1223.2 Whatever happened to Mr. Walid?

Alexei is immediately transported to another location, and it is entirely black, no light. There is the sound of someone breathing nearby.

Alexei will silently cast Eyes of the Cat on himself and see if he can find the person or thing breathing nearby.

What's the CS and spell level? Even if it's automatic, I need a botch check. You can do this when you're able to do so, of course.

((I'll have to do it later this evening then. It's definitely automatic as it's such a low level spell, but I can't access Alexei's page or the die roller))

((OK, apparently I have a Godawful huge spell casting bonus for this particular spell, it's level 5 and I have +38

An I Just rolled a 1!!:

1d10+38 → [1,38] = (39)

Exploder die!!!
1d10 → [1] = (1)

Ohmigod!!! Double Exploder Die!!!!
1d10 → [4] = (4)

Spell casting total 16+38= [size=150]54[/size]

Yowza!! Yes I have had a bit to drink :smiley: ))

Mufarjj is sitting bound and gagged in a chair. The room appears to be shrouded in total darkness, and Alexei can't seem to see the walls.

Alexei stays quiet rather than rushing to his rescue. Instead he creeps towards him and carefully touches his staff to Mufarrj's foot.

((Casting Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh lv 10, Trying to do this with as little noise or notice as possible so Mufarrj doesn't cry out.

1d10+29 → [6,29] = (35) beat the spell's level by 25 and can add 4 Penetration if necessary))

Mufarjj awakens at the prodding. There is nothing wrong with Mufarjj, medically speaking.

"Be still my friend, it is Alexei." he whispers to him as he pulls a knife and starts to cut the ropes on Mufarrj. "I am sorry it took me so long to find you, are you alright?"

((One of the things I also was hoping for, but the spell might not provide this info, does it seem to be the real Mufarrj? Alexei has helped Mufarrj in the past and likely has detailed knowledge of him, medically.))

It is real, and as soon as Alexei finishes identifying himself, a whirlwind begins whipping around Alexei and Mufarjj.

"Blast!" he mutters as he finishes the rope and pulls out the wand, holding it in his left arm, his staff in his right. "Is there anything you can tell me Mufarrj before this begins?"

I was perhaps, not clear, Alexei isn't able to cut the ropes...

Alexei pulls the wand from his belt and keeps it in his left hand while raising his staff in the right. "Mufarrj I will untie you as quick as I can, it's coming!"

((He'll be ready to activate the wand if he starts feeling the wind manifest in a large fashion, ie potentially taking him off his feet))

The wind isn't lifting Alexei, but it does take Mufarjj out of reach. Alexei unleashes the power of the wand, and Mufarjj falls onto the floor, the impact causing the chair he was on to break into pieces.
As the wind is dispelled an ominous cackle reverberates throughout the cave.

"Show yourself!" demands Alexei. "Gentle breeze! Spirit's fart! I am Alexei von Kroitsau! I am not mastered by a wind!" Alexei taunts the creature and fishes his knife out to give to Mufarrj if he can so he can free himself.

"No." A hot wind begins to blow into the cave.

Alexei starts cutting the ropes off of Mufarrj, and then just puts the knife in his hands so he can defend them. "Can you free yourself my friend?" he asks quietly before turning back to the wind which seems to come from the cave opening.

"What is it you want? If you think I'll serve you, think again!" Alexei calls out. "What is your name?! Tell me!"

"By the bond of your father you belong to me, Alexei. I brought you here so I could explain it to you fully." the disembodied voice says, reverberating through the cave.

Alexei continues to try to help Mufarrj cut his ropes, if he can do it himself quickly he will, he just doesn't want to put down his staff or the wand.

"My father is dead! And I was not born when you met him! He could not promise what he did not have, show yourself!" Alexei counters.

A whirlwind appears before Alexei, collecting the dust and debris and when it clears, a man of dark complexion but with a slight crimson tinge stands before Alexei. "Men make promises all the time, Alexei. Many ventures of your kind are indeed promises to get or provide what they do not yet possess. Consider my bargain with your father an investment, then. And now the investment is close to maturing." Alexei feels a whirlwind surround him again this time, but it is highly focused around the spear. Alexei loses grip on it and the spear goes flying into the man's hands. ((You can try and activate the wand, to retain possession of your talisman, but it's a finesse check of 12, because you're trying to do a lot of different things.))
"You see, I could have had you anytime I wanted you. Heretofore my attempts to collect you were merely testing your strengths and capabilities. You're nearly there."