1223 Mishegoss

Godiva smiles. "And here is the summa on Rego we promised," she says, indicating the case (which, now that Talia's closer, appears to be a single, solid block of wood). She picks it up with an ease that indicates that either she's a lot stronger than she looks, or the block isn't quite what it seems.

"I'm looking forward to spending time at your covenant, forging the bonds of hermetic friendship, as it were." She starts to head down the path toward the ship without looking back at the castle.

"I'm sorry, I guess our negotiation wasn't fully defined. I had no idea that you wished to come to Insula Canaria and didn't arrange for scribal hospitality. That, and my ability to be docked just offshore, I had expected to stay aboard my ship with your tome, while you have our tome in your own scribal facilities."

((Just a reminder, in case you forgot: back on 9 October (granted, it's been a couple of months):

In case you want to edit. If not, we can roll with the staying at OL))

((I had forgotten all that. Talia will need to have secured scribal supplies for two books. Is that a possibility or do I need to retcon Talia securing Godiva's supplies, and expect Orientali Litore has doen the same? With Godiva at Insula Canaria, it doesn't seem necessary for Talia to stay near Orientali Litore, either. She'd just dock her ship at Insula Canaria as usual, and then ferry Godiva back when she's done.

((Let's go with each one providing the supplies for one book, Godiva staying in Talia's unused cottage (is that the one that the nurse and Ezio live in, or do they live on the ship?), Talia staying on the ship, and both scribing their little hearts out for a couple seasons.))

We'll do it that way...
Talia doesn't need Godiva's token. Ezio and the nurse will be moved aboard ship for the period, letting Godiva have access to the cottage without interruption. Talia will moderate some of her activity much as she did when they were at sea.

Talia helps Godiva with whatever she needs help with and escorts her to the ship, "You're invited to come aboard and be my guest for the short sail back to Insula Canaria."

"Thank you," Godiva says sweetly, then picks up her box (she obviously packs lightly) and follows Talia back to the Whoa Buoy.

It's about a three hour trip back to Insula Canaria, and Godiva spends pretty much the whole time at the railing, looking out over the loch and the surrounding hills with a dreamy smile on her face.

For their part, much of Talia's crew makes an effort to look at Godiva at least once or twice en route.

"Shall we start at your library? Or do you want me to get situated in...your cottage, I think you said? first?"

"That would be my guest's choice." She'll take her wherever, and (pressuming the retcon is in full effect, Talia would have a token to give) "Oh, by the way, I invite you into our Aegis."
She'll take her wherever first, and see to her needs, she'll help Ezio and the nurse relocate to the Whoa Buoy.

"To the library...oh, wait. You said you would be doing the scribing here on your bo...ship, somewhere? If you would, take me to where you'll be doing the work, and I'll show you how this armarius works."

Once they get to where Talia takes her, Godiva sets the case on the table (if there's room) or floor. She then touches it and says "Disgorgio." The seamless wooden box then opens up to show the tome nestled inside.

"Simple enchantment, I would think. It opens the case for the length of a diameter. You don't want to have your hand in there when it closes again...it's rather painful. And you can open it six times a day, so if you do get your hand caught, it won't be in there all day. Hopefully.

"Just, put the tome back inside when you're not using it, please."

She then asks to be shown the library, and then the cottage.

"Yes, in my sanctum. You can show me with the door open, so you don't have to be concerned about entering a maga's sanctum." Talia's desk is configured to accept a reasonably sized tome.
"I promise to return it to the chest whenever I'm finished with it for an extended period of time."
Talia takes Godiva to the library and introduces her to Edgar. At least this time she's dressed. During this time she'll have Ezio and his nurse moved aboard, out of the cottage, if they haven't moved already. ((Is this where Caoimhe and Godiva fall madly enough, shack up and move back to Orientali Litore?))

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