1224.1: Come Sail Away

"I wasn't a member of Favonius, I didn't really want to be a member of Favonius. And despite your mentioning you don't spend as much time with Favonius, I don't think you've renounced your membership, have you? And we both knew that I was there to learn. So, I learned, and then I left when I felt I'd learned enough. And I know there were plenty of women who could satisfy your appetites, and I saw your eye wander enough, while my eyes stayed only on you."

"Men!" She says with a disgusted tone. She'll furl his sails if they are unfurled, and will then cast Conjure the Sturdy Vine from his ship and have the men fish it out and use the vine pull his ship close, and then lash it down with ropes from her ship. "Any fool can tell you're injured, Aeliophanes. What happened?"

Aeliophanes opens his mouth to speak, closes it, then looks down as he shakes his head and says something softly in his native Greek.

He makes his way carefully from the Persea to the Whoa Buoy (not too proud to accept help if it's offered), then chuckles at her question. [color=red]"You were right, again. I lost a fight with a monster. I went down after a serpent, but it slammed me against the hull of my ship. Almost lost my spear." He grunts with annoyance. [color=red]"Once I get healed up and the Persea seaworthy again, I'm coming back after it."

"Well, I can't heal you, I've never gotten around to learning that spell, yet. As you can imagine, I have a couple of Verditius magi aboard, and I don't know if they can help you out. And the only vis I have is Herbam, but that might be useful if you know the spell to repair your ship." How bad does his wound look? Awareness roll of 9.

Aodhan shrugs then steps up to the rail. "I can heal it, if ye have the vis and it's not too bad. I know the Chirurgeon's Healing Touch."

Aeliophanes looks like he's taken a couple of light wounds and a medium one. Arm's not broken, but it looks like a sprained wrist and shoulder, and he's got some tender ribs (at best).

((Okay, I see two ways to magically patch the ship...doesn't have a hole, but it's more like the caulking is loose or gapping or whatever, so it has a small, slow leak, if that makes any sense? One is a CrHe ritual, base 2 (processed plant product), +2 for treated and processed Herbam products, +2 Voice, Momentary, +2 Group (to fill several gaps/holes), for a final level of 20, which is the minimum Ritual level. The other is Rego Craft out of Covenants, Base 3 ("control an amount of wood), +2 Voice, +1 Concentration, +1 Individual (since you're affecting one blob of oakum), and a Finesse Roll of 9. (I keep thinking there's another Rego Craft stuff somewhere besides what's in Covenants, but I can never remember where it is...I should probably put a note in my Covenants for that). What do you guys think? Which would be the better way to go?))

[color=red]"I do have some Corpus vis in the hold. Cleared out a nest of sirens a few months ago."

HoH:S, p. 60-61.

(early spring)

Tintavius, for his part, appreciates the show...whenever she does the hair-flip or the hip-sway, he leers, openly ogles, cat-calls and wolf-whistles. Think stereotypical construction worker.

Tintavius leans over and stage-whispers, loud enough for Talia to probably hear. [color=red]"Well, what are you waiting for, boy? She's showing off for somebody, there's a chance it might be you!"

((Talia doesn't know a ritual to repair his ship, so it's kind of moot, unless Aeliophanes knows one. It's entirely reasonable that Aeliophanes does know one since it's a low level ritual and his Creo score is probably pretty decent if he's an Ignem based Flambeau. The Rego method requires having enough wood on hand, which he may not, but I think it's reasonable that Talia's ship would. The effect should probably be Base 3, R:V, D:Mom, T:Group, for a final level of 15. Unless we want to get into reworking Rego crafting, crafting happens in an instant. Talia's CS is Rego 6 + Herbam 10 +Sta 2 + Focus 6 [presuming no aura] + Al 2 [going ceremonial] for a total of 26/2=13.))

"I think I can manage your repairs if they aren't significant, and I have enough wood, if you haven't yet learned the ritual to repair your ship. Permission to repair your ship?" She says that last without any trace of scorn derision towards Aeliophanes. She's well aware of how one's plans can be disrupted.

Assuming he allows Talia to make repairs, the rolls are are rolls of 9 and 9. The effect should succeed and the Finesse total is 3+4+9=16.

I was actually thinking that the Rego would be for the re-caulking the hull, which would require a supply of oakum and putty of some kind, which he has, since his hull doesn't actually have any holes in it.

But for expediency's sake, let's go with what we know. And Talia's repairs work.

[color=red]"Thank you, Talia. That is much appreciated," Aeliophanes says with a not-quite-forced smile.

"How much corpus vis do you have? We could probably find a healer in Verdi and get you back underway quickly."

[color=red]"I've got...about twelve pawns, I think," Aeliophanes says, then grins. [color=red]"It was a good-sized nest."

:unamused: "Very well, let's get you comfortable and get back underway to Verdi. We'll drop off my amicus and his pater and find someone to heal you, if you want to spend the vis that way." Talia unfurls the sails and resets the wind to a favorable course to Verdi.

Aeliophanes agrees with the plan. When Talia shows him his bunk in the commons with the other men, he looks at her in surprise. [color=red]"You were serious about that?" he says.

"Have you ever known me to be otherwise? Aodhan and Tintavius are in the other private quarters. I'm not going to ask them to room together. I don't quite trust Aodhan's pater, but I haven't had any troubles on this voyage. I'm not going to create a situation that will make my life difficult after you're on your way, and I'm returning home." Talia looks him squarely in the eye. "Count your blessings that I didn't quite recognize the silhouette and I was willing to lend assistance to what appeared to be a vessel in distress."

[color=red]"Are you saying that letting me sleep in your cabin would cause problems?" Aeliophanes says. He lets his eyes roam over her entire body. [color=red]"You're the captain. But I have missed you, more than you know, and somehow you're even more beautiful than I remember. Once I'm feeling better, maybe we can catch up."

He turns and goes to his bunk to lie down, resting on his left side (which, coincidentally, puts his back to her).

"Then tell me how you've missed me. When we parted, you suggested you never would. I'm not saying it's impossible that you've since had a change of heart, but that was what, 8? 9 years ago? Redcaps are famous at being able to deliver letters. I've received none. It would be different if I'd never returned a letter of yours, but you're offering me a story that seems awfully convenient." Seeing that he's settled, she goes back above decks. She'll order a double watch for the night, giving Aeliophanes space in the common quarters, and also addressing her bump of trouble.

She'll ask someone to tend to his wound with Chiurgy. ((I don't have stats for all the crew, I've left them black, if you'd like me to gin one up and give you some hard and fast numbers, I can, let me know.))

[color=red]"When you said goodbye, it sounded rather final," he says over his shoulder. [color=red]"It's possible to miss people you think you're never going to see again. But if you can honestly say that you've never missed me, even a little bit..."

((I can't imagine the ship not having someone with Chirurgy, to deal with accidents and what not. So we can say that one of the crew has Chirurgy: 4. A quick Google search found a mostly-stated Sailor grog that we can tinker with the numbers on.))

"Goodbyes, are final. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I wasn't staying in the Aegean, and I wasn't going to go back to my pater's covenant. So, I just sailed, crossed the pillars of Hercules."

Switching back, What you said to me, right before I left... I never forgot. And so there are times that I look back on our time together with fondness. I see something of that almost daily. But what you said always comes back, and then my nostalgia is sated, and my feelings of missing you never develop. You miss me, but you miss me as I was when we were together. That was a long time ago, and I am not that person anymore, nor are you the person you were back then. People change, and I won't be the person you think I should be. Good night, Aeliophanes."

Talia will probably take three or more of her crew tonight, which combined with the double watch should give Aeliophanes plenty of privacy.

Aeliophanes spends the next two or three days at the railing, eyes fixed on the horizon, apparently looking for something. He doesn't acknowledge anyone if they approach him unless they say something. His right arm is in a sling now, and he seems to be moving a little better than he was before.

Talia will come up to him. "Brooding, or looking for the Tereus?"