I'm going to assume Onesiphorus is at the meeting and votes "aye" on everything we do slightly unless Max steps in to add/modify Onesiphorus's response. With Apollodorus gone, we HAVE to have him there, otherwise we don't have quorum.

Problem solved: at the council meeting of Winter 1221, Iosephus and Silviatos were stripped of membership status on a motion issued by Apollodorus. All members voted aye. Those players have indicated in one way or another that they are out of the game. That should make it 4 out 7 now.

What is the rotation for Precept in 1222?

That's a good question. Several things in play that will determine that. Jacques joining and Atsingani dissolving (likely). Laetitia joining, as she may wish to just request Protected Guest status (up to Arya). Isen arriving before spring 1222 (up to The Fixer).

Fiona and Onesey (then Alexei, Korvin, Jormungand, and Fieltarn) would be the next on the schedule, in that order. However, Mad Max's character is another issue altogether. If he has a season, I'm inclined to just make his character run it with only receiving exposure XP, whenever his next season is, if the player can't be present to run him.
The order of who takes what season is relatively unimportant to me at this stage, so if a character wants a particular season, there can be changes made, as long as the characters can agree...

So Korvin is 1222.4 or 1223.1? i will have to adjust my seasonal activities if it is the winter.

And does refining a Lab gain exposure to MT? I thought it does but I have 2nd and 3rd edition stuff bouncing in my head.

If Korvin had a season, it would be because no one else joined, and it would be winter, yes. This is an extremely remote scenario.
If everyone joins that would but his season as summer of 1223, yes.

Refining a lab can give exposure to tons of things. And if you're refining it with the purpose of installing a specific virtue, I'm inclined to expand it to the Arts favored by the feature. MT, Te, Vi are almost default for any refining, anything else is a function of what specific task is undertaken.

I just realized that I might have to adjust if Laetitia has gotten pregnant ( since she is trying). Autumn would be right in the birth time if she and Jord were successful.

My planner has:

  • Spring: Onesiphorus
  • Summer: Fiona
  • Autumn: Alexei
  • Winter: Korvin

As to when new members fit in, I'm thinking they get plugged in after the Princeps who just left, so everyone gets a go before the noobs do. So, if Jacques joins in Spring, then he would go into the rotation between Fieltarn and Onesiphorus.

Sound fair enough?

That's what the vice princeps is for: to handle matters when the current Princeps is...indisposed. Which would be high-larious if the Vice Princeps happens to be Jormungandr. ("You did this to me! hurk You handle it!")

Totally speaking for Laetitia/Arya here, but no, I don't think she wants help in that specific way...

Especially after this little problem is resolved...

Cr26 + Co26 +MMF26 + 2Int + MT(Creo)9 + Familiar1 + LabGQ 2 + LabLongRit 3 + LabCreo 5 = 100, + 1FionaInt + MT(potion)7 + IG3 = 111.

111/2 = 55.5, 56. So, effective 12th magnitude?

Because it's Jormungand's lab your potion comes out quite Fragrant and smelling of Roses.

I still say Krosp should have been the Knight or Mage of Dreams. The Eel was awesome.

You mena Gunnar right? Gunnar's a covenant resource, and one of the things I wanted him to do for the Magi would be to help them learn to teach. The main issue I have is that I wanted Gunnar to be working with the Grogs to build them up for the Flambeau Tournament. If Alexei were asked...well he is generous, but also ambitious.

Need to review when the next Flambeau tournament is...

Let's roll on the 1222 council thread.

I was more speaking of her spending time in the lab helping with her LR.

The fertility ritual was at the beginning of winter, so if successful her uterus will be vacant again by the beginning of autumn.

She has heard that Ra'am's majordomo has helped with three Gifted children. He's getting a bit older, but Phoenix helps keep him spry. He's waiting to take a LR once Ra'am or someone perfects the sterility thing. He's 43 now...

The girl with the ticking clock is putting the lecherous pagans to shame. I mean I expected Jormungand to go full on with the corpses he created so his spells could target them...

...Ra'am has been cuckolded, hasn't he?

Umm, no, Ra'am brought those children to Le Maison, where he first met Etienne. And I hadn't really considered anything else going on between Etienne and Regina. I think it's unlikely, based on how I see their personalities. Etienne is heavily compartmentalized and gets his rocks off in places where it doesn't interfere with his duties. He learned that lesson when he had to leave Le Maison.

OOC: Please wait a second on discussing Viscaria until you receive her letter, which I'll type as soon as I finish posting this message. Her request is distinct from anything else on the table.