Thanks for waiting: Here's the letter she sent.

I adjusted Jacques to Korvin. As a player, jebrick is running two magi, I threw him out for anyone to run, as a kinda B character. His main magus is Korvin.

I meant Alexi, who grabbed all the Intellego vis.

Ahh, I thought you were referring to Korvin's precognitive statement... :smiley:

His whichwhatnow?

This one...

is there any restriction on copying the books won at Tribunal?

~sigh~ I am clearly going to need to buy a copy of the Normandy book.

The Tribunal will thank you for the copy. You might get a lease on it. Might not.

Could you guys get back to the Council discussion, or at least reply to Viscaria's letter? I feel weird discussing the Tribunal without actually having show up to the covenant yet.

Do we want to kind of jump all over the place and discuss everything that needs to be discussed at once (and just be sure to quote what you're replying to, just to make me less confused than i already am), or keep to one topic at a time? (Personally, if it'll speed things up, I can handle multi-threading in there)

I'm fine continuing to discuss Tribunal prep in that thread, but I'd also like to see movement on the 1222.0 council thread, or correspondence thread, so that it feels like we're actually working on bringing Viscaria in.

One important aspect of this is hammering out the terms under which Viscaria shows up to the covenant. Protected Guest? Dual Membership at Phoenix and Mons Electi? Are you going to request that she, at least temporarily, join the covenant as a full member to avoid the political ramifications of having an outsider helping out with tribunal prep?

If she's not a full member, then what sort of terms of employment have been worked out?

Couple of ways to bring you in that I can think of or just invite yourself to aid Jormungand to get good prices on the leads you generated. I'm still trying to wrap up 1221. I'm reluctant to start anything in 1222 until 1221 is closer to being finished.
Given my current time constraints.

I know you're busy, JL. I was figuring this could happen PvsP

The same questions mostly apply to Isen. I see at least 3 possible reasons for him to get there (tribunal security, seeker lore, as a potential hoplite to laetitia, fleeing the rhine for a covenant of similar-aged magi), but I'm drained of time and creative juices and can't manage to write up something convincing

Since not much was written about Axior in GotF, I'm adding some for him. He was a student and scholar on Vercingetorix. The one man who came closest to defeating Caesar. While Isen may have rebelled against his Master's influence the histories he taught Isen have stuck with him. Isen has heard that a covenant, from all appearances a very wealthy covenant, has been setup on one of the oppida of the Celts, the very seat of Vercingetorix's capital, and is within a few days journey or the other oppidium at Alessia.

Just posted Fiona's reply to Viscaria's letter, giving her an excuse to be at the Spring Council meeting if Amul so chooses.

Thanks, Peregrine! It was giving me a meta-game existential crisis. :wink:

No problem! :smiley:
There could very well be ancient celt magical secrets traped there. Everyone knows he worked with the druids, and they probably actively helped him, which also explains WHY Caesar actively supressed their cult. How else could have Vercingetorix stood up to a Caesar backed up by the mercurians?
Surely, there is something to investigate and, hopefully, Isen will be able to distanciate himself from his pater in this new tribunal...

I'm really running out of things to discuss in the Tribunal Preparations stage. Can we start the 1222.Spring explorations of the regio for suitable sites?

It's been a weird day, but (with apologies to what JL posted): ♪♫From the Halls of Mons Electi/To the Shores of Albion♫♪ (to the tune of the Marine Corps Hymn)

And that's not even the weirdest thing that I had to deal with today. I swear I heard one guy order a sheep-sized hot chocolate, and another shortly thereafter ask for a large black coffee with polka-dots.

Sometimes I almost wish I took drugs, just so I'd have an excuse :laughing: