1223.2: The Continental (Ysebrand)

Peter is a local, born and bred, and practically has molten glass flowing through his veins. Has spent his whole life in the workshop.

((Far as I know, I don't have anything planned for him...just a convenience. Might come into play again later, dunno yet. But at least you have a contact.))

So, let's pickup Inverness, which is more local. I guess we'll say that Inverness happened on his return trip from London.
What are the clients and what do they want? :smiley:

Most of the people Ysebrand asks haven't really given it much thought, but would probably want something to make their jobs easier or give them an edge. An oven that doesn't burn fuel for a baker, or something to keep their produce from spoiling, or a wand they can just point at something and it will be clean. Things like that. In modern times, it would be almost like, "Idunno...do you have a catalog?"

Well, since he has nothing like that to speak of, he'll return to Aodhan and suggest some of those items which could be created.
"Magus Aodhan, I wasn't able to sell any of your wares, but I perhaps have some possibilities for a magical oven, or something that will help keep things clean. Would you be interested and able to make anything like these, and if so, what would you charge, so I can go back and close the sale? Oh, and these leads are close, in Inverness."

((Is that enough to show for Ysebrand's work?))

Aodhan takes a moment to recall who Ysebrand is...and then raises his finger in recollection.

"Ah! Yes, you have been speaking with others. No one wanted to buy the items? Pity...But you say a magical oven? A magical oven that makes heat without wood or charcoal, or one that does the cooking completely? For an item that cleans...cleans what? Dirt, blood? Those are both highly desirable items, are we talking paying silver or vis for them? I could do either I'm sure, if you give me more specific information regarding the request I can likely give you a price for such things. If the cleaning item only cleaned something upon touch that would actually cost more in certain ways, versus an item that would clean everything in a room...including the room. I believe this is good, would it be sold to mundanes? I can only sell one of those per year you know." his excitement builds along with the rate of his speech as he begins to ramble about the possibilities.

"Yes, these were mundanes. I can attempt to secure contracts for you with magi at the Tribunal. Knowing your strengths at what you can build will help."

"For the two items...I'd want to know what they expected, because I don't want to put the vis and time in it and then have them balk at the rather high cost in silver items like this demand, either one could easily fetch 15 to 30 pounds of silver. I could make an item that was the lesser of those two figures. Would they afford that? Would they pay that? I can't see them putting out much more than 30 could you? As for my specialities, I'm more of a generalist really, but forging weapons is something I do well along with creating jewelry. Jewelry is often used for effects that are more or less constant and are good as wards, while weapons...kill things I suppose."

((Peregrine, what can Ysebrand say here? I don't have a lot to go on...:smiley: We diced it out and didn't dialog it out...)

HoH:MC says that the standard price for enchantments is £15 per pawn of vis that the enchantment costs. Not sure if that's 2x or 3x the amount of vis it takes to enchant, but it looks like the Vis cost is actually 3:1. (It's on p. 114).

So, that would be £45 per pawn that it takes to enchant an item. So, say an oven that gets up to baking temperatures would be CrIg base 10 (melting point of lead is 621.5° F, or 327.5° C, while boiling water is a lot less, and baking temperature is roughly half-way between). R: Personal, D: Sun(+2), T: Individual gets that up to 20. Usable once a day, gives a final Effect Level of 20, which costs two pawns of vis, and thus £90. A quick google search says that ovens were expensive in the middle ages, but nothing showing a price, and then there's the fuel. So I'd say that it would be high-end but manageable, sort of like a Jaguar or Lexus.

Does that help? Basically, yes, he does have some who would be able to pay the price for Lesser Enchanted Items.

"Nothing is certain. I can't give you a guarantee, but I can make the sale, of that I have no doubt. You have to start making things, at some point. Once you have things available for sale, I can sell them. Mundanes don't want to buy a Wizard's service, they just want the magic item."

Alright, try to close this deal...He'll go back up to Inverness and look for the buyer of the magic oven and try and do a half now and half on delivery, within one year type of deal. The total on that is 22, 21 if the specialty doesn't count. Maybe I get something besides just silver, something exotic in exchange/barter?

Yeah, you totally owned him on the Bargain roll. Not sure what the "something exotic" might be...his first batch of bread? Maybe a relative who might be better suited to covenant life than life in the big city?

A family heirloom? Something that's been passed down but they have no idea of the value, but Ysebrand probably would? Like it has hermetic symbols and they don't realize their significance?

I dunno, it was a pretty darn good roll, I'm just fishing...

Good ideas. Let me think and come up with something tomorrow.

((Okay, I figured out what it is, but it won't be really noticeable for a couple of trips.))

I'm confused.... So it's like I noticed it, but it hasn't registered what it is, perhaps?
My goal here is to earn his vis... That's more up to Aodhan than anything.

((Right. Something about one of the kids seems a little off, but nothing he can put his finger on. It's not until about the second or third visit that it's going to click.))

So...is Aodhan going to make a Magic Oven, note there is a Lab text for the device, so he should be able to whip one out fairly easily.

We have a lab text or you mean the basic formula that was presented in Covenants? Aodhan isn't big on using other's lab texts to be honest, but if time is of the essence and there's profit to be made, then sure. Question, when would he know to start it? Current projects (in not much order): Improve lab, Verditian contest entry, magic EZ Bake oven (TM), ring that you can see in the dark underwater. And of course he needs to finish learning Items of Quality.

I mean a lab text. It exists because of the ovens already in use at the covenant. It's on the wiki....
You know, that spring of 1224, you could leave instructions for Ysebrand to do work refining your lab and whatnot...

Never rub another man's Rhubarb! Sorry about the wiki pages and not keeping up on them, for both games. I often forget about them, I can only check them at home.