1225.2 Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Buttah

She would need a 9 on the die roll, so kind of a long shot. She'll just let however many grogs Aleps managed to "recruit" tag-team her for as long as she holds out ,without any magic beyond the Preternatural Growth and Shrinking that she already cast on them.

And if Moire and Sheelagh can't get any sleep...ah, well :smiley:

((Did I get an answer on this, or did I just miss it somewhere?))

The next morning, after everyone has gone their separate ways, Fiona will throw something simple on (it's summer, so she probably doesn't need to dress for warmth...so, say, a simple thin linen robe) and wander over to Korvin's cottage. She stops and listens intently at the door for any telltale signs that he has company, then knocks on the door. ((Per 0 + Awareness 3 + die roll of 3 = 6.))

[color=blue]"Korvin, it's me...Fiona. Do ye have a minute?"

Korvin is not long in answering.

Of course Fiona.

Korvin hesitates for a moment and looks back inside.

I would invite you inside but I fear that you might be uncomfortable....I mean I have no place for you to sit...ah crap. Korvin recovers some composure. Would you like to come in or should we go for a walk?

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"I'm sure I can make do. My business shouldn't take but a moment or two."

She bends over to duck under the transom, brushing against Korvin as she passes by.

She looks around quickly for the sturdiest piece of furniture she can find to sit on.

[color=blue]"I understand that you're something of an expert when it comes to Longevity Rituals. How potent a Ritual can you invent for a mortal?"

((I forgot to factor Ra'am's numbers accordingly. So either compute the full LR Korvin can do or if you halve his LR, make sure to divide Ra'am's stated numbers in two. One final comment. These numbers are a low ball estimate based on Ra'am's scores in 1223.2 I haven't progressed them past that point, and I was only including one apprentice in the LR...))

The bed I think. ahhhh. I mean the bed is sturdy.

Korvin blushes.

He recovers somewhat when talking about Longevity Rituals.

Without vis or experimenting I can reach 20th magnitude.

(( A problem I've noticed I'm having is keeping my character sheet right because of the 5 year time frame of this run. I was updating to the Dance thread. Now I have gone back and updated to the end of Magi Planer. I went back and checked two of the previous versions. I'm going to have to review about 5 of them to make sure I am correct but I think, as of 1226.4, Korvin has a Corpus of 19. It might be 17 but I think 19 is right.))

((I will point out that having Korvin [strike]do Alips[/strike] do Alips's Longevity Ritual will also disrupt Korvin's schedule. Which is where I go Muhahahaha again. So, it's a calculus...

And let's say that Alips lingering any longer than I have her will lead to a whole mess of unintended consequences. But that's a good thing, right?))

Fiona sits on the edge of the bed and gives it a couple of quick, experimental bounces. [color=blue]"A sturdy bed makes all the difference, doesn't it? I would hate to have a bed collapse in the middle of a good...night's sleep," she says with a smile.

That is so cute! she thinks. I'm making him blush!

Fiona looks impressed. She thinks for a minute. [color=blue]"How much would you charge for crafting such a ritual? And how much would you knock off for my assistance?"

((I actually forgot to save different versions, but I have a sheet that has all my seasonal xp expenditures, so if I need it, I just go back and back out what I've spent on whatever since then.))

Korvin licks his lips. Yes. I learned long ago to make my bed sturdy.

Normally I charge 1 pawn of vis per magnitude plus. Any extra vis needed in development is supplied by the subject. For my friends I have waved this cost. I will do one for Alexei after the tribunal. He will just give me a lab text for Leap of Homecoming. I do not think I am organized enough to have you help as well as Abagail. But she might be busy with her studies. I do not know.

Make me an offer.

((Korvin doesn't know, at this point, that he will be doing one for Alexei after Tribunal. In fact, that discussion technically can't begin until 1227.4 between PCs))

Fiona shifts to sit tailor-style on the bed and leans forward, pursing her lips in thought. [color=blue]"Let's see...I am willing to offer my services and those of my apprentice for this project. Hmmm...Seven pawns of vis above that needed for the Ritual. Plus..."

She leans forward even further to whisper conspiratorially. [color=blue]"The subject is Alips...which I think we can both agree is a win all around, is it not?" Fiona grins lasciviously.

((I'm assuming that the 20 magnitudes is better than what she has now...I still haven't gotten an answer to how potent her current one is, yet.))

((Incidentally, just to remove some unnecessary arithmetic, Alips is not considered mundane for purposes of the LR. She does have a supernatural Virtue/Ability. Fiona should pretty much know this, since Alips came out and told her she has some small power and asked for a token to be able to use it. Of course, Fiona may not have put two and two together, because of exhaustion and distraction. Alips wants the ritual done soon (an estimate of within the coming year is reasonable for Fiona to make), that much was apparent, if unstated in dialog. Korvin needs to decide to jettison a season of activity to do Ailips LR, if Fiona wants to pay his price. It is entirely conceivable and reasonable that Korvin may not want to do this, especially if there is someone capable available to do the work, too. Regardless of the price, he might be too busy, or he might find it too much of a distraction. Having someone like Alips around Abigail for an extended period of time may be...unpredictable. Of course, the same calculus applies to Ulrich, but that becomes my problem, not Korvin's. It's also reasonable for Korvin to be concerned about this from a "fatherly" perspective. And for an added piece of information. Praxiteles is not going to seduce Abigail...yet. It will happen later.

((To be done this year Korvin would have to shift some stuff around. Autumn is easier but winter can be done. the question of Abigail and Ailips would be interesting. While Korvin does have a fatherly feeling towards her she would be instructed on the history of Mercere and her duty to the House. Korvin is torn between is feeling that Ra'am would be displeased and what she should do. That Korvin is lecherous he would not see what Ailips does as immoral as it pertains to how members of Mercere should act. This might give Abigail the lecherous flaw. Ra'am would kick me in the shins ( or slightly higher) for that I think. I have not put a specialty in Leadership so I could add one that would effect the Lab. ))

Ailips. Yes. she mentioned that she and her husband needed longevity rituals. hmmmm

Korvin paces about the room. Head bowed in thought.

I can not have both you and your apprentice in the lab. I am not ... organized enough to handle 3 assistants and Paion is far too helpful for longevity rituals and anything with medicine.((Leadership 1)) ((how much would Paul add?))

I think we would sacrifice some potency without Abigail. She is a wonder in the lab. (MT5+Int3+inventive genius3)

Korvin sits on the bed next to Fiona.

Ailips would make the work interesting but distracting. Having her for a season might quite...exhausting.

((No, that was the player assuming that, since Alips had at least one supernatural ability but no Arts or the equivalent, that she was still a mortal vis-a-vis determining the Longevity Ritual stuff. Easily edited.))

((I don't think your Familiar counts against your Assistants for lab work, but Fiona's would. Fiona wouldn't have known that Korvin can only have one assistant besides his Familiar. And, actually, looking at the house rule regarding lab assistants, it looks like he can use his familiar as well as both Fiona and Sheelagh Fiona adds 7 to his LT, and Sheelagh adds 5. Oh, and they both have Inventive Genius, so that another +3 each.))

Fiona doesn't reply at first, but stares off in the distance and licks her lips absently. After a long moment she shivers and shakes her head to regain her focus. [color=blue]"Yes...yes it would," she says with a smile.

She stretches quickly and looks at Korvin. [color=blue]"Does the price sound agreeable, or do you want some time to think about it?"

((Poor Ulrich. Denied.))

((The...session's not over yet. Ulrich still has a chance :smiley: But remind me someday to tell you a rather lascivious use I came up with for Cr(Re)Im))

Unless Sheelagh will get into trouble I would prefer Abigail to help.

[color=blue]"I quite understand. I'm certain I can find the lass some productive way to pass her time and stay out of trouble."

She smiles at Korvin. [color=blue]"So, we're looking at twenty pawns of vis for the preparation of the ritual, plus seven pawns for your time and trouble. And you will have the pleasure of my company for the time it takes to prepare the Ritual for Alips. Does that sound good?"

Korvin smiles back. I will look forward to being close...uhhh...working closely with you. Korvin adjusts his robes. I think we can begin next season if Alips is agreeable.

((What about negotiations for Tribunal?))