1223.1a The Chronicles of Ridicule

Somnifer immediately sets off for what he says is Confluensis.

I need an Awareness roll from Wen and Vin...

Wen's Awareness roll: Per 1 + Awareness 3 + die roll of 6 = 10. 13 if her Keen Vision comes into play.

(awesome thread name, btw - I got a kick out of it when I saw it there.)

I completely forgot that I was playing Vin...

Per 3 + Awareness 5 + speciality bodyguarding (1) + die roll 2 = 10/11

Somnifer appears to be heading back towards Mons Electi, and as far as everyone present knows, Confluensis isn't on the way between Mons Electi and Lapis Crudus.

Wen furrows her brow. "Wait a minute," she says in french. "Isn't Confluensis that way?" She points in the direction she means.

"Nonsense, Confluensis is to the northwest, and we are definitely going northwest." Somnifer says confidently and keeps moving off in the same direction.

Vin grunts in annoyance. "That's south-east. Look, Paris and Versailles are less than a day from here to the north, right? If you don't pass within sight of Paris by the time we camp, then you'll know to follow the folks who get paid to give directions. Sounds fair?"

The magus is snoring and walking along as Vin says this. "Wh-wha-what? Oh, fiddle-faddle. I've run these forests since I was a child, boy."
He walks along the road until sunset, at which time he performs his Parma Magica ritual, walks off the road under a tree and lies down and proceeds to go to sleep, without even saying anything to anyone.
Mufarjj snorts something in another language, and the three begin setting up camp. In the morning everyone awakes but the camp is not where it was setup the night before. Without any commentary or even a stop for breakfast or time to break up the camp Somnifer begins making his way back to wards the southeast.

If the magus is sleep-walking down the path, does Vin think he can quick-pack the camp and then catch back up to them?

"If he's been stuck in that place for as long as it seems like he was, how does he know the forest hasn't changed?" Wen asks (in French) anyone who will listen.

The next morning, when they wake up, Wen looks around her, confused. "How did we get here?"

When Somnifer starts to take off, Wen hollers after him (still in French), "Wait! We're not ready to go yet! Can you wait a few minutes?" If he doesn't reply, or keeps walking, Wen will tackle him or something to keep him from leaving.

No, nothing like that was noticed during anyone's watch. And now that Vin thinks about it, he doesn't remember actually taking a watch, or even discussing it. Events from the night before are difficult to remember...

When hollers than and then notices that the camp is broken and everyone's ready to travel and feels silly for shouting out to him.

Vin tries to keep pace, and idly hopes that this dude Twlights himself before he has to deal with him for much longer.

Wen is even more confused. "That's funny," she says to herself in Welsh. "Am I dreaming?" She switches to French. "No...if I were dreaming we'd be naked and I'd be flying. Vin, sweetie, why aren't we naked?"

((I just noticed...Vin and Wen have, like, no languages in common. She doesn't speak Latin or Spanish, he doesn't speak Welsh, and he only has a French of 0(4). So, I guess their relationship is purely physical? Not that there's anything wrong with that.))

And Wen suddenly realizes that she is understood by everyone else, regardless of what language she speaks...
"The trick is the desire to be understood. Last night, when you couldn't understand Mufarjj, that was his wish."

"That is so cool!" Wen says (speaking in her native Welsh until the effect stops working).

She then spends the rest of the journey riddling her fellow travelers until they stick a gag in her mouth.

This same process is repeated for about a week.
Eventually the party reaches what appears to be a marsh area. The water has the tell-tale brackish odor that indicates the ocean is not far away. Somnifer points to the opposite bank where a large mound rises out of the ground. We need to go in there, but we'll have to wait until low tide.

Any idea at all where we are now?

Unfortunately no, unless anyone has any OoH Lore.

Suddenly, almost immediately next to everyone, three people appear. And by the feelings of everyone there, at least two of them appear to be Magi. A woman with almost white hair, a man with bright, royal blue hair who seems to be cold personified, and indeed a chill has fallen in the area. The other man is nondescript but of Mediterranean heritage. Somnifer doesn't seem at all surprised by their appearance.

((Did I describe Heims and Cygna well enough?))

The tall, white-haired woman seems started to find someone there, and jerks her hand away from the blue-haired man's (no, they weren't holding hands, what are you talking about? :slight_smile: ) She is wearing what appears to be rustic dress, which is a stark contrast to the sweeping, high-collared, blood-red cape fastened with a bat-shaped clasp.

[color=red]"Oh...good...morning? Or is it afternoon yet?" she says.

"I don't know. The flow of time in the waking world is confusing to me. In any event, the cave mouth is not yet open, so the tide is still too high." He appears to be standing expecting the water to recede within but a moment, but Cygna gets the idea she shouldn't trust this man's perceptions. Of course, it could be the unnerving method of addressing her. His head is turned in the direction of the speaker, but his eyes do not open.