1224 Tribunal Prep discussion

What kind of stories (if any) does the troupe want in the upcoming Tribunal? Do you want basically a meet-and-greet where you can meet the other magi of the Tribunal (and any visitors)? Do you want to get caught up in the political conflict between Horsingas and Crun Clach? Do you want more of a courtroom drama type thing, with magi/covenants accusing others of various infractions of the Code? Or something else that I've not thought of yet?


Meet and greet is good, want to network and get some customers. Regarding the clan issue, likely will get involved whether we want to or not.

I like the idea of the Tribunal coming together on special projects maybe.

In the interests of being specific. I'm fine with a low key intro meet and greet type of thing, with signs and portents of things not always remaining so in the future, so as to allow some of the other dangled possibilities further down the road.

So, (assuming that everyone makes it back home in time) who all's going to Tribunal?

The Grand Convocation of the Magi of the Loch Leglean Tribunal officially runs from August 1st through August 3rd. It traditionally begins with a pancake breakfast shortly after sunrise, with the meeting beginning about mid-morning (9 am). Tribunal runs until late afternoon (roughly 7pm, which is still not quite three hours before sundown). The second and third days, Tribunal runs from about 8am (about three hours after sunrise) until 7pm, with frequent breaks and recesses.

There are feasts the evenings of the first two days, and a ball the evening of the third and final day.

Unofficially, people (and merchants) arrive two or three days before Tribunal begins to socialize, make and/or renew contacts, and to purchase items of various kinds. Some people don't leave until two or three days after Tribunal officially ends.

It takes about a day or so of travel, over rough roads (if that) to get from Insula Canaria to Loch Leglean Covenant. Or the magi can use the better roads (which goes well south, then east to get their), which takes two, maybe three days. Or you can fly. (Basically, it's about 9 miles as the avian-of-choice flies, about 18 miles through the hills, or 45 along the decent roads.)

I'd also thought of adding an element of the Highland Games to the unofficial aspect of the Tribunal event, feats of magical strength of prowess. Nothing so formalized as Normandy's Tournament, but more along the lines of a bunch of magi standing around going, "Here, hold my beer and watch this" type stuff.

Trimalchio will go to tribunal, as he's eager to try and find out about any interesting hedge magi, magical creatures, etc. within the area (it's what he moved here for).

As for what I like as a player - a chance to find gossip about the way the area is heading Hermetically (and so get an idea which way the saga is going), a change to trade with magi (as we always want more stuff for our specialist arts) and the odd bit of stuff to vote on.

The problem with getting heavily political is that face-to-face it can take hours of discussion, online I can see it taking weeks of people going back-and-forth unless it's a fairly straightforward "side A gives this evidence. Side B gives this evidence. The following bribes/ favours are offered on the side. What questions do you want to ask and how do you intend to vote?"

Antoninus plans to attend, probably taking the overland route from Taigh-Gogar with Maria the Redcap. I assume that means he'll arrive a few days early. His only goal is meeting the magi of Insula Canaria and convincing them to let him join their covenant.

Aodhan plans to go, assuming he makes it back in time.

Would the Tribunal be a good place to introduce Leandra into play?


Guess I'd better get that faerie companion posted then...

Once approved, I can introduce Donnchadh Dubh and Conachar Mor at the tribunal.

I haven't seen anything yet to hold them back.