1224 Council Meetings

The Spring council meeting starts after breakfast on the day of the Spring Equinox.

"After discussing the matter with Eilid and Doineann," Drystan says, "we have decided to release our unclaimed Vis Stipends back into the general stores. All we ask as that you be careful with your share." He smiles.

((Each magus is allowed 49 pawns of vis, in any Art we have, as long as we keep enough Vim for the Aegis of the Hearth to be cast in the summer. Any vis they choose to defer will be noted in my spreadsheet, and they will be allowed to draw against it in the future, it's not going back into the pool to be redistributed unless the magi says that's what they want.))

Eilid smiles at Iolair, then addresses the Council. "I'm sure many of you have met Iolair," she says with a quick smile at Talia. "He's a former student of mine, and has expresses an interest in joining Insula Canaria." She then motions for Iolair to speak if he wants.

Talia is dressed in her traditional imaginary outfit. "I don't have any need for vis at this time. Oh, and if anyone has a need for Herbam in excess of what's available, I can do 1 to 1 trades. I have rather a lot...

"49? 49?! Ye Gods! What kinds are available?!" Aodhan's hair looks like it's actually standing on end.

Drystan consults a piece of parchment and recites some numbers. "Creo, 35 pawns. Intellego, 14 pawns. Muto, 20 pawns. Perdo, 4 pawns. Animal, 28 pawns. Aquam, 20 pawns. Auram, 20 pawns. Corpus, 40 pawns. Herbam, 4 pawns. Ignem, 30 pawns. Imaginem, 8 pawns. Mentem, 42 pawns. Terram, 48 pawns.Vim, 61 pawns."

Iolair nods to Eilid and smiles to the assembled magi, "I've heard that Insula Canaria is in the process of rebuilding after the recent unfortunate events, and as this is the covenant where I first learned of my Gift I would like to request a chance to be a part of that."

"I don't feel I can rightly deny you the opportunity, so I affirm your membership, sodalis." Later she wants to affirm his member, but...

Aodhan is looking over the lists of vis and doesn't even look up. "Whoever that is...I back what whatever she just said. What does the covenant need? I'll make it...with all this vis...I could make anything..!"

((Make me a sammich))
Talia looks on Aodhan with some disgust, which he probably won't even notice, but others seated should likely see it."Make anything you like with your share. But for now the issue is are you taking any vis or are you deferring it to a later time? When are you leaving for Verdii?" She asks with a sense of hopefullness, as in 'soon, I hope.'

Aodhan finally looks up. "Huh? Oh I'll take my vis now, and we can leave for Verdi as soon as we can." he pauses as he finally comes out of the vis stupor. "Uh, that is when ye please...please?"

((For Aodhan's share:
12 Vim
10 Creo
10 Corpus
5 Ignem
5 Mentem
7 Terram

He needs to hide this quickly, if Tintavius should find it...))

Iolair nods to Talia and smiles and then nods to Aodhan, "Thank you." He then looks to the other magi present to see their reactions.

"So, do we have some sense of what will be on the agenda for the Tribunal? I've never been to one, typically gave my sigil to someone else, but I suppose I should attend a Tribunal, at least once."

"Officially," Drystan says, "the Tribunal is to decide matters that affect all of Loch Leglean, and to settle disputes between magi, or to try matters under the Code. Unofficially, it usually has a pretty good-sized fair attached, merchants selling items that they think we would be in the market for. Lab equipment and the likes. And it's a chance to catch up with amici or sodales we've not seen since the last Tribunal.

"I would not be surprised if the question of Duncan and Faileas isn't brought up at some point." Drystan looks a little dejected as he says the last.

"But we haven't had any investigations beyond the discovery, have we? Do we even have an advocate?"

"A Quaesitor from Normandy has offered to act as our advocate if we need one. She also did the initial investigation when this all happened. Whitburh Frithowebba seems to have taken Laetitia's report at face value and has not done any further investigation, that we've heard," Drystan says.