1224.2a: All Rise

A wee bit of time-jumping. Figured I'd go ahead and put a couple of the Tribunal cases in their own thread, so as to not clutter up the main Tribunal thread.

When Tribunal is formally opened, Whitburh Frithowebba is announced and takes her seat behind a table on the dais. Then the Praeco, Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita, is announced. After a few moments, the door at the back of the hall flies open and a thick cloud of colorful butterflies quietly wings its way to the larger chair (looking something like a throne), swirling for a second before it becomes a chestnut-haired young woman, seemingly in her late teens, wearing an iridescent colorful gown.

Once the Praeco takes her seat, she nods to Whitburh, who picks up a sheet of parchment. Before she can say anything, a young magus rises. [color=red]"I object!", he says. [color=red]"How do we know this is truly the Praeco?" It's fairly obvious that the objection is part of a ritual.

Whitburh turns and says something quietly to Caitlin, who replies. Whitburh then turns and announces, [color=red]"It is her."

The business of the Tribunal begins, which, for the most part, consists of the Tribunal ratifying agreements, punishments, et cetera, that have already been agreed to by the parties involved.

The first case of note is after lunch the first day. Magus Radislav am Polanach of Criamon (who is not in attendance) was captured by the magi of Dun-Naomhaig about two years ago, during a contested vis gathering. Dun-Naomhaig sent a ransom demand of 15 pawns of Rego vis to Crun Clach, Radislav's covenant. When Crun Clach delivered the ransom, they were told that the ransom had been raised to 25 pawns. Dun-Naomhaig's contention is that the ransom had to be delivered by the winter solstice, and that when Crun Clach was delinquent with the ransom, that nullified the agreement.

So. I had totally forgotten that this is the tribunal before Grand Tribunal. Which means three delegates are chosen, and the tribunal should decide what issues they feel should be brought up.

Each magus in attendance is given a piece of vellum with the tribunal sigil on the back when they sign in. They can write the name of who they nominate to be delegate and put it in a narrow vase that's set by the door to the meeting hall; they can nominate themselves if they want. At the end of the third day (or when all other business is concluded), the Redcaps meet and tally the nominations. If any nominee should garner more than half of the magi in attendance (for example, if there are 68 magi, and someone's name is on 35 scraps, they're going to Durenmar). The fourth day, each nominee is named in turn (in order from most nominations to least), debated and discussed, and voted yay or nay. If the nominee gets a majority "yay", then they're named a Delegate. This process continues until they have three Delegates.

Once Loch Leglean has her Delegates, the tribunal then brings up possible issues to be presented to the Grand Tribunal.

I don't plan on running a Grand Tribunal thread, but if anyone wants their character to go, or has any ideas of what should be discussed at GT, I guess this is as good as place as any. I have a couple of GT issues, which aren't necessarily Loch Leglean-based.

Aodhan smiles as he writes 'Tintavius' on his piece of paper. He likely wouldn't get invited, but if he did he'd at least be out of his business for awhile.

((If Aodhan were to mention his selection to his sodales, maybe others would help ensure his selection...))


Aodhan turns to Talia and about as subtle as he can asks loud enough for others to hear: "So...who do you want to go? You know who might be good to send? Tintavius, aside for causing trouble his only real pet cause is securing vis rights and getting more vis...just...suggesting is all..."

"I don't have an opinion. But sending that old creep off is a great idea..." Talia offers her agreement and writes it out. "But we probably need more people involved in this than just us few."

Aodhan seems perplexed for a few seconds. "Aye...it won't be just by my vote I'm sure. But...I'm not very good at this type of thing." he turns to the others of Isla Canaria. "If we all voted for him that would likely put him in the running wouldn't it? Then we'd vote for his merits...at the least it'd be an embarassment for him I'd wager. But again, aside from revenge it's vis that's his desire, not a bad thing. We could settle some vis rights issues we might be having with the other Tribunals. Are we having any? We have to have some, the Order can nay agree about anything!"

"I don't know, why don't you find out and get back to us, Aodhan?" Talia smiles winsomely at him. He can probably see through this to some degree, since she's not really as charming as she'd like, =http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4041701/rolling a total of a 3 on a non botching 0. Then again, Talia doesn't care too much about politics... So... :smiley:

((Anyone who wants to help try to get Tintavius [strike]exiled[/strike] named delegate to Grand Tribunal can make a Com + Intrigue roll, please.))

Well, Talia would try a bit...
But she has no Intrigue... So her total roll is a whopping 3.

((I can't make a roll right now, but have a Comm +1 and no Intrigue, if anyone wants to roll for me.))

Comm+Intrigue roll

1d10+1 → [5,1] = (6)

Choosing the three delegates takes the better part of the fourth day. The first two are chosen fairly easily: Argentius of Bonisagus, of the Covenant of Fithich Spòg, fell just short of gaining enough nominations to go without a vote, but he was elected delegate overwhelmingly.

Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita (the Praeco) was also elected, garnering about 60 votes.

The third delegate, much to everyone's surprise, is Tintavius of Verditius, who was about the eighth magus discussed and won election by exactly one vote.

Aodhan is positively elated at the news and begins to dance a jig while laughing so much he looks like he might actually hurt himself while pointing at Tintavius all the while.