roll for Leap of Homecoming. It is a stress die in this circumstance, and you have a chance of being fatigued down to Winded (12+12+1+5=30CS) when you arrive at Thera.

Umm. What? Why is there 4+ botch dice at the covenant? We're not in a stressful situation or a hostile aura here. If there is a stressful situation / hostile aura at the destination, it doesn't affect the casting here because by the time the caster arrives there, the spellcasting is already completed.

Looks about. Where did i say 4 botch dice? I said it needs to be a stress roll.

Convince me why it isn't stressful. You're going into an unknown situation. Your CS is sufficiently low that you often end up fatigued when casting the spell. You just saw Apollodorus transport all the magi in that circle without asking any of them to lower their parma. You can presume they did, but it's odd. No, I think a stress die is reasonable. I did not say that there are 4 botch dice. There is only one botch die.

Because I have -3 botch dice, which can bring it down to zero. So there is never any need to roll unless there is 4 or more botch dice. The spell should be no more stressful right now than it ever is, and if you're establishing a precedent that the aura at a destination affects spellcasting at the origin, handwaving freakoutery will ensue.

Bzzt. Wrong. It's a stress die, why? Because you have the spell friggin mastered.
I threw out the 1 botch die thing as a red herring.
You roll a stress die. Period. Understand? A zero is a 0, but you have no botch dice, because it is 1 botch die situation and you have it mastered, or you are relaxed and can't botch. Shall we keep going round and round? The reason why you are rolling is so that I know what fatigue level you are at. Thanks.

(This is the first notation of Warping on Viscaria's sheet, which seems a bit lucky. Should we give her some pre-campaign Warping?)

Viscaria looks out amid the fields and is briefly shocked. Though she's faced legions of undead before, it has always been from safely behind a wall guarded by an innumerable host of supernatural guardians. This is different. It is amid the thick of it, and she is suddenly grateful for the all-too-infrequent exercises that Vin has insisted on throughout the years.

She slides silver sticks out of her combat belts (like modern ammo belts), and is about to cast a few sponts, recalling her duties amid any combat group (ie, logistics and support), but then hesitates, unwilling to betray her group to any magical noses that might be sniffing the air.

She carefully slides the wands back into their holstered pouches, and awaits orders.

(When she is given the order, she'll determine the aura, unless someone can do that without fatiguing themselves. InVi 2 + 1 Touch = 3, Mom, Ind, she can do this without fatigue. Then she's cast an InTe spont version of "Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain," MRB 153, Per, Conc,Vision, CT 29+Aura+die/2 (fatigue)) and watch out for traps, bushmen hidden beneath the ground, etc.)

Arya, you are presuming that he has your sheet memorized, and then making assumptions about the environment based on that assumption. Before you start suggesting that he's making rules interpretations, just remind him of your Gold chord 2, and Flawless Spells virtue to provide the reduction in botch dice.

The only warping I imposed at chargen was from the longevity ritual. I don't believe Viscaria has started one, yet.

I don't uderstand. You're saying I can botch because I have it mastered? As though not mastering it makes me LESS likely to botch?

The bizarre arbitrary on-the-fly rulings are getting quite frustrating.

He is saying it is a stress die and you need to roll for it. You are the one who is bringing up the botch dice. No one else has said anything about botch dice.

A stress die is a stress die. Even if you have reduced your botch dice pool to zero, the stress die remains a stress die. If you roll a zero on your stress die, then you will have to roll zero botch dice. If you roll a 1, the die explodes.

All you need to do is note the reduction you have to botch dice for this spell (2 from Gold Cord, 1 from mastery), and then roll the stress die.

You do not need to discuss botches at this time.

(That comes across as very curt over text. It is not meant to, but given the misinterpretation I wanted to be very clear and direct.)

Please review page 86 in the MRB on Spell Mastery.
Please review my very first post about mentioning rolling a stress die. You will see that I did not indicate any botch dice. You assumed I meant botch dice. I did not. In your case, your CS for the spell is low enough that you can arrive fatigued. I noted you have the spell mastered. Further, the rules for mastery indicate it is always a stress die, but if it is relaxed, you don't botch. Which means you have a chance at extraordinary success without a chance of extraordinary failure in non stressed situations.

In short?
Arya, he just wants to know if you arrive fatigued.

Fire. Great. Hopefully, these beasts aren't invulnerable to Ice.
At some point, Isen envisioned learning Pilum of Fire. He now regrets not having done so.

Seeing viscaria, he'll stay close to her, to reasssure and protect her if need be

Derp. I forgot the alternate-reality Laetitia can barely cast Leap. >.<