1223.3 Have You Ever Danced With the Devil?

((Actually, I think Korvin would know, being a Magical Mercere close to Redcaps who are having to deal with war. Feel free to read up and you can use that to shape how Korvin would appropriately respond. Certainly reasonable that Korvin might not pay too fine attention to the reasons for the Crusade.))

Have we reconciled the information Korvin would reasonably know? I'd like to pick this up...

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The people the Church is waring on in the south? Does the Bishop's, um, land cover that much space? You will have to tell me what they did to cause such a reaction from the Church.

In any case I think we should send him a letter and gift. We have been left alone in the past and that may change with this new priest.

After receiving the letter from the Bishop, Korvin summons Henri to the precept's office.

Please have a seat Henri. Would you like something to drink?

Shows Henri the letter

First, I would like to know if we have the 750 marks to pay? Second, do you have any record of the previous ...um' payments to the Bishops?

I must admit that I am woefully inadequate in my knowledge of the Church and it politics. Especially the local politics. If you could advise me or recommend someone who can I would be in your debt.

Henri does gratefully accept a glass of weak wine.

Shows Henri the letter

Henri furrows his brow. "We should have already sent...oh, wait. That was the week that I had that bad cold. I am terribly, terribly sorry for the oversight, magus. I will ensure that it gets sent right away."

((Henri has Int 1 + Area Lore: Bibracte (Politics) 4 + die roll of 4 = 9. He will tell Korvin all he can think of off the top of his head.))

Immediately after the meeting, he will go arrange for the thousand marks to be delivered to the bishop.

Korvin will arrange a decent grog escort for the tithes. Claude and 5 others. He will ask Gunnar and/or Alexei to recommend someone to be in charge. Write out a nice note to the Bishop. Tell the grogs 10 or 20 times not to give the tithes to anyone but the bishop or his staff and not the fat priest. He will make them repeat the orders a lot before the leave.

((grrrr. Again, Renaud is the best person to ask about the local church politics Area Lore: Normandy Tribunal 3 (personalities),
Area Lore Bibracte 4 (folklore and tales), church lore 2))

((If I may, as originally conceived, I had him out on the western part of Normandy Tribunal, and had figured that he had good knowledge of Paris, Normandy, etc, and minimal knowledge of the Champagne and Bibracte areas, and with the chief protagonists being from the western part Normandy Tribunal, as an NPC he was going to be helpful in that regard. He could still be helpful if you jiggered some of his knowledges back to where I had them as an NPC, and then I can funnel things through Renaud to whomever. I think Henri has enough operational knowledge of the local environment to answer most questions...))

((Renuad is very western France. The Bibracte lore is new and as of 1223.3 he would have it at 2. His other lores have not changed. He has a Lore Paris 2. And he has Lore Church 2( to write those nasty songs). Renuad is traveling and is not available. I was just looking through our other grogs/companions to see who Korvin could talk to for info.))

((Well, if I'm not overwhelming Peregrine, Henri is the best person to ask for information. If necessary, I can take over Henri, I'll leave it up to Peregrine. Right now, he's running nearly as many characters as I am!))

((no biggie, I'm just running a little behind. They have me working 36 hours this week, plus Mom has two doctor's appointments out of town this week, which kills at least another 3-4 hours a day.))

As Korvin is addressing the escort, he hears a polite (if phlegmy) cough behind him.

"Pardon me, Magus," Henri says. "But I understand that you intend to send the men to the Bishop unescorted? Far be in from me to tell you how to do your job, but are you sure that's prudent? After all, I believe that, under the Code, the mundane resources of a covenant cannot be considered to contribute towards the magical power of its members, and that the Tribunal considers them to be...fair game. I would hate to think what would happen if another covenant were to get wind of our caravan and raid it, with no magi present to at least protest, if not defend it."

Korvin sighs a great sigh. Contact Mistress Viscaria[*] and let her know that I have to travel. I'll go get my things for the trip to Givry. Henri, let me know of other possible residences or places the Bishop might be.

[*]IIRC, The previous Precept covers if something comes up.

I may be throwing the princeps issue into disarray. I hadn't necessarily expected it to become an issue in this story. Also, consider that this is perhaps a duty for the Imperator.

Outstanding!! I'm sure Alexi will not mind :slight_smile:

Makes a trip to Alexei's lab

Alexei seems to be making some rearrangements in the area near his sanctum. He has a young man who is discussing some options on the wall outside of his sanctum. He looks up to see Korvin approaching.

"Ah Korvin! My Sodale, how good to see you. What can I do for you this day?"

My friend, we have a ...uh... situation that seems to require your ...ahhhh.. abilities. Korvin shows Alexei the Bishop's letter while talking. It seems we missed our tithes this year so I, as Precept, am arranging delivery. We do have the money so that is not a problem. I put together 5 grogs to deliver it but as Henri pointed out to me, it is fair game if another Covenant wanted to try and take it. So we need a magus to guard it. Your abilities make you uniquely qualified for this. But as you can see it can not wait.

The priest the Bishop talks about in the letter is called Théofil. He is quite a corpulent fellow and seems to know quite a bit about the Order (under his breath) as does everyone. He was complaining about our lack of church attendance and I'm afraid I did not do a good job in reassuring him.

Alexei's smile turns into a concerned look. "We...have missed a tithe? My word, that is dreadful, we could face repercussions for this mistake! Who was in charge of..." he pauses and nods. "Reynault, yes this makes sense, I vaguely recall authorizing something while Princeps early on, really just letting Reynault do as he'd done for a long time. It must have been this. Yes, with the amount of money involved and the importance of the delivery, plus our state with the others I shall happily accompany you. I could use confession myself." he adds as he rubs his chin and regards the letter.

"To be honest I cannot fault him for his observations on church attendance. I have gone as required by Mother Church, and I encourage the men and allow them time. But the only ones I impress their duties to Church are the young and that's if they have no parents taking them. But it could certainly help all of us I feel."

"Yes, Magus." (Unless he hears, being a Busybody, or is told that Alexei will accept this mission*.)

If he knows of any other places that the Bishop might be (Int 1 + Area Lore: Bibracte 3 + die roll of 8 = 12, or 13 if his Specialization of "politics" applies), then he will tell Korvin.

* "This magus will self-destruct in five seconds."

((The episcopal residence is The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, in Dijon, about 100 miles away.))