1223 Mishegoss

Agreed. But if you hold off on actually fulfilling your end of the bargain until 1224, you can fob the job off on TrueThomas and you won't lose the extra season needlessly.

I went back and looked at Talia's activities, in Spring she's doing Shipwright's Delight, so she can't make the copy then. I have her studying the MT text in summer/autumn, but those could be changed. So it could be foisted onto TrueThomas...
Regardless of who does it, I want the full quality, so it's two seasons for whomever does it. Even if Talia can do it in one season by copying quickly.

"You said a few days? I was thinking a few months would work better into my schedule. You see I'm currently in the process of inventing a spell. Delaying that delays all kinds of other projects, both mine and of mundane covenfolk. We would extend you scribal courtesy, if you would be willing to do the same, at a time we can find mutually agreeable."

Godiva thinks for a couple of minutes as she looks out one of the library windows at the forest. She shivers momentarily, but after she casts a spell (soft voice), the shivering stops. She finally turns back to Talia.

"We should be able to come in the summer and fall, if that works for you."

((Are Talia and Godiva done talking? Should we move on to the summer/fall? Or is there more to go yet?))

((Sure, I'll push off her study of Magic Theory for a while longer. I think she's fated to never get around to it. :-/ And she won't ask Thomas, it's not her style. Although she might pay Ysebrand to do it, if that's a reasonable and he'll be back...))

((In the summer, Ysebrand was going to go with some of the sailors on the Atta Buoy to Inverness, pick up some cargo, and head to the continent on basically a shake-down run?))

((Yup, so he's a no. I was thinking out loud as a player.))

After negotiating the deal with Godiva, Talia will seek out Edgar, securing the resources she needs for copying Orientali Litore's text on Rego. It's a warm spring day, she'll conveniently forget about her imaginary clothing. :smiley:

Edgar is in the library (which is situated upstairs from the Council Chamber), and appears to be inspecting one of the books. Within moments of Talia entering the library, he straightens up and turns to face her.

"May I help..." he starts to say, and then turns beet red.

"Are you quite alright? Do you have a fever?" She puts her hand on his forehead, much like a mother would. Out of the corner her eye Talia notices her body on full display, "Ahh, I see." And she clothes herself with the imaginary clothing. "My apologies, librarian. I wished to inquire about scribal supplies sufficient for a volume of Rego..." she continues on describing the quality and magnitude of text, comparing it to the spare volume we're letting Orientali Litore copy.

The librarian looks down silently at Talia as she speaks, occasionally nodding in understanding or asking questions to pinpoint some specifics.

When she's finished, he nods. "I believe I can accommodate you, Talia. We do have everything you need, although it's been a while since anyone's needed them for more than correspondence. When would you be wanting them?"

"Sometime after the solstice. I'll need everything aboard my ship, and I'll take her up to Orientali Litore and do my work there, while I take the other text up for them to copy." She takes a deep breath, "I'm not much of a copyist, but my lab is well appointed for working with texts, so I should be able to copy the book in about six months. And yet again, I have to postpone myself study of Arguing With One's Reflection."

"They will be holding our book there? Which book? And for how long?" Edgar looks concerned, as he always does where [strike]his[/strike] the Covenant's books are concerned.

"Oh, you dear, sweet man. Yes, they will have our book The Aether and You: Applied Practical Magic for the Magus in the Field, and we, or specifically I will have a comparable book on the Art of Rego. Wouldn't you agree we need a better text on Rego?"
Without really waiting for an answer, "In a about 6 months I will be returning with the book, along with a copy of their text. Now, not to put too fine a point on it, can you have the necessary scribal supplies available?"

"Of course," he says. He still has a look of concern on his face, possibly akin to a parent whose child is about to take the car driving for the first time. :smiley:

((So, I take it the plan is to take the Whoa Buoy over to Orientali Litore, along with the Vim text for them to copy there, and she will drop anchor there and stay with their Rego and copy it in her shipboard lab, keeping the ship there for the six months? Or will she be dropping it off, taking theirs, and coming back to Insula Canaria? Or commuting?))

((She'll be staying anchored nearby. Her lab is well suited to handling scribal functions, assuming she has all the necessary parchment, quills and ink necessary for the task on board, or easily accessible. Her lab gives her an effective Scribe of 2 because of the +7 Text specialization.))

When Talia (and whomever she brings with her) arrives at the edge of the covenant grounds, Godiva is waiting for her. It looks like she has a case with her. At the doorway leading into the castle, she can see Ambrosia (formerly Caiomhe) standing, wringing her hands.

"I'm glad you could make it, " Godiva says, then hands her a casting token (which, frankly, looks like an ordinary smooth lake-side stone about four inches long) and invites her into the Aegis.

"I don't know if your boat has a kitchen on it or anything, but you're welcome to dine with us if you want."

"My ship is well provisioned. I hope to have you aboard, and we can exchange hospitality, as well as knowledge during this period of time. Here is the armarius with the text we discussed." Talia indicates two grogs carrying the book chest between them.