Does she have any MT yet?

Responding on my phone. I don't like it I'm HR this. It is your job to bring everyone around to your point of view. Consensus of the players will reverse my decision.

Bless you and your geekiness!

Our MT Summa is L6Q17. I'm betting she can stand to read it some more.

And Otto is Q14 source of AL and Philo. If you don't want her reading Arts Summae, there's plenty for her to do.

Hrm....If we gave Otto a lab tricked out for Teaching, he'd add +3 to his SQ....
Elementary Lab (Teaching Only), 1 Season
Lesser Feature/Focus - Throne/Desk, 1 Season

We've got enough Apprentices. Might as well have them set up an Teaching Lab for themselves.

Added Theraphosa to the Chart. Told her to spend some time reading all those MT books. I'm assuming familiars come AFTER apprentices when it comes to checking out books?

In 1227 Winter, Alexei's Longevity Ritual failed and suffers an aging crisis. The fates conspired on that one. He needed to roll a 1 then a 9 on the first year that his aging roll went down by one because of entering the new decade, and lo and behold...he did.

He gains enough aging points to lose a point in a stat and suffers a crisis. So his already bad eyes, will become worse as I'll his Perception go down a point to -2 (2 Aging Points and 2 XP in Decrepitude).

Now, does the Ritual expend itself and he survives the Crisis without rolling, or does he have to roll?

The book says (on p. 168, last paragraph) that "When the crisis occurs, the ritual assures that the character survives, but its power is spent and the focal ritual must be performed again," so it looks like you still roll to see what happens on the Crisis table (bedridden for a week or month, or a critical illness, or what have you), but you don't need to make the Stamina roll or have CrCo magic to survive.

On the plus side, you don't have to spend a season redoing the Ritual. Just pony up the Vis do the bibbity bobbity boo, and you're good.

I would think that he'd get one last benefit from the potion before it died out?

I'll make the roll and we'll figure it out from here.

Crisis roll:
1d10 → [9] = (9)

Arrgh! Assuming we add +6 for 1/10th his age, that's a 15 and a minor illness. With a Sta roll of 3+ to make.
I'll make the roll:
1d10+2 → [4,2] = (6)

So he's fine on the minor illness, but will be down for the season regardless. Would it be Spring then that he's out?

"Hey! You apprentices! Get out away from that Sanctum!"

"Cheese it! It's Old Man Alexei!"

I'd say maybe not dying is a pretty good benefit :stuck_out_tongue:

But that's how I'd rule it. JL may see things differently.

IMO, the crisis is averted and no roll on the crisis table is necessary.

He'd still lose the season though right?


OK rock on. Just need to invent a new one or stick with the old.

Let's see, he had a +7 before.

Now he can make:
A base 44 lab total. He'd need 12 pawns of vis for his age, if he adds 2 more pawns (or gets just 2 more on his lab total) he can have a 46, which would give a +10. That's the smarter plan I think, so do some studying and remake in Winter. He has to learn some more Magic Theory anyway if he'd want to use more Vis, which would get him where he'd need to be.

Or you can get a real LR and allow Korvin to experiment on you :slight_smile: Lab total of 90 before rolling :slight_smile: And that is calculated with Korvin in 1225 not 1227.

Or I can do that...what kind of cost we talking?

You let Korvin experiment ( as he is trying to get Breakthough points) and it will cost you nothing ( to Korvin). Just the Vis it will take to cast. But if Korvin gets a discovery I will ask you do do it for another season ( does not have to be back to back seasons) so he can stabilize it.

Hey, I know we have to be in your lab for the duration of the season, but are we doing anything while in there? Helping with the labwork? Can I read a book while you're poking and prodding me for 1 or 2 seasons?

Yes. You must help make the LR since it is yours. I think you get 2xp exposure.

Actually, raw says that the subject simply has to be present for the whole season, but doesn't say they have to help. If they're a magus or are otherwise able to help in the lab, they usually do. But if, for example, the magus doesn't have any Leadership and they have an apprentice who's of more help in the lab, or the subject is a mundane, they can do other stuff in the lab. In my saga, Talia studied a summa while the people working on her LR did their stuff.

This is correct, Alexei doesn't have to help, he can just be present and be reading a book or something.
But Alexei's MT is pretty buff...

Oh, that reminds me. Where Fiona was going with the letters and the questions about giant or giant-blood magi a while back.

She is wanting to set up a conference or a summit, what have you, either in conjunction with or just after Tribunal, while all the temporary structures are still up. The summit will be, basically, about the difficulties facing the Giant-kin, within the order, with the mortals, and with magic itself. She would like to get every one of us in the order to arrive and talk about it, try to come up with ideas on how to get the world to accept us as something other than freaks, Big Bad in faerie-tales, enemies to be slain on sight, what have you.