1224.1: Come Sail Away

A couple of weeks into the voyage, Tintavius sits up in his bunk and looks at Aodhan.

"So, you and the maga have a spat? "

((Can't make an Awareness roll, if you want to for me please go ahead))

Aodhan looks at his pater in confusion. "Spat? I don't know what you mean." ((Aodhan is mostly clueless about anything but magic items so where this leads will likely be entertaining))

((Aodhan's Awareness roll: Per 1 + Awareness 2 + die roll of 4 = 7.))

"It's been a month and a half since I got here. You haven't headed over to her ship for any length of time, and she hasn't come to your cottage...and you've been with me almost the whole time, so you've not snuck out for a rendezvous in the woods or anything. And from the sounds of it," he nods his head in the direction of the barely-audible rhythmic moaning and screaming, "sounds like she's not exactly waiting for you to do something. So, out with it. What's going on?"

Talia's Awareness roll is: a total of 5 or 6 if her at sea specialty applies, on a non botching 0.

((Aside from hearing Talia's latest board meeting, do I notice anything else with the Awareness?))

Aodhan still looks confused until he concentrates and hears the antics; he'd heard it so frequently he tuned it out, like the cawing of the seagulls. At that and his Master's question he blushes to the end of his nose. "Uh...Pater...that's...I mean...we haven't...." he makes a strange gesture with his hands "Which is to say that...whatever is going on is not..." he pauses and a look of horror comes over his face. "Don't tell me you and her..!"

"Wipe that look off your face, boy! You think I don't have what it takes to make a woman scream louder than that? No, I haven't rutted* her, I was just so glad you were finally doing something right I didn't want to mess it up for you. I should have known better." He mutters the last under his breath.

He hops to his feet and glares up at Aodhan. "So, what's your problem, then? She's not bad looking, it sounds like she knows what she's doing. Did you give it a go and she turned you down, or couldn't you screw up the courage to even try?"

*he doesn't actually use the word "rut", but I don't feel like using the word he does use...there might be children reading :smiley:

About two or three days before the Whoa Buoy would reach Verdi, Talia and Aodhan both (independently) spot a small sailing vessel (almost a yacht) ahead and slightly to port, which seems to be listing slightly.

Talia will order the ship to General Quarters.

Did she need to cast her spell today or is she taking advantage of favorable winds? If she cast the spell, what was the wind direction at the start (which gives me an idea of what the other ship's wind is like).

The winds are generally out of the west-southwest, so the wind is pretty favorable.

Talia will call Aodhan to her, after ensuring her crew is ready for battle. "Aodhan, we're under sail for your cause. There appears to be a ship under some distress. It could be pirates lying in wait, with this as the bait for the trap. I'm not afraid of springing such a trap, but I'm leaving it up to you as to decide whether we attempt to render assistance to that ship, and deal with the attendant consquences, trap or no, or whether we decide to move on and ignore the ship. I will have you know that sometimes the rewards for assistance can be worthwhile."

((Thanks for the word selection))

Aodhan basically clams up about the whole subject and gets ready to make his way off the ship when Talia comes to him.

"Ah, just who I was looking for..." he pauses when Talia tells him about the ship, he's reminded of the somewhat legendary (but definitely anti-climactic) ending of his Founder. "I...don't know, perhaps we should investigate but be wary? From what you were saying this ship is quite capable. I and my Pater can help defend the ship should it be necessary."

"But also Talia...I can't honestly say how long it will take for us to do what we came here for. Most likely not too long, but there might be a line of others who are there first. We will get word to you as soon as we can about how long it will take. Assuming everything here goes well, how long are you willing to wait?"

"I take my lab with me. I can keep myself occupied for sometime. And the crew really doesn't have much of a reason to stay in port long. This ship is like a man; It enter's port quickly, get's what it wants, and then is gone before the port even notices." Talia sighs a bit at the last one. "I'm sure Verdi has ample diversions for sailors, and if not Verdi, any nearby port will do."

"So, do you wish to offer assistance?

Aodhan looks rather confused at the metpahor Talia makes about men and ports and seems about to raise a question when he shakes his head and returns to a more pertinent issue.

"Yes, we can investigate and you'll have my help, I'll follow your lead as this is your ship and your crew of course. God help the other ship if they should piss off my Pater though."

I'm assuming that the subject Aodhan is clamming up about is Talia. Leaving Inverness, say, March 28, it takes 42 days to get to Verdi, so arriving on May 9. Assuming it takes a week in Verdi, you'd be leaving May 16, and arriving back in Inverness June 28, about two weeks into Summer and about a month before Tribunal starts. So, if that's the case, then the conversation between Aodhan and Tintavius about Talia (or Talia and Aodhan) would be around April 12th or so. And the spotting of the vessel would be about May 6, three days before you reach the island.

That clear things up a little on the timeline?

Sorry I missed this. But yes, that's good enough for her to notice whatever. Tintavius isn't hiding his curiosity about everything on the ship, and if it's the other, she might notice Tintavius elbowing Aodhan when Talia walks by and giving him basically a wink and a thumbs-up.

About Talia's noticing, she might flip her hair, or sway her hips a bit more. It's always good to show off for someone new...

Talia orders her crew. "Make sail towards the other ship." Talia casts her Spell of Fair Wind to direct the winds in such a way to provide a better line to intercept at best speed. When she get's close, enough, she'll furl her sails with The Expeditious Rigger. ((I really didn't need to roll on the first one, as it's automatic and no chance of losing fatigue. The last one I rolled as it might be stressed.))

Before the Whoa Buoy gets into range, she'll relay to Aodhan, "I'll be speaking in Italian, you might be able to follow it a bit. If they are friendly, but speak a different language, we'll have to rely upon Paolo for that."

And when within shouting range, "Ahoy, ship. Are you in need of assistance?" Talia looks around for something suspicious ((total of 13)).

When Talia gets within hailing distance, she spots the name painted on the bow: [strike]Tereus[/strike] Persea.

She spots the name before seeing any crew?
Talia's mood darkens. Paolo is probably the only one with her who knows the significance of the ship. She mouths the name out to him.
Switching to Latin. "Ahoy, vessel, we can offer Hermetic assistance if necessary." She emphasizes Hermetic in such a way as to suggest that there is a maga aboard the vessel, and hopefully warning them that an attack on her vessel would be a breach of the Code. She'll have Paolo translate the message into Greek. She'll also order her crew to keep an eye out for a smaller sailing vessel.
Talia loses herself in a memory... It was a warm sunny day at sea, like so many before. Talia and Aeliophanes had taken leave of The Tereus and gone aboard his personal sailing vessel. Just the two of them cramped into what was meant for one. But for the young lovers it didn't matter. Talia's darkly complected skin absorbed the sun, as she lay on the deck of the boat while Aeliophanes sailed toward the monster he'd heard about. Every now and again he'd blow her a kiss. His signal for her to change the wind and fine tune his course. Eventually, he finds the spot, dives into the water and slays the beast. He doesn't even come back with much of a trophy, nothing except the few pawns of vis, that is. Upon his return the pair make love as the sun sets, carrying on into the wee hoursof the morning.

Well, the Tereus is a one-man sailing vessel, which has her sails furled. Talia didn't spot any obvious damage, but considering the time of day (mid-afternoon, about 3:30) you'd think the captain would be under sail if possible.

A moment or two after she calls out, Talia hears a very familiar voice reply. [color=red]"Talia? Is that you, love?" Aeliophanes says, his voice not as robust as she remembers. [color=red]"What are you doing here? Or am I dead and this is Elysium?"

Aeliophanes comes out onto deck then, looking much as Talia remembers. Maybe a shade more tan. He holds his right arm close to his body.

((The Tereus is the ship under his nominal command, and also has his sanctum aboard, but he has the personal unnamed sailing vessel according to The Sundered Eagle. But having it as just one ship works for me.))
"Don't call me 'love.' I certainly remember the last thing you called me, and it wasn't love, and that word is about as far as love as I can imagine it. To answer your question, I'm ferrying an amicus to Verdi. What are you doing here, so far from the Aegean? Did you lose a fight with a monster? I told you it was only a matter of time." Talia's tone is a bit tighter, as if she's trying to avoid falling into old patterns. She adopts a formal tone, Captain Aeliophanes, are you in need of assistance? We can lash your ship to ours, and I extend to you permission to come aboard. We are then going to make our way to Verdi. None of the good quarters are available, so you'll have to make do with the commons with the other men, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue for you."

Aodhan winces and puts away the wand of Ash he had pulled from his gear. Even he wasn't dense enough to miss the tone and history between these two.

'Amicus, eh?' Aodhan thinks to himself and raises an eyebrow.

((You're right, I had misread it the last two times...let's change it to Persea, then.))

[color=red]"You had just told me you were leaving. I was angry, and upset, and I'm sure we both said things we regret. I know I did. But if you're still angry about whatever it was you think I did..."

Aeliophanes looks off at the horizon and takes a deep wincing breath before answering. [color=red]"I don't spend as much time with Favonius as I used to. Too many memories. And I had hoped to find fresher hunter grounds here."

Aeliophanes stiffens at the formality. [color=red]"That would be appreciated. She could use a patch job and needs to have a few inches of water in the hold dealt with." He makes his way to the railing, but when (or if) the crew throw over ropes to lash the ship, he's not much help...he's still holding his right arm tight to his body, so he's trying to do everything with his off hand.