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What am I doing here? This is all gonna go to hell :unamused:

Rashid realizes that it is time for him to pray the Isha Salat. However, the crowd in this inn looks a little bit rough, and he doesn't really understand the local language all that well, so it'd be a bit difficult if things came up. And he really doesn't know if his traveling companions would have his back, so....instead of ceremonially bathing himself, unrolling his prayer carpet and then reciting the Shahada 37 times, maybe he'll just drink a glass of water while touching his prayer blanket and thinking the Shahada.

[color=brown]Yes, he considers carefully. [color=brown]Yes, God will understand. After all, God is Great.

What's Thera doing? She's been left out in a covered wagon, relatively exposed, because there's no place to store it in a building. They all head off into the inn, leaving Thera in the wagon...

They left it on the street?!?

Well, she's probably going to grumble about this for several hours, eat the first curious miscreant who looks under the covers, and then go for a stroll once it gets dark and quiet.

She'll skitter across the nearby rooftops, and find someplace that has a yard big enough for the wagon. Hopefully, she'll be able to figure out some way to use her Enchanting Music to get a stablehand to shelter the wagon for the night. Her French at this point is a 2 -- I guess we'll call the specialty "local dialect," (my local sheet says "written" but I think we agreed that was not allowed). That should be good enough for "take this wagon home."

(Note that I was semi-kidding about the miscreant. If a thief did try to look under the covers, he's certainly not dead. She needs her blood to be fresh. And she might decide to convert him into one of her Agents.)

Yes, but they did take valuables inside. Difficult Underlings, ya know. It's secured to the building, maybe they took a couple of cotter pins out of the wheels to ensure that if someone tries to take it away it doesn't get very far... We'll go with that.

There isn't room in the inn's stable for the wagon, just the horses.

Ah, okay. So long as they took something approaching sensible precautions. She'll sleep through the day, hidden somewhere amid the random debris inside the wagon. At night, she'll go out for a look around.

She's trying to identify a likely source of the mundane materials they're seeking.

Dex 3 + Stealth 4 + Specialty: hide 1 + Hide Bonus 3 = 11+die, to keep from being seen.

If you'd like, we could also use this opportunity to dive into the HoH:S section on designing/developing Agents -- possibly, since this is after Korvin's met Theofil, someone in the Church.

She's like the size of a football in body, right? OR bigger? I don't think she can sneak into houses very easily...

Size -2. As big as a small child. As big as Viscaria. On the other hand, Dex +3, Qik +2, Hunt 4, Stealth 4, bonuses to hiding.

Although she's not going to be indiscriminately going in and out of houses. She's just surveying from across the rooftops until she finds something that might be worth further investigation -- by her trustworthy grogs ((part of Difficult Underlings has to be that she doesn't realize how likely they are to mess things up, right?))

((You can have Theraposa be aware of it or ignorant of it. She might also be surprised by the grogs behaving much like her children... Up to you how you want to react to/know about her flaw.))

Theraposa goes out into the night scampering onto rooftops. She hears sounds of cats in the distance screeching at each other. She doesn't spot anything interesting that night, when she gets back to the wagon, she sees a couple of cats nearby.

She's an ambush predator by nature, so even though she's been well fed, she can't help but try to snare one if they're lingering. She'll scuttle over to a good ambush position and then wait for a good opportunity to strike.

Her spider sense tells her she is being baited...

Then clearly, it is not the appropriate moment to strike! She hunkers down deeper inside whatever shadow she has found.

Dex 3 + Stealth 4 + specialty: hide 1 + camouflage 3 = 11 + die roll 5 = 16.

Truly, she is indistinguishable from the roof tiles. She studies the cats intently, searching for some clue as to what she has missed!

Per 1 + Awareness 3 + specialty:food 1 + die roll 9 = 14.

The cats are too tempting, and wouldn't normally be hanging around a strange cart for as long as they have been. They are bait, but Thera can't quite fathom the trap. Just that there is one.

How many cats? If this were her home caves, she would start to sing, but here in an unfamiliar environment she doesn't want to strike too quickly (I'm thinking ambush predators are usually cowards when they don't have the advantage).

She waits and observes for about an hour to see if anything changes.

There are two cats. They aren't large cats, so they might qualify as juveniles.

Ah, only two. I thought it might have been a horde of cats.

She'll shift slightly in her hiding spot, until she finds a shingle or shutter that creaks just right. Then she'll use this as an impromptu instrument to try some Enchanting Music on them. Possibly, she might make hissing sounds or rub two legs together too.

((Going for "scared." Com 3 + EM 4 + die 8 = 15.
Com 3+ Music 3 + [specialty: singing 1] + Free Expression 3 +die 1* die 10 = 29/30.))

((Once again, that's "calm a riot level" with a truly impressive music total. I suspect children in this inn may remember the night of these spooky shutters for the rest of their lives.))

((Damn. I really need to teach her some Penetration.)

Meanwhile, Adeline will find the best resting place money can buy. She deserves it. After all, she directly works for a magus, and is even his concubine (and if she has her way...)

So who is in charge of the money on this little excursion? I guess I missed that Adeline was coming along. So the story needs to revolve around Theraposa and Adeline. But someone's controlling the purse, and I'm thinking it's Theraposa.

((Did she go in with Mélanie when the cursor got in the innkeeper's face about not having a place to keep the wagon?))

Adeline is now in charge. Retcon as to where everyone is staying? Adeline in a nice inn everyone else into cheaper accommodations?