1227.2t The Joust

Wherein Alexei attempts to defend is Joust championship.

Alright, Alexei, let's get rolling here...

Roll for competitor and all of your defensive/prep spells, etc. It is stressful, just by the nature of the event.

You can, if you'd like, also make rolls for your attack/defense before I disclose the competitor.
You can revisit the previous joust thread for a refresher of how it runs.

Before we get on with the joust, it will have to be tonight or tomorrow, Alexei wants to consult with either his Pater if he's here (I wouldn't expect it, his tribunal is the Rhine) or with Ariel if he can. If Rotgers is not jousting though, this won't be necessary.

How close is his covenant to the border with the Normandy Tribunal?

A few days before the Joust, rumors swirl that Rotgiers is not competing and that Valerian is assuming his spot. Note, also, Valerian is competing in the Dimicatio.

I never really thought of it, a decent Covenant for him might be Fengheld. But he likely travels a bit. He still wants to get some advice, if Rotgers is not competing then his main issue (that Rotgers is a filthy cheater) won't be brought up. Valerian is no doubt a scoundrel, but I doubt he'll cheat, he probably doesn't need to, and with the recent case that didn't go as well for him there might be additional eyes on him anyway. So mainly some strategy tips if he can get them.

Well, as Champion of the Joust, do you really need any advice? :smiley: Yes, Rotgiers is a filthy cheater, but he can also win without cheating...

Well even champions have managers. So he'll seek advice where he can first regarding the opposition, and then we can get this started.

I thought I had responded, must've been eaten.
Alexei is getting very cautious in his old age. He hasn't had his aging crisis, yet!
The time to have determined any real useful information was well before the event. At best, right now Alexei might get a list of names, but won't have any idea of what their capabilities are, unless he has faced them before. Also, there are a number of competitors this time around, from other Tribunals, so it's reasonable that Alexei doesn't know how they might compete in this event, since it's unique to Normandy.

Finally, competitors don't have any knowledge of what bracket position they are in. The roll the player makes might let the player know, but the character never knows who they are facing until they face them. And then knowledge of them is based on an OoH Lore roll.

Sorry for the delay. Here we go:

Roll for the competitor (Invisible Castle seems to be working again)
1d10 → [8] = 8

And now ze buffs (we are in France oui?):

Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude MuCo 25 +35* +5 for Aura
1d10+40 → [2,40] = (42)

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15 +25 +3 +5 for Aura
1d10+33 → [9,33] = (42)

Hardness of Adamantine (cast on armour) MuTe 25 +26 +3 +5 for Aura
1d10+34 → [9,34] = (43)

Hauberk of Supreme Lightness (cast on armour) PeTe 30 +23 +3 +5 for Aura
1d10+31 → [2,31] = (33)

Object of Increased Size (cast on staff) MuTe 15 +26 +3 +5 for Aura
1d10+34 → [2,34] = (36)

All spells cast succesfully.

His horse won't need to have anything cast on it as he has the Gentle Gift.

Total Soak: 2 (Sta) +3 (Tough) +3 (Gift of Bear's Fort) +3 (Impen. Silk) +15 (Verditian Armour +13[6 base +7 for Item of Quality], +2 for Hardness of Adamantine) = 26

Alexei is going to try and cast a spell Spontaneously. It's the Aegis of Impenetrable Wood, Societates pg 36:

MuHe 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

Makes a wood shield unbreakable, adding +1 to Defense.

Sta +2 + Muto 14 + Herbam 10 +5 Aura = 31, spending a Fatigue and assuming he doesn't botch, the spell will be cast (possibly +3 more for his Virtue of Special Circumstances, touching the target, but it shouldn't matter):

1d10+31 → [5,31] = (36)

Easily casts a level 15 spell, will take a breather afterwards to get his fatigue back, the only spell that cost him was the shield spell.

Alexei faces off against a familiar opponent... Santiago of Tremere

Some relevant stats for Santiago...
Attack: Dex -1, Great Weapon 6, +3 Mounted, Wpn +4=12+Die Roll
Defense: Qik -2, Single Wpn 4, Heater 3=4 +Die Roll.
Note, he's gotten a bit better...

Initiative of 2, attack of 15, defense of 4 (total)

(Is this before or after the Dimicatio and Valerian's disaster?))

Alexei takes to the field and offers his staff for inspection to Santiago. The staff is unbreakable and enlarged now for a lance length and capped with a wooden fist wrapped in leather. He bows to Santiago and salutes.

"My Sodale, may you joust well sir!" he calls across the field to him before putting his horse to the spur and leveling his spear.

Alexei's combat stats:
Attack: 13+Die roll
Defense: 13+Die roll (extra +1 from buffed shield)
1d10+2 → [6,2] = (8) 8

Attack: 1d10+13 → [4,13] = (17) 17

Defense: 1d10+13 → [9,13] = (22) 22

I defended against him and deliver damage of +20 (I think +7 damage bonus, +13 Attack advantage)

Santiago salutes you and each of you take position on the lists. Your lance does hit him solidly, but appears to be an ineffective strike. It would appear, in the years since, he's increased his capabilities.

Attack roll of a non botching 0, and a defense explosion possibility. Exploder die of 1, second exploder die of 5 for a total of 20+4=24.
Attack total is 12.

"Again Santiago! Well played!"

1d10+13 → [4,13] = (17) 17

1d10+13 → [8,13] = (21) 21

So a pass, nothing happens.

Attack is a non botching 0, and a defense exploder Attack total of 12
Exploded die of 4, so a total of 8+4=12, Defense total of 12

Attack roll:
1d10+13 → [9,13] = (22) 22

1d10+13 → [1,13] = (14) Exploder

1d10 → [1] = (1) Uh-oh...

2nd Exploder:
1d10 → [3] = (3)

So defense total is 25 (4*3 + 13) good but not crazy good. His attack advantage plus damage would be +17. It looks like Alexei will win by landing two hits to Santiago's 0?

Yeah, my mistake, I shouldn't have done the last round of Santiago's...completely distracted. :smiley:

We can preserve the rolls above for the next competitor... Just add rolls for initiative and also a competitor roll.

Special note: Valerian has withdrawn from the Joust. Rotgiers took the open spot. :smiling_imp: Unless someone wants to contest it, it that is.

[color=blue]"I beg your pardon?" Fiona says rather loudly when the announcement is made that Rotgiers is taking Valerian's spot in the tournament. It's still early in the tournament (Alexei and Santiago was first round, and I think it was said there were a number of competitors, but I don't know how many rounds it's to be), but still.

[color=blue]"You are going to let a man simply replace another in the Tournament once it's begun? Where is the honor in competing when you've not earned your place on the list board as the others have?"

"My, aren't you a big'un." Rotgiers looks Fiona up and down. It's not quite a leer, but it's close. "I had decided to partake of the Dimicatio this time, and so chose not to compete in the Joust. Now that there is a space, I would like to compete. I would think that whomever would have faced Valerian would see to the honor of having a competitor to take on, rather than advance automatically to the next round. Further, unless you wish to compete, I think it is a matter best left to the competitors." ((I said throw down, boy.))