1223 On Deck

As near as I can tell, the only open thread from 1222 is Intercharacter Goodness.

Before I move on to 1223, I just want to check on a couple of things.

  • Does the troupe want to have the grog [strike]pirate[/strike] gentleman adventurer thread in addition to the four magus/companion seasonal threads, or to have it be one of the four?
  • Does anyone have any complaints about how things have gone so far, aside from the unexpected cliff-dive into NC-17 territory (not that it's a complaint, from me, it was just unexpected)? I dumped a bunch of pm's from my folder, so I should be ready for the onslaught.
  • Starting in 1223, I think I'm going to have a separate Council Meeting thread for the four meetings. Anything the characters need to bring up, discuss, declare wizards' war during, what have you, should be done in that.
  • Both the Verdi Competition and the Gathering of Twelve Years are farther off than I thought I would (1235 and 1227 respectively), but the next Tribunal is right around the corner, in 1224. If anyone's interested, Hibernia's is also 1224, while Stonehenge is in 1223. So, if any characters want to be thinking ahead...

I'm sure I'll think of other things that I forgot, but that's the way it goes.

If there are any items that the characters want to work on/look for/do this year, this is the thread for that, too.

Personally, I want to do something with Ysebrand and the grogs, not necessarily together. I want to de-emphasize Talia. I put the winter in Iberia thing as a placeholder, not really being serious and meaning to go back and edit it. I think traveling the North Atlantic by sea during the winter in that day and age is ill-advised. I feel I need to give Ysebrand a bit of loving, as I don't want to keep him in th elab all the time, and he needs to go and make a name for himself as a Venditor.

No problem, I can swap out their places in my rotation chart. That would put Ysebrand in the Autumn story.

Also, before I forget (again) - you can double-dip on experience points.

Which means, if you get Adventure experience, you can spend those on top of the experience points you get from study, as long as you take into account the penalties for Distractions on p. 165.

This does not apply to the Exposure XP you get from lab work, although you always get Exposure experience in Gaelic as long as you spend some time dealing with the locals.

Which also means that Trimalchio can do something for his Summer of 1222 besides "Adventure - 5 xp into Order of Hermes Lore." I don't think anyone spent enough time on adventure for the Distraction rules to come into play.

(I'm going to put this in the House Rules section in a couple of minutes.)

Hmm... I hadn't planned for anything study/labwork whatever for summer... That changes things a bit...

Trimalchio will practice Area Lore(Loch Ness) then - practice for Area Lore usually yields 5-7 xp so I'll get level 1 that season.

Aodhan is prepared to spend the entire year setting up his lab. He needs 2 to build it, one more to add the feature of the magical item, another season to add another feature, a forge (unless that coincides with the magic item, but I don't think it should), and one or more seasons after that (but he can do that later) so he can add the studio feature also. He's not content to use the common lab and barter for its time, unless he's getting some kind of commission to make an item. Once it's decided where new labs can be built he's going to start building.

So that is his main, perhaps only, item for discussion, aside from vis.

Let's call it 6 xp, and go ahead and give me a general Awareness check (Quality die), just to see if he finds anything Extraordinarily Interesting.

It looks pretty much like the "new lab" discussion just kinda died out, and nothing's going to get accomplised vis-a-vis getting a new building erected on Eilean Chon for 1222.

Did you want to go ahead and have Aodhan build his lab in '22, or keep studying and hope something gets resolved on that front before he starts anything?

I thought we were adding new floors onto the existing building on Eilean Chon.

Is there room for any separate buildings without disturbing the vis source?


that's a 10...how many botch dice?

Quality die means no chance of botch a 10 is a 10! Probably found somethin'!

I actually don't remember seeing any kind of consensus on the matter.

I've laid out a couple of times that it is possible to redo the island to where you can get a much larger lab structure on it, if you can find someone who can do the Ambulatory Laboratory (which,while it's been mentioned once or twice that people would like to have someone cast that spell for them, therre's been no follow-up that I can recall).

Basically, if we want to redo the labs on Eilean Chon, these are the options that I see:

  • 1.Build more levels onto the existing structure. The drawback to that would be that each floor would house either one lab at 0 or +1 size, or two labs at -1 size. This could be done in a couple of hours, plus the seasons of work to get the lab(s) set up.
  • 2.Someone's going to have to remove the laboratory completely and put it in storage (one season), someone's going to have to ReTe the island to lower and widen the top (basically, instead of looking like /------------\ it's more like |------------|, kinda sorta), while making sure that the rose bushes aren't damaged, cast Cabin of Earthen Wood to make the new two- or three- or however many-story laboratory building (all of which should take half a day), and then move the Common Lab back into the Eilean Chon structure (taking another season). The big downside to this, aside from the time involved, is that whoever's overseeing the transfer is going to have to make a Magic Theory roll for every feature to be sure that it doesn't get lost.
  • 3.We find someone who can cast Ambulatory Laboratory (and I'm thinking there's probably only a handful in the whole order, considering all the requisites that would be involved), have someone cast a Sun or Moon duration Creo Whatever structure to house the lab temporarily, have someone Ambulate the lab into the quonset hut, reshape the island as above, and have them Ambulate the lab back into its new home. This whole thing should take a day, but doesn't run the risk of messing up the lab features.
  • 4.Or, we talk and discuss how we need to do something about the lab situation but can't come to an agreement, so nothing gets done. Which is what I thought was happening.

As it stands now, there's no room to put any structures on the island any bigger than an outhouse. If we go with options 2 or 3, that just about triples the available space you have to work with and keep the vis source intact. Reworking the island lets you build a structure that has enough space for 3 Size +1 labs per floor.

We'll keep the studies that he did in 1222. In 1223, as soon as he's told where he can build a lab he starts a'buildin. Whether it's on the new floors or somwhere else. He just couldn't abide sharing a lab.

He never had to or has to share a lab. From the very beginning he (anyone) could setup a lab in the +3 aura. If you want +6 aura we have some work to do, first. It's a common goal to plan for and work towards. No one seems interested in doing this, they just want to setup in the +6 aura. I've been trying to coordinate this OOC, but the issue seems to be if they can't setup in +6 it's not worth setting up until it is possible.

I don't really see any of those options being viable except #1. And then we fight over who gets to set up in the levels that get added.

Subsequent levels need not necessarily be restricted to size +1; additions can be made and then supported by stilts. Like having a patio on top of a carport.

We need an Architect. Someone call George Costanza. :laughing:

Let's make it right.


Every magus was put in a cottage that used to belong to a magus. Every magus's cottage has space for a standard-sized lab. The covenant has enough stuff for every magus to set up a lab to their specifications, given the appropriate amount of time. Every magus could have been doing so this whole time. The only lab that needs shared is the Common Lab on Eilean Chon, and the only drawback that I can see is the scheduling issue (and so far it's only been requested by a magus once).

So far, nobody has set up a lab. Anywhere. Talia has a lab on her boat, but that came with her, and it's small and cramped. Even if the magi couldn't be bothered to set up a lab themselves, there are others that they could have spoken to that they might have negotiated their setting up the magus's labs in exchange for something.

I would think that having a lab in a +3 Aura is better than having nothing. But maybe that's just me shrug.

This is what I overlooked. With this then, starting in 1223 he will start working on getting his cottage set up as a lab. His intent is that when it becomes viable he'll build a lab on the more choice spot, and in the meanwhile he'll likely put some work into making items that can facilitate one of the methods illustrated.

Since he's not builing his lab from the ground up this time, does it still take the 2 seasons to get a deafult lab?

Yep. One season to get it to a Basic lab (with a -3 penalty to lab activities), and a second to get it up to a Standard laboratory, with a Refinement score of 0.