1222-3: Gates of Janus

Me? I'm not looking for anything in particular. Qcipher thought he was building the lab on Eilean Chon. I was thinking it wasn't big enough with the existing lab there for some reason. If his lab can be built there on top of the common lab, then that's fine. I wasn't clear on that being what he was doing. Then we got into a discussion about the regio and having that be available would enable the players to make efficient plans.

Basically wanted to make sure Aodhan could use a lab, and also the books for the 4 seasons. Since you're putting up a thread for that we shouldn't have an issue.

Aodhan will study 'Arguing with One's Reflection' on Magic Theory for the 4 seasons if no one objects, that'd be 60 xp at quality 15. His MT is 3, it'd become 4 at the end of Season 3 (15*3 = 45), and then another 15 xp after the 4th season.

Check above... I called it first.
It is available summer 1222, autumn 1223 and after...

Woops. i thought i did check and you were reading something else.

Then he'll read:

Vim (Q15, L15): The Aether and You: Applied Practical Magic for the Magus in the Field , by Albert Broccoli ex Miscellanea.

in Spring,

The MT book in Summer

And go back to the Vim book in Autumn and Winter.

Is anyone else studying this? I saw someone studying Vim, but not this book.

Spring 1222, he (Aodhan) isn't at the covenant, everyone comes in summer.
I practiced Gaelic for Talia in Spring to advance her to summer of 1222.

The Vim book is potentially being retconned into another book, although speak up, if you want two Vim books, one that doesn't talk at you... :smiley:

And orginally I was reading something else for the periods you specified, but I revised it when Eilid offered to help with my LR, and increasing MT is the only thing that makes sense if she's going to do my LR. Maybe if you're good in the sack, Talia will let you have it for a season, but it was going to get her score from a 1+2 to 5+2 in a year, along with the 5 xp I can spend in adventure experience she'd get to 6+2. It's only one point. I'm not sure what Eilid's LT is with Talia's assistance. So, it probably could be made available... for a price. :wink:

Dammit I keep forgetting about Spring. Ok, so Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Now then about this offer...I have no idea how Aodhan...ahem...measures up, but he might consider it for a trade in the book.

Well, to be clear, that's how the offer is sealed. I'd have to hear an actual offer and agree to those terms, and then if she likes those terms, Aodhan can take his turn like everyone else. Although he gets to go first, being a guest and all.

I just don't see Aodhan thinking of making the offer, he's pretty clueless about a lot of stuff. If he sees that books aren't available, there's always the tracti.

So, finally:

Magic Theory (Q11): The Essential Art.
Magic Theory (Q11): Gifts of the Ether.
Magic Theory (Q11): The Primer for Mendatus.

Even if others are reading these, most likely with 3 of them they can easily change books after each season, so I won't bother assigning a season to any 1 of them.

That takes care of your summer and fall. But, as it stands now (pending renovation over in the New Lab Discussion thread), there's not any new structures on either island. You can have a smithy attached to your cottage (which used to be a sanctum/lab) on the mainland.

So, this would be a forge that gives Aodhan a bonus to his lab total? Basically, a Lesser Feature? That would take a season, as you're basically giving the lab a point of Refinement and using the Virtue Point on a Lesser Feature.

You have to refine in a season and then install the virtue in another season.
Alternatively, one can install the virtue and take a flaw in one season. Then refine later and remove the flaw.

Is this for Summer/Fall/Winter 1222 instead of the lab-setting-up stuff, or is this looking ahead to 1223?

Oh, and this is what I currently show as being requested from the library.

Joe (Halie)

Arguing with One's Reflection (Talia)
The Trees Have Much To Say (Halie)

Arguing with One's Reflection (Talia)
Corpus Revealed (Trimalchio)
A Life In The Woods (Halie)

Right, this is instead of lab setting up stuff as it looks like that's still being decided.

I was going to pick up the Herbam Summa in Autumn of 1222, since Eilid is doing her LR during that time, instead of a year later as originally proposed.
The Herbam Summa is Level 13 but only Quality 7.

Edit, what I honestly thought I was saying.
Arya, I was looking over the books in the library for something to read during Autumn and selected Drystan's summa on Herbam, so I went to this thread to review if someone had it first. I see now that you have it checked out during that time, but I thought I'd inform you that you recorded the XP gain from that book incorrectly. It's a L13Q7 book, not a L7Q13 book. Might want to fix that.

Since the book is being switched, Aodhan will study:

Magic Theory (Q15, L6): Arguing With One's Reflection, by Adolphus ex Criamon.

Instead of the Tracti he had originally studied, so he'll get 45 xp instead of 33. That's enough to go up 2 points in Magic Theory.

Dude. You pulled an "I called it first" on qcipher, and now three weeks after I declared what I was doing, you're deciding I have to go back and change my study plans? That's seriously not cool.

Some statute of limitations on ganking shit after the fact would be appreciated.

Dude, I'm not doing what you say I'm doing.
I said I was going to. Not that I'm doing that. I left it unstated that I am not using it, because umm, it's obvious? I just noticed you incorrectly posted the wrong XP for your seasonal activity, and informing you it needs to be corrected. I would've thought it was obvious as to what I was getting at, that you recorded XP wrong, not that I was just going to take it from you. Sheesh, do you think I'm that colossal an ass?

Basically, Talia is having her LR done in Autumn of '22 instead of '23. She just has to be there, she doesn't have to help herself, so Ysebrand is helping Eilid in the lab that season.

So the season isn't going completely to waste, she's putting Arguing with One's Reflection back on the shelves for Aodhan and will be studying something else that season.

And Talia's not getting Trees Have Much To Say for herself, JL was merely pointing out what I missed when you posted xp advances – that Halie should only be getting 7xp instead of 13.

Afaik, he hasn't decided yet what Talia's going to be studying for Autumn '22 yet.

Well, qcipher apparently thought you were :stuck_out_tongue: