1227.2t The Impotence of being Earnest

Their is some wisdom in your words but I feel we should look to the greater good of our House. It is not so much that we would have an agenda that conflicts with another House. That happens now. it is that they still trust the Redcaps to do their duty and follow the Code. It is important for them to know that the person carrying their letter or book is bound by the code. They should not report them unless they are breaking the Code. At that point, the Redcap has a duty to report the offense.

That last part is what many magi do not understand. A servant would carry their message no matter the content. You would be angered if your trusted household servant told the local noble that you were plotting to break the law. We can not have Redcaps afraid to report violations of the Code. But they must also not give up the trust of the Order and duty.

"Has anyone ever noticed how magi ignore grogs?" Which seems to be a non sequitur, and there's a long pause at the table as everyone waits for him to say some more. Finally, when someone utters a sounds that suggests they will carry on, "Well, that's not true, they ignore grogs unless they want something from them. And not all magi ignore grogs, to be sure. Some magi are very fond of grogs. Some are fond of roasting grogs, of treating them as sexual toys, of controlling their minds. No, most of the magi of the Order are not like us, consider duty to their House, primarily. Carrying messages for a season on a septennial basis gives one a sense of perspective, though, doesn't it?"

I will say that we can consider all that has been said her for the evening and meet again tomorrow in the afternoon.

Korvin will look around to see if there is more to say.

((If not ))

On the way out Korvin will gesture to Jareth.

How are you doing my praeceptor. (after some small talk) I have been asked by one of my covenant-mates to set up a meeting with her and a Mutantis. She is one Tranquillina Bonisagi. She wishes to learn what only a Mutantis can teach. (after a short pause) Will you meet with her?

"I'm sure she does. What is she willing to pay? And does she know she must come to me in Helvetia? I'm only here because of the easy access of the Portal and, out of a sense of familial obligation. What she asks goes well beyond that. If you'd like, you can send her to me after we are done, but I do not wish to conduct business until we have declared our meeting done. Speaking of family... however did you manage to find your apprentice? Jareth's tone expresses some incredulity about Abigail's lineage. Oh the irony...

For what she will pay I must leave that up to her. I was very clear that this was a Mercere House tradition but I'm not sure if she listened. I'm sure she will offer you a spell or some time in the lab or something like that. Though as a Bonisagus she can get things that we have difficult to acquire in the past. Korvin will pause and look towards Abigail. Do you know Ra'am ex Bonisagus ab Phoenix? No? I met him at our last Tribunal. He has several Gifted children and was looking to sell one as an apprentice to the right master. We talked and I found that he has the Mercurian background so I was intrigued. He is a Jew and his people keep very detailed documents of their heritage. I checked the records with his rabbi and found that he did have the blood of the founder in his veins. You still look skeptical. The documents are on file at Harco. Now the interesting thing is that we signed a contract in which he will protect her from being poached by another Bonisagus. I can show it to you now if you have the time.

"No, I'm sure you have it all in order." Jareth says with a tone that suggests that he doesn't mean what he says, nor does he care if Korvin knows. "Send tranquillina to me when we're finished, and she and I will negotiate the terms of engagement."

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((A little slow but I will take go with an idea for another run if people are willing. One, should the Gifted Mercere have their own Domus Magna (proposed by Hypatia)? JL and I would need some other input for everyone willing to pick up a Mercere :stuck_out_tongue: Korvin will get it rolling))

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I can continue to play Attravere and Silvana. I'll leave Jareth to the expert :wink:

((Small bit of background for anyone wanting to join in. Harco is considered the Domus Magi for Mercere. Hypatia is a Gifted Mercere from the Thebes Tribunal who would like to move it to Thebes. Barring that she would like to set up a 2nd Domus Magi for just the Gifted Mercere ( in Thebes of course). She would have some allies in Dorea and Lykos.))

Korvin stands and raises his arms for attention. I'm happy to see everyone is refreshed and is ready to continue. Our next point of discussion has been raised by Hypatia ( groans from some Mercere) about making a Domus Magi for just the Gifted Mercere. She has argued that it would bring us together as a group. Others (gestures at Beatriz) argue it would further separate us from our Brothers and Sister Redcaps. We are together so we should discuss it. Lykos?

THANK YOU KORVIN FOR THis chance to talk about this. I feel thAT WE, THE GIFTED MEMBERS OF OUR HOUSE HAVE LESS OF A SAY IN MATTERS OF THE HOUSE. (Korvin is gesturing to Lykos that he is shouting). Yes. Korvin has talked about our House being treated as servants to the Order. I feel that is beCAUSE WE ARE REPRESENTED BY A NON GIFTED MEMBER AT MANY TRIBUNALS. OTHER MAGI LOOK DOWN ON US BECAUSE OF THIS LACK OF LEADERSHIP.. (Korvin gestures again along with Dorea ) sorry. This lack of leadership or perceived lack of leadership. Instella is quite an able business woman and a great organizer but shOULD SHE SPEAK FOR THE GIFTED OF HER HOUSE? HARCO IS A PLACE FOR BUSINESS, NOT MAGIC. WE SHOULD ESTABLISH A PLACE MORE SUITABLE FOR MAGIC.

"I'm not particularly concerned about the location," Attravere speaks up. "Wherever it is, I can get there, and so can the Redcaps, with our House network. But how would those Redcaps, our brothers, perceive such an arrangement?" He looks worriedly about the room. "It would seem to send a strong message that we do not perceive them as equals."

A snort can be heard from the Roman delegation. "We are not equals," Silvana barks with a punctuating jab of her finger. "That is not a judgment about relative worth, it is a simple fact. I am tired of this House-wide polite fiction maintaining, that we are all equal. Every Mercere has strengths, and the Gift is but one possible strength." Glancing subtly at Beatriz and Alessandro, she finishes: "But a new Domus Magna should stay within the Roman Tribunal - the shift of a symbolic center to Thebes would weaken Mercere's presence back at home. I know that you all of plenty of ancient magical sites within Roman are aware; there is no need to search elsewhere."

So you agree with Lykos that there is a need for a seat for the magical Mercere?

"We are a small group, and all related. A Domus Magna... he pauses and takes a deep breath, and leisurely refills his glass of wine. "Who lives there? Why do we live there? What benefits accrue to us as a House? Do we risk losing the respect of our Redcaps? How many benefits accrue to us because of the Redcaps, though they be treated like servants? I know I never want for vis of a specific type, I just merely send a requisition to Harco for the type I want, along with the number of pawns in the form or technique and will receive the amount I desire. Or perhaps I'm short some vis, I call on the House to fulfill that shortfall and pay it back over time. Or an enterprising Redcap seeks us out to make an item for them, and we acquire the contract and keep the benefits of that within the House, as it were."

Attravere interlocks his fingers tightly, looking around at the floor, before answering. "Well, I can sympathize with the arguments of those who are promoting this course of action," he explains carefully. "But it's not clear to me that our need for a central location outweighs the potential negatives."

I'm in agreement with Alessandro. We risk too much in alienating the Redcaps for little to no gain. The Redcaps are the true power of the house if we ever want to organize it. We can support and influence that power but I would not jeopardize it.

If we were four-fold as many as we are now, I would consider it. So either we need to get to baby-making, or we need to carefully unlock the links to our past. There are several lineages of magi throughout the Order that exist primarily due to our Founder's work. Could we claim these as Merceris Magi, because without the Founder, the lineage would likely have died out?"

The claiming part might be difficult as other Houses would lay claim to them as well. One thing that would help us is to unitize the Redcaps to aid in the search for Gifted children. If we can present another Gifted child, other Houses might be more likely to support our claiming a lineage as Mercere. The problem would be that this would work against our old agreement with Bonisagus.

((We are stalling out here. If you want to redirect or do a wrap up...))

((Is there something left untouched here?

From these interactions, we have a maga who wants to establish a Domus Magna for Merceris Maga and someone who will attempt to smear Korvin and Abigail with Infamous and Illegitimate Lineage. Looks good to me.

((We also have a set up where the Mercere can expand their lineage and get more apprentices. I do not think the Domus Magna is going anywhere. And we know that most Gifted Mercere like the Redcaps :smiley: ))