1223.2: The Continental (Ysebrand)

Summer arrives, with the traditional council meeting, the casting of the Aegis, the Sgeigeach Niseag, and the evening revels.

((I believe that, in Spring, Talia was going to create the wood for the shipwright to make a barge? I take it that the plan is to take the barge up to Inverness, along with whatever goods the covenant or any members want to trade, make another cog, and then head across to the continent?))

((Logistics alert: that's the gist of the plan, but this is a longer term in scope process.
In the spring, Talia's going to create the spell, she makes the wood at the tail end of spring, effectively summer. Then, the shipwright has to labor for a period of time building the blasted thing. Probably 6 months to a year is what I'm thinking (I think in long term plans).
For the time being, the Atta Buoy will ferry crew and supplies between Insula Canaria and the River Ness. Find a sheltered spot where we Talia can create the Go Get 'em Buoys. The men board the ship and then set sail. Might have to do some wagon loads from a spot close to the headwaters of the River Ness and either take supplies in by small craft or by wagons. When the barge is complete, the Atta Buoy will become the test bed for enchanting the ship, or parts of the ship. With Talia's LR, time is on her side. :smiley:))

((He took those three magic items to sell right?))

((Yes and try and find a commission got a preference of what you want to do? I'll be looking Aodhan over a bit better when I get back from North Dakota, or perhaps in some downtime while there.))

((The Go Get'em Buoys are barges, then, rather than cogs?

Just checked, and it looks like she can spontaneously create a small boat or barge. I'm getting a CT of 38: Cr 16 + He 10x2 + Sta 2 = 38 + aura and die roll, halved. And CrHe 3 to create wood in an unnatural shape, +2 to create treated and processed wood, R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a target level of 20. Granted, it won't be a very big barge (maybe about 6' x 15', with wood about 3 inches thick?) And you'd have to offload and make camp every night, but it shouldn't take more than a day or two to get to Inverness, if that. ))

No, Fleet Admiral Talia will have 3 cogs and a river barge when it is all said and done. Won't have enough to crew them all at one time, but you have to take what you can get. :smiley:

The Whoa Buoy will be mostly her home/sanctum area, don't plan to move her for a while.
The Atta Buoy will be for travel along the length of the lake, it may also be the test platform for experimentation when she builds a Hermetic shipyard. She's not ready for that, yet.
The Go Get 'em Buoys will be for the North Atlantic.

The river barge is for the River Ness only. Trying to move a barge on a deep water lake like Loch Ness is probably rather difficult.. :smiley: The River Ness is only 6 or 8 miles long, should be easily reachable in a day from the source at Loch Ness. And I'm kicking myself for not just inventing instaboat spell right about now. Oh well, the wood for the Barge is important to get something of proper size.

So, once the crew is selected, they all sail off on the Atta Buoy to the closest point they can to the River Ness. While on the Atta Buoy she works a casting to create a couple of barges to move the crew up the river.

While on the Loch, inside the aura it's (38+3) 41 + Die, as you'd already worked out. Resting a few minutes between spells.
invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3573444/ Both are successful. She'll take a skeleton crew out aways away from

I accounted for the vis for Go Get 'em Buoys, but i didn't do the roll for it.
The Die roll of 3, and a CS of 43 for a total of 46 is sufficient to get the spell off. They'll sail back into Inverness and Talia and a skeleton crew will take the barges back down to the Atta Buoy. Ysebrand and the crew will spend time in Inverness and will try and acquire a cargo...

((we're holding off on this until we get Grogs and can stat out some sailor-types, right?))

((I think Ysebrand's story can be split off from the grog/sailor story, but it's your call. Ysebrand isn't much of a sailor.))

Ysebrand makes the tour of all the major cities. Stopping in Edinburg, Bruges, and perhaps London. Looking for a cargo in Edinburg, or even Inverness. He's keeping an eye out trying to sell off some of the wares Aodhan had mentioned, especially among the nobility he knows...

Just trying to shake the cobwebs off this thread.

Let's go ahead and get a Bargain (including his specialty for exotic goods) and an Awareness roll for all three cities, see how he does and what (if anything) he sees.

Alright...trying to kickup the contacts with Social Contacts....
Perception rolls vs EF 6 for Social ContactsInverness 9, Edinburg is a non botching 0, Bruges 5, and London 4

His awareness+per rolls were Inverness 9, Edinburg 8, Bruges 11, London 13. His awareness specialty is alertness.

His bargain+specialty+com rolls were Inverness 20, Edinburg 15, Bruges 22, London 21.

Ysebrand makes some good progress on finding potential clients for Aodhan, especially in Inverness (which is semi-local), London, and Bruges. Edinburg was more luke-warm, more along the lines of "If you can find something pretty neat, maybe." Not a no, not a yes, but a maybe leaning yes.

He did hear rumors of German magi in London, who seemed to be Fengheld but he's not 100% sure.

((Talia hasn't disclosed all of this, certainly hasn't disclosed it to Ysebrand, the only one who knows anything is Douglas.))

Ysebrand would reasonably begin investigating that while he's in London. Does he know of they have a Verditius as a covenant member? ((Canonically, not listed.)) His OoH Lore roll is 7, 8 if politics specialty counts here.

((Do you want me to make up names and positions for these contacts and work them via correspondence, or do more here?))

He doesn't believe so.

((Let's go the correspondence route.))

Let's see if we can put Profession:Merchant to use and dig up these Fengheld representatives and make a sale, all of the loot that Aodhan has, maybe. Securing such a sale might be a powerful incentive for Aodhan to crank out more stuff and call him Venditor, and also enhance his Vis salaray.

Profession Merchant total of 8 to find Fengheld Contacts. ((If I were to apply a specialty to the die roll, would a reasonable specialty for Profession:Merchant be drumming up business? I don't have a specialty on it, if that specialty flies, he gets to an EF of 9 on Per+Prof Merchant(drumming up business) If Com and the specialty applies it's 13.))

The person Ysebrand is speaking to, a glassblower in London, says that he believes that the Germans left London quite some time ago (two or three months, maybe?), but that it's not the first time that he's seen them. Which strikes him as curious, actually...why come all the way to London for his wares, when there are surely glassblowers almost as good as he much closer to home.

Regardless, depending on what types of wares Ysebrand is selling, he will keep him in mind and might pass his name along to the Germans if they're looking for what he's selling.

In the interests of causing trouble, Ysebrand leaves his credentials and contact details to the glassblower. He'll also inquire as to whether he could use anything, himself...

He can't think of anything that he can't get locally, but if he or someone he knows needs something...exotic or unique, he will write Ysebrand. (The glassblower's name is Peter, by the way).

"So, Peter, where you from, originally?" ((Just playing an angle, have no idea if you're dangling a glassblower in front of Ysebrand on purpose, or for convenience, but we'll try for some recruiting...))