1222.2d: It's Late (Halie)

Several weeks have passed since Halie has taken up residence at Insula Canaria. As busy as she's been, though, she can't help but notice that Athenus has yet to arrive.

Having spent his whole life in England, he wanted to take his time getting to the covenant, to give him the opportunity to familiarize himself with his new home. It's possible that he got sidetracked, as Halie knows how he thorough he can be when exploring...but it would still have been nice to have gotten some word from him, or at least for him to pop by for a quick visit.

Where did they last part?

A few days before Halie set out for Insula Canaria. You still have his clothes packed away with your belongings, and he can't carry much in the way of coin in his Owl form.

He didn't mention anything that would delay him more than a few days, and although it's not unheard of for him to be out and about for a while, he's always good about at least "checking in" and sharing what he learned.

So, he'd planned to fly alone from Italy to Scotland?!?

I can't see Halie going along with that.

(That's over 1600 miles.)

You're right...I don't know why I was thinking England. (So, is Athenus English or Italian, or [strike]Orkish[/strike] Orkney?)

So, I'm thinking that most of the trip from Italy to Scotland was with the baggage cart, basically, and you and Dalla flew ahead the last leg?

She sent belongings by ship months in advance. She travelled to wherever she could have gotten an Arcane Connection for in Loch Leglean-- I assume Crun Clach, and then travelled overland from there. She and Dalla flew ahead, scouting, while Jonatan rode horseback with Jeor lurking about nearby.

Athenus is Greek (hence the name :slight_smile:)

Sorry for the delay...I've been trying to reconcile the two on top of what's been going on in Bibracte and Albion. So, I guess Halie's furniture was sent ahead, and the belongings were, like, her luggage (traveling clothes and stuff).

If the travel is through Guernicus from Magvillus, she most likely would have used the Mercere's Portal to the Mercere House in Edinburgh and down from there. Looking at about a week and a half or so. It's possible that they would have an AC to Loch Leglean or Horsingas Covenants, but those would involve casting a Touch-range variant of Leap of the Homecoming, with a Warping Point for everyone. (If you go that route, Loch Leglean covenant is a lot closer – two or three days travel).

Items/spells of high level don't inflict warping if the effect is designed for you (and since the bracelet is ReCoAn with enough Pen to move her custodes, it had to have bern made for Halie). Creatures with Magic Might don't get warped by magic, so the only one who has to worry about being warped by travel is the rabbi. He can travel the long way, with the gear.

Forgot about the bracelet (hadn't gotten it onto my mc file yet).

Okay, so all her furnishings and stuff got sent in advance from Magvillus. The rabbi traveled with the stuff. Halie and her entourage (Dalla, Jeor, and Athenus) travel via the Quaesitor's Shackle from Magvillus to one of the above places in Loch Leglean Tribunal (likely the Mercere House, since they're set up to make it easier to get the AC back where they belong). Sound about right?


The stuff came in, at least on the final leg of the trip, on the Whoa Buoy. Her lab equipment is still behind at Mag, pending a spot to splat it into.

I love it when players write my scripts for me :smiley: We have Talia, a lecherous maga free trader, who is giving passage to a pious rabbi with Curse of Venus. (assuming Talia agrees, of course)

Have you decided (roughly) who's going to bamf it for her and what kind of deal she's going to try to get?

She asked me via PM. Talia would be all over him like white on rice. And if he resists, she will be loud and boisterous with the willing members of her crew. Note, almost all of her sailors will have at least +1 pre. They're so pretty... :laughing:

The Whoa Bishonen?

Poor Jonatan tries really hard to handle it the best way he knows how:
As soon as interest is expressed, he offers to teach her all the appropriate knowledge so that she can convert to Judaism, "...at which point we may discuss these feelings of yours further. Once we're married, that is."

"Oh, my dear, it's not love that I'm after... If you're unwilling, I'll manage elsewhere." Of course, his cabin would be near Talia's, and the sounds of passion are quite loud.

"I am unwilling. I am not fond of wanton women."

At night, he can be heard praying loudly. If anyone understands Hebrew, it's "Blessed is the Lord our God, oh please please please let me find a nice unmarried Jewish girl soon."

Bang, bang, on the door, baby.