1223.2 Whatever happened to Mr. Walid?

Alexei only seems minorly discombobulated at the recent events. He's been around enough calamity, death and tragedy to take it all in stride.

"Are you Prospero then?" Alexei asks gravely. "I do have things I wish to speak with you about, but that must wait as we treat Ra'am. Any vis required in his healing I will cover, I did bring some Corpus with me if necessary, and am good for any additional required. He brought me here at great risk, I will do whatever is needed for his recovery."

((Alexei always brings Corpus, he likely has 5 on him I'd say, as he does have his own vis source and ME is rather rich))

Alexei can tell, given how all of his extremities were bent in abnormal directions that he likely broke each arm and each leg, and will require well in excess of the 5 pawns of Corpus vis he has on his person. Even still, setting his bone properly before any healing ritual is undertaken is rather important, it is quite possible to heal all the breaks such that they make the limb useless.

[color=red]Ach, lad, o'course we have someone who kin heal'im, visitor name o'Tranquillina. O'course, she'd be wantin' a little sommat fer her troubles. I know I would. But if yer worried about him, I wouldn't be. The lad's in good hands."

Alexei nods and reaches into his pouch to pull out five pawns of Corpus vis. "I know this shan't be enough for his wounds, but we will provide. I will have more sent by Redcap from our Covenant, if not enough is here now, then perhaps I can secure a loan with a Redcap here? Our credit should be good." he looks at the hurt magus. "He treated me very well, it is good to hear he has such fine help."

Prospero places the vis in a pouch on his hip. [color=red]"Thank ye, lad, I'm sure she'll be most appreciative of the vis. Now, do ye want ta discuss yer problem with the jinns, or do ye want ta be sure Ra'am is properly cared fer, first?"

Meanwhile, Ulrich, while not ignoring the magi, is looking around expectantly.

Prospero says something to Ulrich.

Alexei looks between Prospero and Ra'am and then Elizabeth and Ulrich. "If...if Ra'am is taken care of then, yes I suppose we can speak about this issue I have which brought me here. Perhaps over tea?"

((Ra'am and Elizabeth are already inside the manor house and not out here.))

((Just waiting then for an invite into the manor))

Prospero looks at Alexei. [color=red]"Aye...tea it is." He flags down a servant and has them escort Alexei to...one of the sitting rooms, I guess?

[color=red]"I'll join ye in a moment, lad, I just need ta fetch something from me lab." He leaves, then quickly joins Alexei. [color=red]"Welcome ta le Maison de Levrier," he says as he hands Alexei a casting token. The servant pours Alexei a glass of tea and Prospero a glass of wine, then takes his leave. Prospero sips his wine and sighs.

[color=red]"So...what's yer problem, lad?"

Alexei looks at his tea ironically while his host drinks wine. 'Didn't they drink tea over here?'

Alexei takes a sip of the tea before he begins. "I...have been stalked by a creature that my father had encountered while in the Holy Lands. And apparently he made a pact with it, not realizing that the creature desired me, as yet unborn. My father gave to some magi in the Black Forest, my Pater Tristan raised me and under his protection and the Aegis of his Covenant I never saw nor knew this being. My father died before he could tell me of it, I have put things together since. When I first arrived at Mons Electi I was attacked by a great warrior that was in league with it. I defeated him and the creature departed. I saved t he warrior and became friends with him. He too had been stalked by the creature, and when he agreed to capture me the creature promised to leave him alone. But when he lost in battle the creature fled. Now, a few years later it has attacked and kidnapped that friend and I don't know how to find him. It has been more than a week now, the creature is trying to draw me out. I believe it is some kind of spirit of the air, perhaps like the ones the Founder of my House fought. A gene, or jinn...I don't know how they are called exactly." he takes another sip of tea.

"I was told you are something of an expert on such creatures, can you help me?"

((You do know Le Maison is in France and not england, right?))

Prospero studies Alexei intently for a couple of minutes before he says anything.

[color=red]"This 'friend' of yours...how dear is he to ye? What are ye willin' to do to get him back?"

Alexei hadn't really thought of that. He respected him as a great warrior, someone who fought against the worst odds and had an impeccable streak of honour in him. More than once it was Mufarrj's honour that had prevented Alexei from doing something...regrettable. In the end it didn't take much thought.

"He is a great friend, a true friend. And even if he weren't I would not let another man pay a debt I owe. I am willing to do quite a lot to get him back, but there are some things I will not do, such as turn away from the Lord...should that be a requirement."

[color=red]"Ye might have ta treat with the creature for the return of yer friend. Some who call themselves warriors will nae do that, but it may be the only way ta get him back. I do have a wand that might be of use against some of its powers, but his return is ultimately up to you."

Alexei nods, though it looks like he does so with difficulty. "I will not bend knee to it or whatever it calls Master. Man was not put on this earth to prostrate himself before a spirit, no matter how powerful. I'll die before I do so; I'll never bow in heathen fanes. But, between that and other options there might still be room to negotiate. What does that wand do? And how might I find this creature and my friend?"

[color=red]"Can ye transport yerself to yer friend? And will ye be prepared fer battle if ye can?" Prospero looks at Alexei intently as he waits for a reply.

[color=red]"The wand can counter some of the jinn's powers. At the very least, it may give you an element of surprise."

[color=red]"Oh, by the way, lad...are ye still lookin' ta take in new members, there at Mons Electi?"

ALexei shrugs. "I believe I can tranpsort to him, I have an Arcane connection, though I have never tried using it in that fashion. Being able to counter some of its powers would be ideal. How does it work?"

At the mention of membership looks up in surprise. "Membership? I...I'm sorry I'm caught a bit off guard by the question. But...I believe that we are still considering membership for those that apply."

The device can cast a Perdo Vim effect that targets the form of Auram.

Prospero retrieves the wand and hands it to Alexei. [color=red]"It casts a Perdo Vim effect targeting the form of Auram." He quickly goes over the triggering actions and what not.

[color=red]"Our guest, Tranquillina of Bonisagus, ha'been corresponding w'Apollodorus about joinin' Mons Electi. She e'en quit Nigrasaxa, but obviously the correspondence with Apollodorus ended last year. So, obviously, she dinna ken whether she's still wanted there, or if she's an aonaran. Will ye talk ta her when ye get a chance?"

Alexei's eyebrows raise at the power of the wand. "Aye, that will do well I should think. I'll be happy to pay for the use of this wand and guarentee its return or the value of it. As for the prospect, I'd be happy to speak with her. I should probably do that before I leave I think."