1227.2t The Impotence of being Earnest

Herein the less than a score of Merceris Magi debate the weighty issues of their House. ((If anyone wants to adopt a persona for any of the Magical Mereceres who are going to be in attendance, feel free... Azura sends here regrets at being unable to attend. I'll play anyone not claimed by another player. I'll provide whatever details I can via PM, if you're interested in a specific magus.))

((This will not only be an ongoing meeting but Korvin will try to talk to the Magi 1:1 if possible.))

((I'll be happy to play Attravere; if there will be so many that it would be helpful for us to play two each, I'll play Jareth as well. DIBS))

Until Alessandro asserts that it is. :smiley:

Here is the more up-to-date list of the Mercere:

And I think Hypatia will be much more of a pain in the @$$ :mrgreen:

Sometime during the month before the meeting of Mercere magi ((which might just be the month before the Tribunal)), Tranquillina sends a message to Korvin that she would like a private conversation. She meets him at the place of his choosing, whether it be the Princeps office, his sanctum, or elsewhere. She will Outfit herself in one of her most regal (but demure) dresses. She will also search her memories for knowledge of the type of women Korvin finds irresistible, and use Disguise of the New Visage to subtly change her face and hair to allude to those women's features. Finally, she will invoke her talisman's Aura of Ennobled Presence effect as well.
((Knowledge of Korvin's attractions: Int 3 + Folk Ken 3 + stress die 5 = 11. Finesse roll for the Disguise: Int 3 + Finesse 2 + stress die 2 = 7. This is unlikely to make much difference.))

"Salve, sodalis," she greets him warmly. "I know you are quite busy preparing to welcome your many confrères to Mons Electi - how wonderful it must be, anticipating such a gathering of magi from a tradition close to your heart. And as you are surely busy, I shall thank you for taking the time to see me, and proceed right to the point."

"In broad terms, I know that your House's magical lineages are more closely attuned to the secrets of old Roman magic than most of us in the Order. I readily admit my ignorance of the subject, beyond what I have gleaned from conversation and occasional reading - certainly I pale in comparison to your familiarity with this specialization." Far from paling, Tranquillina actually blushes at Korvin. "But I am come to understand that some of your House possess a particular ability, rare to otherwise encounter, but possible to be taught to others with the Gift."

"I hope I do not strain the bonds of our friendship, forged only a few short years ago, if I ask that you do something for me when your sodales are here."

((Charm roll: Prs 2 + Charm 2 + AoEP 3 + stress die 5 = 12. Or even 13 if she can use Com instead of Prs.))

((It's my considered opinion that social rolls between PCs can be taken under advisement, but aren't binding. Just a reminder/notice.))

((I'm working on my opening speech to set the table as it were for the conversations. That is the delay. That plus work is requiring concentration right now.))

Don't worry about it. This is something you can take at a slow pace. The impact on the saga will be over the long term. Might see stirrings of this at Grand Tribunal...but that will be hard to see.

((This is a lot of effort for a favor :slight_smile: I'm guessing that you would be able to hear that many of the female Redcaps that visit Mons Electi will end up in Korvin's bedroom. I'll do an intrigue roll to guide me how he reacts

intrigue 2 + int 3 + 1d10=7 = 12 ))

Korvin will step into her personal space but not make any other move.

Do you wish a favor from me or from my House? It is good to be clear on these things up front.

Definitely agree.

Korvin feels sure that Tranquillina does not display the same level of physical urges as Fiona or Viscaria (or himself, for that matter). In fact he can't recall a specific instance of witnessing or finding out about a dalliance Tranquillina had.

"Ah, a good question," Tranquillina laughs, not coming closer but not moving away in the slightest. "What I wish from your House is a service. What I hope to be granted from you is a favor."

"Am I correct in my belief that there are magi within House Mercere who can cast spells, then dismiss them with but a thought, well before the movement of sun or moon would bring the spell naturally to an end?"

Korvins eyes narrow a bit and he goes back to his desk and sits.
There is a tradition in my House from Hermes Triceres that can do such things.

"Ah, that is excellent to hear. The tradition of Hermes Triceres, yes - and what a venerable tradition it must be, not to mention potent. I suspect I could never master such a power as thoroughly as they." Tranquillia meanders gradually over towards Korvin's desk. "But there are tales of some, outsiders to House Mercere, who nevertheless have been taught this spell-dismissing ability for a particular incantation of theirs. I would dearly like to learn this power from one of our Hermes Triceres sodales."

"But of course, these traditions, as you say, often value privacy, to the point of closed-mindedness." She places her palms on the desk and leans forward, not too much, but noticeably. "An endorsement from a Mercere magus, however, would surely be weighed quite heavily in their decision to share just this one ability with a member of Bonisagus."

Korvin's eyes stay on Tranquillina eyes.
And what would you give to my House in return for spreading our tradition to the Order?

"My dear Korvin!" Tranquillina giggles. "It is the furthest thing from my mind to open the doors of Mercere secrets to the entire Order of Hermes. If that were my intention I would be contacting Prima Murion and having the matter brought up at Grand Tribunal - not here, making a priviate inquiry with a trusted ally, as I am doing. My only hope is to learn to augment my mastery of a few of my most useful spells, for the good of our covenant; to whom else would I teach such things, even if I could?"

She tilts her head to look at Korvin from a new angle, as if finding it hard to believe that he might feel reluctant. "And certainly, once you offer me this very brief favor of arranging a mutual introduction, our Mercere master would be amply rewarded for his time: a vis payment could surely be arranged, or some other recompense agreeable to him. I have been toying with the idea of scribing a tractatus, on Corpus or Magic Theory ... that might be another option," she muses, pursing her lips thoughtfully.

But to give a tradition of my House to House Bonisagus is to spread it across the Order. Or did your oath change?

You will find it easier to argue your case with me rather than a Mutant master. If you just wish to learn a spell mastery for Harnessed magic I can introduce you to master to whom you can negotiate. Be advised that these are our traditions. Past down from master to apprentice within our House. If you are speaking learning the ways of the Mutantatum then I will save you the trouble and just say no right now.

"Let them pore over my laboratory texts, as is their right," Tranquillina pronounces, waving her arm in a vague flourish. "The demands of my Oath are thus met, and they shall find nothing that is taught to me orally."

"That is extremely kind of you! - I am most grateful," she beams at Korvin. "Yes yes, a simple incorporation of this harnessing for an individual spell. I have no illusions of possessing the particular qualifications required for membership in the Mutantes sect." Still smiling, she gazes out of the Princeps office's window, tracing the path down towards the river below. "It occurs to me: my spells often have the unfortunate side effect of discomforting others. Our friends the Mutantes ... is it true that they also can mask their wizard's sigils for particular spells?"

No. That would be the Mercurians. It is another spell mastery that can be taught.

((Disguised casting doesn't do anything to hide that a spell is being cast, although it could change the sigil. There's still gestures and Latin words being spoken, so someone could be discomforted by the spell being cast, even still. To truly minimize the discomfort, Quiet Mastery X2 and Subtle...and/or some combination of not using gestures or voice components and taking the subtraction from the CT.))

((Right, I was a bit vague: I do in fact mean the discomfort caused by Tranquillina's sigil. I'm already willing to do Quiet/Still/penalty as well, but the magic nausea.... :stuck_out_tongue: ))

"Oh, dear. It is well that I am consulting an expert on such matters!" Tranquillina turns back to look at Korvin, her head tilted downwards. "Will you be able to spare a second moment, during the hosting of your confrères, to introduce me to one of these Mercurians as well, so that I may enter into similar negotiations with him?"