1223.2 Whatever happened to Mr. Walid?

There is time before there is a crash... Call it three rounds when Ulrich gets his idea. However, he discounts it because there isn't a way to lash the framework to the carpet, lashing it to the carpet with Rego is possible, but it's a ReHe(An) spell and would also be beyond his capabilities. However, his knowledge of Rego is sufficient to safe himself...

Yeah, looks like he can spont a Personal version of Rise of the Feathery Body, which would be ReCo 5. His CT would be Sta 2 + Re 8 + Co 3 + die roll of 6 = 19, halved is 10. Hopefully enough to get him and what he can grab off the carpet and down to the ground safely.

Seeing Ulrich do the same, Ra'am quickly casts that spell onto Elizabeth and follows it up with another one, but before he can cast the spell on himself, the carpet crashes into the low wall surrounding the Maison and Ra'am is flung violently off the carpet careening through the air. Elizabeth screams out "Father!", from her spot 40 or more feet up in the air. Ra'am tumbles along the the ground after hitting it like a rag doll, eventually coming to rest, but not moving.
Alexei has enough Magic Theory that Ra'am cast Maintain the demanding spell on a Rise of the Feather Body after witnessing Ulrich bring himself safely to the ground. Unfortunately, with Ra'am unconscious, at best, both spells will end in just a few minutes and leave Elizabeth crashing to the ground with a likely fatal fall.

((Rise of the Feathery Body lets you go up and down, right? Just not horizontally.))

Ulrich will carefully lower himself to the ground, then look around for the biggest tree he can find in Elizabeth's area. If there's one close enough, he will run up to it and touch it, casting a spontaneous ReHe to have it reach up to "grab" Elizabeth and lower her to the ground. Looks like Base 4 ("Control an entire plant, moving it around as you direct")...wait, never mind. Forgot Size modifiers.

In that case, CrHe to create a long wooden pole directly under Elizabeth, long enough to reach her. Base 1, +1 magnitude for treated product (don't want splinters), R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final target level of 5. His CT is Sta 2 + Cr 6 + He 12 + die roll of 5 = 25, halved is 12.

He yells up at Elizabeth, [color=green]"Grab the pole when it comes to you and climb down!"

He then follows that up with a spont ReHe to hold it steady in place by her, so she can guide herself or climb down the pole. Base 3, R: Touch (+1), D: Concentration (+1), T: Individual, for a target level of 5. His CT is Sta 2 + Re 8 + He 12 + die roll of 2 = 24, halved is 12. And that should drop him to Weary.

And it occurs to me that, once she has hold of the pole, he can just use it to lower her to the ground, which he will do if it looks like she's having a hard time of it.

((I didn't get the chance to create a bunch of wool? Depending on where he teleported he might have been too far, if that's the case, no problem, He'll work on saving the others))

Elizabeth is having trouble, because she's essentially weightless, so she has to pull herself down, so Ulrich pushing the pole to lower her is going to be helpful. She's not in danger of falling before two minutes have expired.

Several people around and from inside the Maison come to investigate and spy Ra'am lying on the ground. They start speaking in Norman (French -2, English -4 to understanding) and two people dash inside. Ulrich and Alexei don't see Maris, or in Ulrich's case, Rose. A crying Elizabeth is basically stuck in one spot, unless someone drags her to her father, because whenever she takes a step she's pushed into the air..

Alexei figures that any wool he tried to create at the spot to break Ra'am's descent/fall was rejected as a spell by an Aegis, since the wall around the Maison is an obvious spot to create an Aegis.

((By the way, this stuff with Ra'am and his finesse roll with the Magic Carpet was not planned, it was a legitimate botch. I just figured that he'd be the one to pay the full price for it rather than everyone else.))

Ulrich goes to Elizabeth and, after asking her permission, will have his arm around her waist to keep her down...wait...that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean. And, with any luck, once they're inside the Aegis, the spell will be negated. But, even with Elizabeth right there, he is distracted as he searches intently for Rose, or even Maris.

Alexei rushes to Ra'am as soon as he can reach him and begins trying to see the extent of his injuries, he has a spell, but he knows that the forein Aegis will prevent it.

A rather tall man with wild red hair and a ruddy complexion comes out of the manor house... "What ye bampots be yellin' 'bout? Don't ye know I be studying? What's with all this cermoshun? He looks around the manor's yard and spies people hovering around a crumpled up figure, and sees Elizabeth with Ulrich and his face breaks into a huge smile when he first sees her. Soon he realizes that she's horribly upset and takes a close look at the person lying on the ground and see it's Ra'am. To no one in particular he says, "Ahh, me boy, what have ye done?" To one of the figures standing closest to Ra'am, "Is he breathin'? And one of the covenfolk nods, and both Prospero and Elizabeth breath a sigh of relief, "Someone'd best get Maris for she can move 'im without breakin' any more of 'is bones." At which point someone runs inside and returns with a bald-headed woman in a deep blue robe comes out. "Maris, there ya are. Be a dear and move 'em to the infirm'ry? He must have at least 5 or 6 broke bones." He waves Elizabeth to go with her father and Maris.

He looks full on at Ulrich with a penetrating stare and says...

((And that'll be enough of that, consider this my hand off signal for Prospero.))

Prospero looks full on at Ulrich with a penetrating stare and says, [color=red]"What happened, lad? And what brings ye lot so far from home on such short notice?

Ulrich, who had been looking at Maris with an almost pleading look on his face, looks at Prospero. [color=green]"I don't know, Archmagus. I think he lost control of the rug when he was trying to bring it in, he said that, with so many people on it, it was more than he can handle.

"And Magus Alexei," he indicates the Flambeau, [color=green]"came to us regarding a friend of his who had been taken by something called a 'jinn.' I think he could explain his predicament better than I could."

Prospero then turns his gaze to Alexei.

((I'll have to write something later...sorry, half in the bag, an old friend came a' callin))

((Sometimes that is when I do my best work!))

Alexei only seems minorly discombobulated at the recent events. He's been around enough calamity, death and tragedy to take it all in stride.

"Are you Prospero then?" Alexei asks gravely. "I do have things I wish to speak with you about, but that must wait as we treat Ra'am. Any vis required in his healing I will cover, I did bring some Corpus with me if necessary, and am good for any additional required. He brought me here at great risk, I will do whatever is needed for his recovery."

((Alexei always brings Corpus, he likely has 5 on him I'd say, as he does have his own vis source and ME is rather rich))

Alexei can tell, given how all of his extremities were bent in abnormal directions that he likely broke each arm and each leg, and will require well in excess of the 5 pawns of Corpus vis he has on his person. Even still, setting his bone properly before any healing ritual is undertaken is rather important, it is quite possible to heal all the breaks such that they make the limb useless.

[color=red]Ach, lad, o'course we have someone who kin heal'im, visitor name o'Tranquillina. O'course, she'd be wantin' a little sommat fer her troubles. I know I would. But if yer worried about him, I wouldn't be. The lad's in good hands."

Alexei nods and reaches into his pouch to pull out five pawns of Corpus vis. "I know this shan't be enough for his wounds, but we will provide. I will have more sent by Redcap from our Covenant, if not enough is here now, then perhaps I can secure a loan with a Redcap here? Our credit should be good." he looks at the hurt magus. "He treated me very well, it is good to hear he has such fine help."

Prospero places the vis in a pouch on his hip. [color=red]"Thank ye, lad, I'm sure she'll be most appreciative of the vis. Now, do ye want ta discuss yer problem with the jinns, or do ye want ta be sure Ra'am is properly cared fer, first?"

Meanwhile, Ulrich, while not ignoring the magi, is looking around expectantly.

Prospero says something to Ulrich.

Alexei looks between Prospero and Ra'am and then Elizabeth and Ulrich. "If...if Ra'am is taken care of then, yes I suppose we can speak about this issue I have which brought me here. Perhaps over tea?"