1224.2: Off to See the Wizards

The Great and Powerful Tribunal thread.

Everyone who's going to go to Tribunal (magus and muggle), please sign in and make a Hearing Awareness check.

1d10=4, 1d10=9
Total of 6 for Leandra, 15 for her familiar.
Which reminds me, I gotta find a good picture for the girl and put her up on the wiki.

Aodhan is Go!

1d10+3 → [4,3] = (7)

Donnchadh Dubh Awareness 2 (alertness) + Per 1 + 1d10=8 = 11

He will just have Growler with him ( Mastiff animal companion). Just in case... Per2 + Awareness 4 + 1d10=4 = 10

Antoninus...Per 1 + Awareness 1 + roll 10 or 0 (no botch) = 12 or 2

Brigid is lurking in the area, but I'm not sure if there is an Aegis keeping her out. Regardless...Per -1 + Awareness 3 + roll 5 = 7

Trimalchio will attend - per+awareness 7 (8 if speciality in "magic" applies), + roll 3 (invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3907919/) = total 10.

Talia is paying attention and keeping her loins under control...
Rolls a total of 12 for an awareness + perception check.

Okay, so we've got Leandra, Aodhan, Donnchadh, Antoninus, Trimalchio, and Talia in attendance, it seems.

Is anyone planning on showing up early (like before the merchants set up)? A couple of days before? Or at the beginning of tribunal?

And am I correct in assuming that the Insula Canaria contingent would be traveling together?

Oh, by the way: Drystan and Doineann are going. Eilid would prefer to stay behind.

Leandra would probably be there early. She had a long way to go -- Hamburg to Edinburgh by ship, and then to Loch Leglean -- and her only form of travel is walking. If she left in the beginning of the Summer season, she'd likely miss the tribunal altogether, so her only choice was to leave in the Spring and be there early.


Antoninus is traveling with Maria, so he'll arrive whenever the Redcaps normally do.

Aodhan would want to arrive just a bit before it started so he can try to scare up some business.

The Redcaps normally arrive four or five days before Tribunal starts (which would be before the early arrivals start to arrive) in order to set up, get the paperwork ready, and so on. They basically run gate and registration.

Is he wanting to try to set up a merchant's booth? (I would ask if Talia wants to be a booth babe, but... :laughing: )

I think he's setting himself up for embarassment if he does, he has only a few magic items, then again...

Yes, he would set up a booth using the the items he's made so far; the boots, the bedroll, the hat and his anvil. He'll make sure people understand that the anvil isn't for sale but is an example of the kind of quality he can make. There isn't enough time to make an Item of Quality between when he learns it and returns is there?

Pardon the intrusion....

On the anvil/stall: Setting up a show of his skills would be perfectly legit IMO. He is there to show what he can do, but only that. He can dispose of some of the items he has, but is basically running a show of "I can do that for you as well if you are willing to pay the commission price". It is a supply on demand, not a general items sell. I would say that A LOT of hermetics run this kind of service on concrete demand as well, since covenants and hermetics are quite a specialist and niche customer that requires lots of tweaking to the product being sold unless it is bulk stuff and raw materials like vis.


I was initially going to say not the booth, but I figured basically what you just said here. So yeah, definitely setting up the booth and putting up the shingle.

No, Aodhan and Talia probably had just enough time to get home, unpack, then pack up again for the trip to Loch Leglean Covenant.

OK that's fine. Those items are usually more for mundanes anyway, but he can always enquire.

I haven't adjusted Aodhan's sheet yet with the addition of the Mystery as well as the Hubris he'll get for it.

((Is Aodhan going to bring Ysebrand, even though prices are "set" there is always room to negotiate the kind of vis to receive, or something...))