1223.3 Have You Ever Danced With the Devil?

((Was the intention that Alexei goes with the Tithe and Korvin stays? I thought that was implied but I'm not sure anymore.))

((Suggest it in character and see what happens. :smiley:))

Korvin looks a bit pained at Alexei. "I...u'hmm ...will not be going on this trip. With all of the preparations for the Tribunal coming I have found it impossible to have Viscaria cover for me as Precept. If both of us left it would make it even worst. Perhaps Jacques could accompany you."

Alexei was reading the letter a second time when Korvin responded. He looked up a moment later looking slightly confused. He scratches his head...and then smiles, it is not necessarily a comforting smile.

"I'm sorry Sodale...is it your intention that I...send a message to this priest? For I have done that several times in my career as a magus of House Flambeau. In sending messages, why we're only second to the Mercere and the honoured Redcaps!" he directs Korvin's attention to various banners and other trophies from Alexei's long military career that have been placed near a wall as the decor is changing. "The message was received in every one of these, though I daresay they did not care for the message I delivered. And to send Jacques with me...it almost sounds like a rather stern message is being sent." he looks at Korvin rather severely.

"We're not sending that type of message are we? We just wish to keep a long arrangement and not cause trouble, aye? That being the case, I'm sure it will be a lovely trip and I shall keep you and our investment safe. The Tribunal is still four years away by my count, it will keep. Come with me Sodale, we so rarely get to talk and I have been cooped up here so long. I sometimes forget that so few of my Covenmates have actually...truly seen what it is I do, as I have tried to gentle my condition since arriving at Mons Electi and leave behind so much of the...unpleasantness of my past. it will be an excellent trip that we shall both benefit from I feel."

He wraps an arm around Korvin's shoulders and then heads for the wine. Road trip!

Send a message? I am thinking more of send some money so the Church will not bother us. In this case we are... I mean you are a guard for our resources. rolls his eyes as he looks at Alexei's excitement about the trip . Alright. I get ready.

Alexei laughs as he hands a cup of wine to Korvin. "See? I might have misunderstood your intent completely. Come, I shall assemble a turb and we will be on our way!"

Hrmm, I'm certain I posted this once before...
((How many grogs and who are they? Doesn't matter who runs them.))

((yep, sorry, I'll try to get that this afternoon, busy the last two days))

Well, Korvin should have a hand in selecting grogs. Men with manners and perhaps erudition might also be welcome. In any event, my comment wasn't meant to chastise anyone. I left out that while I was sure I posted something, I'm also fairly sure that the forum ate the post... There's a small possibility I didn't hit submit, though, and it's probably the more likely possibility.

Korvin did hand select the grogs:

I will wack out some more basic grogs.

They don't even need to be fully formed, IMO. But having a name of a few, and some ideas of their capabilities might be nice to flesh out the story a bit...

A day on the road with the cart goes without any problem. The night is fine, and the watch has no problems. The next morning a chilly rain begins falling making travel difficult with the laden cart. Soon after getting under way, the party comes across a figure in the road, "Well, well, look what we have here. Two magi of Mons Electi on the road. How...unusual. And I must say I'm rather disappointed. I had expected after Apollodorus's unfortunate accident that the magi would stay cowed within their manor house." The voice is unmistakably familiar, and he his using a large crowbar, similar to what masons use as a walking stick.

Peanut Gallery says: We should use the ones that have already been named in Turbulent Matter. Partially just to see if the Astingani Turb still hold themselves apart from the rest of our turb (assuming there are any, aside from the shield grogs).

Edit: I'll play Dominic, and suddenly realize that there are a pile of grogs who are not on the wiki.

Dominic is NOT one I would choose to go to the Bishop :slight_smile: But I'm trusting Alexei to choose the Grogs. I have Jolanda along as my shield Grog + 5 more for the wagon/guards. Figure

Stats: Str +1 Pre +1 Dex +1
Skills: single weapon 4: Ride 4, Animal handling 2, Awarness 1, Bow (Crossbow )3, Church lore 2, Latin 2, Area Lore 3, Etiquette 2
Virtues Custos, Inspirational, Lighting Relexes
Flaws: Dutybound, Humble, Pious ( minor)

Stats: str +1 Stam+2, Per +1
Skills : single weapon 4: Ride 2, Awareness 3, Bow (Crossbow )4 , Area Lore 2, Latin 2,Premonitions 4
Virtues: Custos, Premonitions, Tough
Flaws: Arthritis, Pessimistic, Obsessed ( protect troop)

Stats: Qk: +1 Str +1 Stam +2 Per -2
Skills : single weapon 4: Ride 4, Animal handling 3, Awarness 1, Bow (Crossbow )3 Folk Ken 3, Area Lore 2, Latin 2
Virtues :Animal Ken, Custos, enduring Consitution
Flaws Animal companion (Rat), missing ear, temperate

Stats: Qk: +1 Str +1 per +1
Skills : single weapon 4: Ride 4, Animal handling 2, Awareness 3, Bow (Crossbow )3 , Area Lore 3, Latin 2, Second Sight 2
Virtues Custos, Clear thinker, Second Sight
Flaws: Pessimistic, Hatred (Capuchonnes),reckless

THat leaves one more plus a shield grog for Alexei

I'm sure Dominic and Alexei have resolved their differences by now... But, there isn't a huge need for a scout kind of character on this story.

((OK...so I don't assume too much. It sounds and looks like Valeran right?

Aside from that, Alexei would be casting certain spells each day on the grog's gear and Korvin's if he's ok with that. Since it's on the gear they won't be warped.

  1. Silvery Scales of the Knight (Suit of Full Chain)
  2. Hardness of Adamantine on the armour (+3 Soak I believe)
  3. Hauberk of Supreme Lightness (reduce Load of the Chain to 2)
  4. Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (+3 Soak)

At night everyone that wants it gets Eyes of the Cat (which could Warp).

We'd also be bringing the Veriditian treasure trove of armour, swords, and shields. Korving might want the Verditian Armour, it's a half suit of chain with a +7 to its soak, and I can still improve on that and lighten the Load to 1. There are 2 swords and 2 shields, I usually prefer splitting those up with the shield grogs getting the shields and the heavy offense gets the swords. Alexei doesn't cast spells on the weapons so they can pierce resistance.

From there, spells in combat that Alexei casts are Turb of Giants on the Grogs (Korvin too, but Alexei needs to Penetrate) which makes us Size +3. Holding off casting any spells yet.))

"Valeran..." Alexei practically spits the word from his mouth like it was a bad tasting bite and raises his staff.

EDIT Alexei would also cast Gift of the Bear's Fortitude on himself each day, but not the Grogs unless he was sure a fight was coming. So it's on him now, but not the grogs.

"Alexei, a pleasure! And if I am informed correctly, your companion would be Master Korvin. Out for a neighborhood stroll today? I was just out hunting enemies of the Order, and look who comes along." he smirks and his voice drips honey.

"Stay wary men, but do nothing until I say or you are attacked." Alexei whispers quickly to the grogs.

Alexei returns the smile with equal sincerity. "If you were looking for enemies of the Order you could have saved yourself a trip and looked in a pool of water. Or looked to your cabal of blackguards...what's the matter, they didn't present their backs to you to plant a knife so you decided to go elsewhere?"

Valerian ignores the comment about looking in a pool, "The quarry I hunt isn't so mighty as to require additional hoplites. I am sufficient to stand against them, should they show themselves. I would be concerned about staying in the area, though. They might attack you along the road out of my sight. I would, of course, be most happy to accompany you and keep you and your merry band safe from their predation. It would be most unfortunate to have such an accident happen so close to one's home."

((Well then, let's have some fun :smiling_imp: ))

Alexei sneaks a glance over to Korvin and gives a quick wink. His gaze returned to Valeran and he smiled as he took a step forward and disappears. His next step he reappears a few steps in front of the Hoplite.

((Casting Wizard's Leap, it's Mastered for fast casting and is rather low level, Alexei should have no issue casting it, plus he doesn't need to fast cast it since he uses no gestures or words.))

"Are the enemies of the Order truly so close to us? We are fortunate then that we have such a...dedicated Hoplite...within reach."