1222: Intercharacter goodness

The obligatory miscellaneous rp thread for characters to interact with each other and the worlds around them. Magi, companions, grogs - all are welcome, no cover, two drink minimum.

Ysebrand sends cards of introduction in passable Latin (Latin 4 Hermetic terms).
Magae and Magi:
I am Ysebrand, and am at your disposal. I have certain knowledge of your Order, and skills in commerce. I've recently had a turn of bad luck and find myself a bit short of funds at the moment. I have enough to get by for a few years, but I wish to recover some measure of the wealth I had. Talia and I have known each other for a few years, though she hasn't made use of my particular skills, she suggested I come along with her from Inverness before heading back to Flanders. I speak several languages and have numerous contacts among the nobility far and wide. If you believe you can make use of my services, and we can agree on a fee, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

Dear Ysebrand,

My good man, your skills are welcome indeed! I have been looking for a Venditori these past years and have found none that qualified. Have you the skill and means to sell items of a varied and powerful nature, that can fetch fantastic sums of silver? See me, Aodhan Verditii at Insular Canariie. We have many things to discuss.

Before the ink is even dry on the note Ysebrand receives from Aodhan he's seeking the magus out.
"Magus Aodhan, how may I be of service? Did you have something to sell immediately, or are you seeking a commission?"

((I do believe that Ysebrand arrived on the Whoa Buoy with Talia and her band of satisfied cutthroats.))

((Indeed he did, and the notes were delivered by local pages/covenfolk who would be willing to undertake such a task.))

Aodhan seems to be working on the roof of a house, which is laid out on the ground, shindle side down.

"Eh? This is not working out I'm afraid." he says as he surveys what work he's done. Looking over at the man he seems a touch confused. "Who are you?" after another moment his face becomes suspicious. "Did my master send you?!"

"Sir, umm, no. I'm Ysebrand." Before Aodhan is a sickly shell of a man, he appears frail and is wheezing. He looks as if he's sick and has a slight sheen of one who has cold sweats from an illness. ((This is probably disturbingly familiar, given your recent acute illness!))

That's extremely well satisfied cutthroats, if you please.

"Ysebrand? How do I know that name?" he mumbles as he puts down the hammer he had been carrying and sits down on a tool bench. "Oh! Ye sent that letter. I have nothing at the moment to sell, barely got a pot to piss in, spent a bunch of time on this..." he gestures to the roof. "Shoulda known better. But I can whip something up fast I'm sure. What about you? Are there any that have designs on something?"

Ysebrand wheezes out barely above a whisper, "My lord Verditus, I sent you that note, you said you were looking for a venditore. I have some relatively decent understanding of the Order and contacts among the nobility from here to Iberia. I was hoping you had something to sell immediately. I'm short of" here Ysebrand takes a long pause as if searching for the right words, "funds needed to acquire necessary medicinal reagents to treat a rare condition I have. Something Hermetic magic is unable to cure."

Aodhan looks at him quizzically. "Ye sound urgent and ill. Why not stay here a season or three, send out some letters. If ye have contacts in Espana, that might be a good start. They like weapons aye? I imagine I could put something together in short order. But they are yer own contacts yes? What do they fancy? I'm good at smithing and jeweling...not that I have any jewels right now."

"I can stay, but I need...funds, or something worth trading for the reagents." Ysebrand takes a shallow breath and sits or leans against something nearby. "As I said in my note, I had a run of bad luck, and my medicine is running out."

Aodhan looks rather thoughtful and concerned "I...well if you're going to work for me, I need ye alive. Is there something we might do to help? I can't design something so fast, I haven't even settled in my lab yet. Maybe a spell that could provide some aid though?"

It isn't a condition that is curable. I just need funds for the reagents. I'll have to explore other options while I attempt to secure a commission for you. What are your specialties you would like me to emphasize?

"I can invent most anything. But smithing and jewelry are my specialties. Find me a patron and I'll make sure ye are well funded."

"Oh, I prefer to be paid in vis, as it makes acquiring the reagents much easier. I'll see about getting you a commission, and we can discuss the particulars of the transaction, my fees and what not. Good day, my lord Verditius."

"Aye sounds good. Good meeting with ye. I'll be sure to have a lab ready when you return."

Aodhan returns to setting up a lab from scratch, that was his intended first few seasons.

Oh, one last thing, before I leave, if I may? You wouldn't happen to have any vis for trade? Find yourself short of a certain kind, and need a different kind, by any chance, would you? I know he has Corpus vis, but he values it highly and would want a high price for the trade." Ysebrand seems a bit depressed by the discovery that the Verditius has nothing available to sell and his words carry a slight hint of desperation.

Aodhan shakes his head. "No, sorry, no vis." seeing the desperate look o the man's face he pauses and thinks. "But...wait Ysebrand. I actually do have some items that might part with. I been using them since I left my master's side, using them so long I hadn't really thought about it. But I have a home now, maybe these travelling companions could go to a new owner. Wait here." Aodhan says and heads to a travelling trunk that has a rune enscribed anvil resting on it. He moves the anvil with some difficulty and opens the trunk and begins rummaging through it, finally pulling out a bedroll, a hat with a magnificent plumage in the brim, and a pair of high boots that look like they were made of seal skin.

"All of these are enchanted in a minor way, ideal for selling as they're also very discreet. The hat causes water to shed from the wearer like a duck, not just on the head mind ye, it'll keep their whole self dry. Just make a duck's quck and it begins. The boots are nice and warm, but also when ye say 'The Fox confounds the Hound', they'll prevent ye from leaving tracks in anything ye might be walking in. Finally the bedroll, nice and soft and warm, and when ye lay it on the ground, it makes the earth as soft as a feather bed. Keep the hat on and ye'll have a nice rest even in the rain, as the hat will keep ye both dry." he looks at the items fondly and heaves a sigh.

"I'd hate to see 'em go, never know, I might have use for 'em some day, but right now, maybe we both could benefit from selling them. What do ye think?"